Demi Lovato Exits 'Sonny with a Chance'

Demi Lovato Exits 'Sonny with a Chance'

Demi Lovato has left her Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance, can confirm.

“It made sense for me to go ahead and leave the show to focus on my music,” the 18-year-old starlet revealed. “It’s kind of sad for me that a chapter of my life has ended but there couldn’t be a better time for me to move on… I don’t think going back to Sonny would be healthy for my recovery. Being in front of a camera would make me nervous.”

Demi‘s decision has the full support of Disney Channel.

“We respect Demi‘s decision to focus fulltime on her music and not immediately return to her acting career,” a rep for Disney Channel said. “She is a talented young woman and our hearts are with her as she continues to take action to improve her health and bounce back from adversity.”

In January, Demi completed a three-month program at a treatment facility for “emotional and physical issues.”

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  • Lyndz

    This is strange, but I’m proud that Demi took a stand and will be focussing on something else. I just wonder what the show will be about now that Sonny is gone lol

  • dcstarinthemaking

    this makes perfect sense, i like her better as a singer than an actress anyway, so did disney because they always had her singing on the show. glad that she has a good head on her shoulders. love you DEMI stay strong love <3

  • jasmine

    wow… it’s gonna be weird that Sonny is gone. Dont tell me they’re gonna continue by having another girl replace her like they did in As the bell rings?

    But i love her music, glad that she’s focusing on that. :D

  • http://michellejuddy11 Michelle judijanto

    She exits SWAC?? ooooh i love her playing the charachter of sonny. But it’s totally fine if that makes her feel better. She’s still very talented! I love her voice so much :)

  • Zippy

    So Random will flop, sorry to say it, but it will. No Demi – means me no watching it! (yep, that was English! sorry!).

    Music is her real talent and can’t wait for more music from her. :)

    It was a mature decision to leave a successful show like SWAC but it’s for her health and that’s important :)

  • Emily

    So happy for her it is a wise decision but the show is just going to end like that??

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    PRAISE THE LORD! She should’ve left Disney ages ago! They never did give her the promotion she deserved anyways! So Random isn’t gonna make it without Demi

  • Evelyn

    @Bridgit Mendler Online: I agree they never did promote Demi right, so much talent and they were holding it back not letting people see how truly talented she is maybe now she can get the recognition she deserves

  • dude

    @Bridgit Mendler Online: FYI – Please read the article (linked). She didn’t leave Disney just SWAC. She is concentrating on music fulltime w/ Disney’s Hollywood Records and I assume the promotion you meant was re: her music career.


    i think its the right choice for demi…i think there will be open doors for her…music is her number 1 and her health also <3 we the LOVATICS WILL BE THERE FOR HER…disney channel doesnt even deserve her..they dont hardly promote selena gomez whos album charts arent even good..and they still promote her…like wtf seriously..but demi’s was NUMBER 1..WITHOUT ANY OF DISNEY’S PROMOTION…thats what true music is seriously..WE LOVE YOU DEMI <3

  • Bella

    It is kind of sad to see her leave the show like that.I support her decison though because if she thinks leaving the show will make it more easier for her then that’s fine.

  • Liza


    It will probably me someone like Debby Ryan or Selena Gomez (Wizards is ending) replacing her, or maybe it will just stop.:

  • amanda leigh

    Aww, as much as I would love to see Demi back on TV again, her music will be great and I’ll still support her no matter what. It’s kind of sad that we’ll never find out what happened between Sonny and Chad………..

  • none

    I guess this means no more sonny.

  • ruby

    no suprise they did take her name out of the show now its just bad 20 somtin actor the show ill flop but im kinda glad too miely gone and selena will be gone this year too it would not make sense for her to stay no i have no reason to watch disney its reall is the new transition will be starting in a few weeks one that ant farm show starts a new girl who is actully 13 years old if i was 12 again might look at it, any way i cant belive my genreation of dieny is about to end oh well
    hope girls have fun with shake it up charlie baby and ant farms

  • braeton♥

    as sad as i am, im happy taht demi’s doing wats best for her but wats gonna happen to SWAC??

  • Anonymous

    Thank God! I love love love Demi and SWAC was an awful show! Demi was great playing a dorky/funny/cheerful character but the show just wasn’t funny… I’m glad she left that show… I’m only disappointed because she took a break from acting. I’d really like to see her in a movie you know. Well, as long as she is happy :D:D

  • i love demi

    i love demi n her talent is going to show now…. BUT i hate the fact that the season ended with sonny and chad broken up!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh.. the last episode was so cute but no channnyyy =( i wish there’s one more episode with them being back together =( i love channy

  • jenny

    i wonder how the cast feels about this. and i wonder how they’ll explain the absence of sonny in the show. and how’s the show going to survive without demi? the show has been successful because of demi’s performances. the other characters were just there to support her. without the show’s star, the show now has to come up with news strategies to stay popular.

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    @dude: actually, she has fully left Disney, she is no longer under the management of Papa Jonas and her show is no longer airing. So just like Allstar Weekend and Jesse McCartney, she’s only signed to them she’s not actually a part of them anymore .

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    @ruby: Miley’s already gone. Here show ended in May of 2010 and stopped airing back in January

  • lol

    @Bridgit Mendler Online:

    Hollywood records is part of Disney. Did she go to a new record Label? Did she leave Jonas management? Well, if so that is good because they sure did not support her when she was away. That show will not make it without Demi, even if they changed the name – most of the rest of the cast is so lame – Demi made that show.

