Demi Lovato: Love is Louder...Than The Pressure to be Perfect

Demi Lovato: Love is Louder...Than The Pressure to be Perfect

Check out this exclusive shot of Demi Lovato for the Love is Louder campaign!

The 18-year-old actress/singer has partnered up with The Jed Foundation and Seventeen mag to push a new movement called “Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect” which addresses the pressures that teenage and college-age girls feel to be perfect in everything they do.

The movement was originally started by Brittany Snow, MTV and Jed last year. Check out how you can join!

Bigger pic inside…

Demi Lovato – Love is Louder

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    I love Demi!

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    Love is LOUDER !!! <3

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  • ______

    Girl is sexy man Why should she try so hard she’s already perfect without being perfect. Don’t understand why girls have insecurities about that stuff——For me All the girls are beautiful, magnificient creatures, independent, speak their mind–Turn on men Do like that and should never be taking advantage of time after time. That’s why I’m more softy to women because they work so hard to be equal as men to me they are. Demi your beautiful inside and out any man would be lucky to be with you.

  • Jocasta

    is a really good campaign, we learn that we should just be who we are, I am very proud of Demi!

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    thank you demi. i need this:)

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    this girl so amazingly stunning inside and out <3
    thank you demi for all what your doing and #staysrong

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    Love you Dems!
    Stay Strong. (:

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    BEST WOMAN EVER!! you are so sweet demi <3 we love you Stay Strong <3

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    Demi is very strong, few have the same courage that is a great campaign so proud of Demi!

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