Kristen Stewart: Water For Elephants Premiere with Robert Pattinson!

Kristen Stewart: Water For Elephants Premiere with Robert Pattinson!

Robert Pattinson is super happy as he exits the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC with Kristen Stewart by his side on Sunday night (April 17).

Thanks to Epnebelle on Twitter, JJJ got our hands on a video of the twosome leaving after catching Water For Elephants on the big screen.

Robert, 24, walked the red carpet earlier in the day with costar Reese Witherspoon.

Water For Elephants, opening April 22nd, follows Jacob (Pattinson), a penniless and recently-orphaned veterinary school student, parlays his expertise with animals into a job with a second-rate traveling circus.

Robert & Kristen Leave the Ziegfeld
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  • Gemma

    Thought they had split up:S

  • rosey

    good thing she was there! love that she supported her man !

  • ME

    YAWN! They’re both so boring, unattractive, and talentless. So I guess that means they’re meant for each other.

  • ash


    I know right?

  • lol

    @ash: @ME: Jealous Much ! bwaahahahahahaha!!! Bitches

  • liev

    Yet you “waste” your time commenting. I think they look great together =)

  • tia

    Awesome couple. Great to see them smiling.

  • guajardo

    i told you all poeple and twitter that she is cool and like i said say what you may about her. i new she was going to be there but like i said it his day. he did not look happy and then when she was there look at his face. all smiles all about the robsten. a big fan

  • tapon39

    I’m so glad to see this video of Rob and Kristen together at the premiere, They look so beautiful together.

  • Danny

    Aww I love them so much! :) beautiful couple.

  • http://google sia

    they r so hot n sizzling both on n off screen……i jst luv dm made 4 each othr

  • Pau

    yeah take that haters!! i’m just so happy for them (the’re together for over 2 years like..) they fit each other so well!! both down to earth,very natural, they like the same stuff..they have similar characters..)

    That’s true..las year she also was there for him,to support him at the premiere Remember Me..this yeas the same!
    Las year on her birthday,Rob was in Budapest filming Bel Ami..and Kristen went there to spend her birthday withn him( there are photos and videos for those who don’t believe it)
    Then when Kristen was filming in Montreal this summer ”On the road”Rob went to see her on the set! (also photos)
    They spen new year’s eve this year togheter(also photo) and muuuuuuuuuuuuuch muuuuuch more this kind of stuff!! so tell me how can anyone believe that this is a ‘’showmance?”” PLEASE,give me a break!

    Gottta love them!!

  • anon

    kristen’s dress looks gorgeous,they are perfect for each other :-)

  • gina

    @Pau: nice comments, I agree with you

  • gina

    perfect… I don’t know if they are couple… but at least they’re good friend…. I really love Kristen style, she’s so natural

  • Girl

    Idk what is about these two, but I adore them so much! <3

  • Allie


    They said zanessa was a showmance and they lived for 5 years. Haters to the left.

  • unknown

    @Gemma: :)))))))))))