Vanessa Hudgens: New Mercedes Benz!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Mercedes Benz!

Vanessa Hudgens eyes her new Mercedes Benz Clean Diesel Vehicle E-350 up and down as she heads out for a drive around the neighborhood in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Blu Moon ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ top with fashionable jeans and heels.

Since returning from a vacation in Europe with mom Gina, Vanessa has been spotted out at two parties — the DVD launch of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and the Conde Nast Hot List party.

Vanessa also graces the April 2011 cover of Candy magazine.

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • isabelle

    she looks amazing as usual! strange that zac’s got a new car as well, great minds think alike lol

  • M

    Is she posing for a magazine or something. Or is it the paps?

  • Ally

    She looks amazing I hope she gets picked fash fave at

  • lauren

    is she going to coachella?
    is a staged photo?

  • Anne

    Omg she looks absolutely stunning! What is her secret to look better and better every day?

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    Yeah, and they both got tattoos around almost the same tie :P
    they really think the same :P
    GO VANESSA!!!!

  • Jenny

    She looks amazing!




    beasutifull i cant belive that i almost went to bet without seiing this love you so much
    and is she really going to this coachella festival????when????

  • federico

    so cuteeeee

  • federico

    it’s not a new car

  • Tata

    looking great, V!!!

  • luula


  • luula


  • Diamond

    She looks soo gorgeous , I lovee her outfitt ! Ha it does look lke she’s at a photoshoot , I guess its just being simply gorgeous lol ! That car hella fresh too , yeaa lol !

  • kerri

    Yay!!!! I been missing Nessa too much. Wish there were more pics.

  • luula

    these are candids pictures from tuesday 12

  • luula

    definitely not staged pictures, just candids

    Vanessa Hudgens walks to her car while running errands 4/12/11

  • rur

    She’s so beautiful

  • jonathon

    why is she stuck with her hair like that? Its so HSM. She should grow out of that. I like it better shorter. It;s more sophisticated.

  • Nicky

    @isabelle: the mercedes is not new, Nessa has it for some month now, maybe JJJ didn’t realize that up to now. she has the mercedes at least since december 2010. A Mercedes 350 is nothing special a lot of people have a car like this one. Zac has exchanged the Audi S6 for an S5. The S5 is faster, has more horsepower and is more luxurious than the S6. If I would have to choose between the Mercedes 350 and the Audi S5, I would take the Audi.

  • luula

    new car?
    isn’t she driving the mercedes since december?

  • luula

    her candids always looks like photoshoot

  • kerri

    More pics of the beautiful Vanessa.

  • Mike

    How do we know that is her car i mean there aren’t any pics of her getting in it or driving away.

  • kami

    ♥ she is beautiful as usual. ♥
    please stop that stupid lemonade mouth ad from popping up. irritating.

  • Me myself & i

    WOW its like posing in a magazine.

  • Allison

    I don’t get how it looks like she’s posing?
    … she’s just walking to her car.

  • me

    Since when does vanessa has a twitter?

  • http://vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cute##

    Gorgeous!! Extensions are back. No one can deny that she’s always had extensions.. She only took them out for a couple of weeks and put them back in

  • suzy


  • Haters Suck!

    Baby V is looking as lovely as ever, very beautiful.
    Am I the only one that finds this Vanessa Twitter suspicious? I know it’s verified but it’s been a few weeks and not one tweet. It just seems odd.

  • vpfan


  • Chanon

    Sexy woman and sexy car.

  • Mike

    Nice car.

  • http://none juddy

    sexy girl

  • maeli

    love the girl

  • Girl

    She’s so beauitful; just came across some candids form Coachella. Even more beautiful. :)She kind of a has this hippie style going on, but it works for her. Josh Hutcherson atttended(ing) along with her other friends. I’m waiting for the Zac candids. (;

  • pao

    Like always. . . Beautiful!! Love the outfit!! <3

  • Sadie

    Vanessa looks great. I love the outfit. She looks very happy, and well rested. Glad to see she’s not letting her breakup keep her down.

  • Emem

    She’s with Josh in Coachella… okay. Ick

  • yets

    So nice to see her like that…love you v.

  • Haters Suck!

    Before people freak out which may be to late yes Josh is there but it’s not just Josh and Vanessa. It’s those two plus Laura, Brittany, and another guy I don’t recognize. And I’ll point this out I don’t see Josh and Vanessa acting like a couple. In all the time I’ve seen them hanging out I’ve never seen them touch for the love of God so don’t freak out again.

  • http://google BARBARA


  • Angie

    She’s looks GRRRRRAAAAAT. She obvious looks the prettiest when she’s not even trying when she is just minding her own business that’s when she’s most beautiful.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    why are the calling her car new she had it in December. She looks really really pretty I like her hair to the side like that too :)

  • BOJI

    Vanessa is looking gorgeous here. I love how she’s so into the feel of Coachella with her hippie ensemble. So groovy. Josh, I may add seems more like a bro to her from the pics there.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak pics of Nessa at Coachella you have to scroll till u find them though.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @Emem: I agree with you she is with her ten year old boyfriend she left zac for ick ick ick . It is disgusting and just sick to me. I use to love her but I don’t know now. This just makes me sad.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    I knew she would go with her 10 year old lap dog boyfriend she left Zac for. This is just icky icky icky. I loved Vanessa once but I don’t know now. I have lost all respect for her and it really makes me sad.I supported and stood up for her for a long time but now no. All of you know she is dating him she has not been with any other guy friend like him ICKY ICKY ICKY,,,,,,,,