Danielle Campbell Totally Freaked Out Prom Costars

Danielle Campbell Totally Freaked Out Prom Costars

We’re back with more of our exclusive interview with Prom starlet Danielle Campbell.

Not only are we sharing some on-set secrets from the 16-year-old actress, but we also have a brand-new clip from the film, which opens on April 29th. Check it out:

JJJ: Are there any favorite moments you recall from the Prom set?
Danielle Campbell: When we were filming the last scenes from the Prom, the actual dance, we filmed in this juvenile delinquent center that was run down. One of our co-stars had looked it up and apparently it was haunted. It was one of the haunted places in L.A. We had a lot of fun at night walking around together and kind of freaking each other out. We’d just be really jumpy while walking through the grounds. That was really fun. We all had a good time doing that.

We’d always be talking in between scenes. Nolan would always have his guitar out and so he was always singing and we had someone to listen to. We were waiting for our first cast interview and we all went to the equipment truck and they had a football so we were all playing football for a long time, and Frisbee. It was so much fun though. I’ve got a brother so I love to do all that. I love to get out of the house. It’s cool when we get to come out here. There is so much that you can do, like hiking and swimming and running. There are endless possibilities. In Chicago, we’re limited since we’re in a city area. It was so much fun though. We were playing for a good hour or two.

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JJJ: Do you believe in ghosts?
DC: You know, I haven’t seen one. But if there is, it would be a lot easier to determine. But I don’t know, just being out there together was making it creepy and it was a fun time.

JJJ: Was there any special cast bonding that you did?
DC: We would go out for dinner together. We had a game night. That was really funny. We actually still do that. We are going to be together for a while promoting the movie and I’m just so happy we all got along so well. Everyone gets along really easily.

JJJ: Do you have any favorite prom or dance movies?
DC: I love Step Up, that’s a great movie. Dirty Dancing is really good. I think all those dance movies are great because they got great storylines. First of all, they’re dance movies. I’m trying to think of them. There are a lot. Footloose, I’ve seen that one! All music movies are great. I saw the remake of Fame. I preferred the first one more.

JJJ: Do you watch Glee?
: That’s actually a good show. It’s funny. I don’t [watch it on a daily basis], but I have seen it a couple times. It’s a good show. They redo the songs really well.

JJJ: Any favorite TV shows?
: I love CSI: Miami. 24 was one of my favorites when it was on. Modern Family is hilarious. You can’t not love that show. It’s so great. Shameless on Showtime is so good. [Co-star Cameron Monaghan] is phenomenal. He is such an amazing actor. We had such a talented cast. I was so happy to be apart of that.

JJJ: Do you have time for sports and extracurricular activities when you’re back at school?
DC: I love to dance and something I’ve always wanted to do is the Poms team because they do amazing dance routines and I’ve been really close with a lot of the girls who are on that. They said that I would probably make it if I tried out but I’ve had commitment issues because I’ve had to come back and forth from L.A. So it does propose a lot of different problems but I think I want to try out next year. I take classes for dance and jazz after school so that I still participate in dancing. I have missed out in a lot of things that I would have liked to do in high school, but I’m doing different things.

JJJ: What are some of your favorite designers?
DC: I love stuff from alice + olivia, they’re pretty expensive, aren’t they? I don’t know. I wouldn’t know, but I saw a really cute dress by them. I like Colleen Cordero. I love her shoes and her belts. She has really nice studded things and I love those. I like things from different places.


Check out a brand-new clip below and check back again for more pics and b-roll!

“Prom” Clip – Yes or No
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