Danielle Campbell: I Don't Know If I Have A Label

Danielle Campbell: I Don't Know If I Have A Label

We’re back with more of our exclusive interview with Prom starlet Danielle Campbell.

The 16-year-old chatted with JJJ about her own school dance experience, Simone’s fashion sense and being treated differently at her school. Check it:

JJJ: Was there a magic quality going to your dance?
Danielle Campbell: It was a completely different experience. I was going my friends. I was going with a guy who asked me. It was so fun. We danced the whole night. Then we went back and hanged out with our friends at someone’s house. Pictures, we did at someone’s house. It was a lot of fun. I’m actually getting ready to go to something called Turnabout at my school, which is where the girl asks the guy. I asked one of my good friends named Ryan. I cut out the letters of Turnabout and I put an inside joke on the back of them. It was like a scavenger hunt because on the back it would tell him to do something, so that last one sent him to my house and on my front door it said ‘bring me your answer.’ It had a card that said yes and a card that said no. So he brought me the yes and we’re going to Turnabout next weekend. It will be really fun. I’m really excited.

[JJJ Note: Our interview took place a couple of months ago and Danielle has already attended Turnabout.]

JJJ: Do you know what you are going to be wearing?
DC: In Chicago it’s winter right now. I have a black dress and it is one shoulder. The
strap is silver and it crosses in the back. It’s really pretty. Oh, and black shoes.

JJJ: How do you like the warm L.A. weather?
DC: I am loving it. I went running this morning up in the hills. It feels so good to be out here. I feel like I should’ve brought shorts. I would look strange to most Californians, but it feels so warm to me. I love it. I love it so much.

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JJJ: Talk about the fashion mind of Simone.
DC: She’s laid back. She’s pretty girly. She wears skirts and dresses, and she wears her jeans. It’s like an innocent fashion. It’s cute.

JJJ: Did you have a say in the fashion or was it up to the costume designers?
DC: I talked with the costume directors the whole time and I think her outfits are really sweet.

JJJ: Is Simone’s style the same as yours?
DC: My style is my sweatshirts and jeans and my boots. That is more of mine. When I’m dressing up for something, I like a lot Free People stuff because it’s really earthy and I’m really into that. And leather stuff. I guess it’s a little different than mine, but I’m also really open-minded. I thought her style was really adorable.

JJJ: What would be Simone’s “label” in high school?
DC: This is her coming out year. I think she’s starting to get a little bit more popular. Not from the standpoint of… she’s not mean to anyone. She’s not popular that way. She’s getting noticed by the popular boys like Tyler Barsow, so I think that has a big role in it. She’s also really sweet to everybody so I think that gives her a much wider amount of friends because people want to be around her instead of back away.

JJJ: What about yourself?
DC: Where am I in high school…I don’t even know. I have got three or four best friends. I’m not someone who likes the big groups because people get lost in them or they talk about each other behind their backs. I’ve definitely tried that and I didn’t like it. That was my whole year last year. This year I’m starting to find a good core group of friends. It’s so much easier. You don’t want to be the most popular. You want to have friends that you know you can talk to and trust in. I’m finding that is a lot better situation.

JJJ: Is your life any different in Chicago when you go back from your films? Do people treat you any differently?
DC: I’d like to say that it hasn’t changed, but it does. Some of the other girls, I hear things in the hallways. That kind of brought me down a lot last year. I try to be nice to everybody so I try not to give them anything that they can talk to me about. I have got good friends that support me too and a lot of my friends are really excited for me. I listen to the positive rather than the negative comments. A lot of people are striving and rooting for me and then there are some people who don’t care as much. It’s definitely changed a little bit and depending on how much this is promoted and how successful this is, I’m sure it’s going to continue to change. I’m willing and ready for whatever is coming, so we’ll see.


Prom hits theaters on April 29th. Did you check out our exclusive clip yet?

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  • Ginny

    Danielle looks the nicest girl ,it’s really sad to know that even she has problems in the school,but I’m sure she can handle really well with that.
    Great interview!

  • Erin

    Wow, Danielle is sooooo gorgeous! One of the prettiest girls in Hollywood…. definitely! Good personality too. Hope she stays this way and makes it big! :)