    Disney is a real killer. They promote these kids to death when they first get them & work and suck the blood out of them & then toss them aside when they get older. They only way they can stay on with Disney is if they are willing to dress and act like they are 12 even if they are 25 or 30.

  • V

    WHAT?! So we’ll never find out what happens between Sonny and Chad? They were my favorite couple ever. *sobs*

    But it’s good that Demi is focusing on just one thing for now, there’s less stress for her.

  • Jocasta

    SWAC will always be my favorite show and I will not forget! Sonny with a Chance is one of the best show made me laugh so much Demi she is the best actress!

  • Angelina

    Sonny with a Chance to Demi’s great without it makes no sense, no fun and no joy! but I’ll always support Demi in everything she does because I’ll always be her fan my girl! love you! SWAC The best!

  • Katie

    the best show in the world Sonny with a Chance, Demi is amazing disney chanel need of Demi and hopefully when she is ready to back the Disney all the support! but I’m very excited for new projects of Demi she is the best!

  • Dani

    Kids are freaking out about Demi leaving SWAC / Disney Channel, & I’m like “it was about time for her to focus on better and bigger things”. And I mean music and more mature/dramatic roles.
    A least now I won’t feel awkward being a 22 year-old girl watching Disney Channel just to support Demi’s movies/shows in it.
    Btw, I feel that this decision of Demi not being on SWAC anymore was taken a long time ago (at least since the moment that she returned to twitter and unfollowed Sterling – the one who plays Chad in the show). Disney was just milking it. Disney was trying to keep people going to the tapings and being curious about the show by keeping the idea that Demi was returning.

  • Kyle

    @lol you’re so right. Disney “uses” these wonderful, talented teens. Look at miley when she just joined Disney at like 11 or 12 she was a sweet girl. But then, the pics came out then the nick jonas thing then the cant be tamed Now, would that have happend if miley WASN’T with Disney. DISNEY RUINS KIDS! Demi I’m glad you left Disney. They’re probally pissed. Miley Left Demi Left Selena Is going to leave like in 2 months…It’s going to be funny watching them fail without their “leading ladies”. The only shows left are Wizards (which ends in the summer) Good Luck Charlie, Shake It up, and Ant Farm. Good Luck Disney….

  • Olivia

    Sonny with a Chance will be missed Demi is so amazing in this show, I do think that the world needs to SWAC but the important thing is good is if you are happy for Demi it’s okay, love you!

  • Ellen

    sorry because everyone needs because Sonny with a Chance is a wonderful show! Demi is the best!

  • kim

    Demi, IF your reading this, I totally support your decision. Your a beautiful young woman who has her whole life ahead of her. The world holds limitless opportunities for you. Be strong girl and know you have many many fans who love you and also support you.

  • Mariel

    wow I will miss demi a lot .The show won’t be the same without her.Ihope some day demi gets better and decides to get back on the show.But the most important is that all this is for demi to get better.I love yo demi and I can’t wait to hear your new album.:)

  • Tiffany m

    omg i love her =(

  • Kelby

    @Lyndz: they said there gonna focus on the show within the show so the names gonna be “So Random

  • Andi

    awww, so sad, Demi was that show. i stopped watching when she was off and definitely wont be going back to it now.
    regardless demi rocks, love her and can’t wait to see the amazing things she does both musicly and in general.

  • da

    No more channy? :(

  • gummy

    without demi the show will get cancelled unless they bring in a funny character

    in the show they will probably say that demi got a new job i woul love to see her come back for chad

  • Helena

    I’m going to miss Sonny with a Chance because is an amazing show, I hope Demi does not give up being an actress because she is very good at it!
    I will not stop watching so I have the DVDs with every episode, I’ll always have a little to Sunny for me!

  • Taylor

    Demi knows what is best for her I trust her, I felt much the lack of Sonny with a Chance, because it is very good
    I am very excited about everything that Demi is already doing, I’m very proud of Demi!

  • Alice

    very proud of Demi because they are the brave few who have to do everything she is doing, Sonny with a Chance is the best show of all I’m gonna miss him very!

  • Byanca

    Demi knows what is best for her and I’m glad she’s okay though i loves Sonny with a Chance is really great because Demi is the best!

  • Lara

    I’ll always is with Demi and Demi, Sonny with a Chance was beautiful and she was perfectly like Sunny, i love!

  • Mariana

    Sonny with a Chance is my favorite show the disney chanel needs Demi know many people who only attend because of it, I can not Demi is the best at what she does she sings and is the best actress I do not want her to give up being an actress because she’s great!

  • Jennifer

    Demi can do what she wants because she is very talented and no there are many things that this girl not can stand out she is the best, Sonny with a Chance is wonderful I love and I will not stop watching all day!

  • Paris

    I’m happy for Demi because she is happy then that’s what really matters, will be miss you Sonny with a Chance was beautiful!

  • Kelma

    If she’s happy and desidia that I support, I love Sonny with a Chance is great fun and makes me very happy

  • Danielle

    but I need to Sonny with a Chance is my favorite show, the important thing is okay Demi is well and happy I’m happy to know that his next album could be this year!

  • Sarah

    I love Sonny with a Chance but if demi decided will support him she knows what is best she is the best

  • Jocasta

    Sonny with a Chance is very good, very funny and entertaining
    ask accounts of how many stool I had an attack of laughter
    Demi knows what’s best we’re here to support you

  • Robert

    She’s my girl and I will always support her in everything, Sonny with a Chance will always be one of my sources of joy and happiness