Mortal Instruments: Nico Tortorella for Jace Wayland?

Mortal Instruments: Nico Tortorella for Jace Wayland?

Putting The Hunger Games to the side, let’s take a look at the Mortal Instruments series — another book series that is gaining headlines by being turned into a movie.

While we know and have heard that Alex Pettyfer is a favorite for Jace Wayland, Scream 4 star Nico Tortorella is also interested it seems! “Jace is the go-to character for me,” he told MTV. “It’s still a bit early on that movie, and you know everyone and their brother is up for it. We’ll hopefully see how that unravels.”

What is Lily Collins‘, who has been cast as Clary, opinion? “Jace is confident and knows he’s confident,” she shared. “He’s good-looking and knows he’s good-looking. He’s got that je ne sais quoi, in that he walks into a room and you go, ‘Wow.’ He knows he’s the best thing in the room.”

Lily added, “The amazing thing is that they really want my input, which is a complete honor…having been the first cast in the series, they want my input on the character, so that’s huge for me.”

WHO ARE YOU casting for Mortal Instruments?

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  • Dea

    Old news. Plus, he’d make a horrible Jace, doesn’t even look anything like the part and his acting skills are mediocre. “Jace Wayland?” Hmph, he can keep on dreaming.

  • leahtaylorbouch

    yay she is going to be a good clary, and i hope they pick alex pettfyer to play jace.

  • blah

    o gosh just cancel the movie, lily collins is NOT clary fray (maybe danielle panabaker) and i just want the books into movies thing to just stop


    prefer alex, but i would settle for him to. though want alex =(

  • Stella

    NO WAY … we still want Alex Pettyfer, deal with it. He’s not even blond.


    NO NO NO NO! I have seen fanart of him blond and… NO does not suit. And Jace MUST be blond and look naturally blond. Alex Pettyfer for Jace Wayland ALWAYS!

  • sahina


    a person can change their hair colour, you know.

    why are hollywood making so many books into films these days?? can’t they come up with their own original stories?

  • molly

    No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It HAS to be Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • molly


    Totally Agree

    And even if he did dye his hair blonde he still looks nothing like jace
    Alex pettyfer is so much like jace should be its scary…its as though jace was created around alex…who knows…maybe he was

  • Lucy

    ALEX PETTYFER!!!!!!!
    I think he’d be a better Alec or Magnus…

  • Allie

    They’re all adapting books because they have a guaranteed fanbase which equals guaranteed box office hit (usually). Any original story is a hit or miss.

    If someone’s right for the role, doesn’t matter what their hair colour is. Alex would have been so wrong for Peeta, even though he looked the part.

  • Lizbeth

    @Stella: i soooo agree with you WE WANT ALEX PETTYFER!!!

  • Dena

    He looks more like Alec or maybe even Sebastian in the third book.
    I still really want Alex Pettyfer for Jace ;)

  • ynamee

    Awwww.. I love Alex Pettyfer for Jace Wayland. I mean, he just fits in the character of Jace, especially his looks. So, I hope that ALEX will be playing the role of JACE.. HOPE SO!! :)

  • alex

    No! Just no. No.
    Look, I was very upset with the hunger games casting, so please don’t screw this movie up!

  • http://@NAYEJ nAYE

    Alex Pettyfer!!!! please!!!

  • MI

    after reading city of fallen angels i cannot think anyone for jace but ALEX PETTYFER! he has to play Jace. im keeping my fingers crossed

  • Jules

    @Stella: I totally agree with you.
    And… He is so Alec! I can imagine he as Alec, for God’s sake!

    Qual o problema em encontrar alguém com as características certas ou quem nós queremos?! aff.

  • tonyA

    @sahina i agree , the just screw them up. think twilight

  • jERRYW

    Tyler Kyte (Canadian Actor) from Instant Star would make a great Jace. He’s got the look, the cockiness, humor, and humility.

    See photos:

    Please not Alex Pettyfer – Jace is witty and humorous. Alex can’t do funny.

  • anon

    yeah no.
    he can be Alec, yeah a really good one, but just no not Jace. And I doubt jERRYW that at this late stage that they’ll be picking little unknown stars for such a big role.

  • evona

    I gotta feeling Alex will say no to Mortal Instrument. He seems to hate big projects.
    i honestly truly pray that he will take it though. He is the one and only Jace!

  • Ashlee

    I would really like for Alex to play the part, but if he is not going to accept (and he needs to just say so already!) I think Thad Luckinbill would be perfect as well

  • nicole

    I think he looks more like a Sebastian.. sorry but Jace was MADE for Alex Pettyfer. My opinion…

  • izzy

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo hes all wrong, why wont u kill me there NEVER going to get my jace right, its ruining my life~!!!!!

  • Elly

    I wasn’t even aware Lily Collins was casted as Clary, But I guess she’ll do. Hopefully Alex Pettyfer gets cast Jace

  • Riaaaaaaaaaaa

    I think the studios who adapt books into movies should listen to the fans, because we’re the one’s who’s gonna watch the movie. We’ll be the one who will give criticism, not themselves.

    If the crowd wants Alex, let them have it. Besides, it looks like Lily’s also dying to work with him. And enough w/ the suspense already, Screen Gems! We’re dying to know who’ll play Jace!

  • Artdog

    YEY! LIL ROCKS!!!!!!oxoxox

  • Joy

    @Dea: You may think he’s ugly or something, but they will ”fix” him to look just like Jace.Make-up, cameras etc.

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