Tiffany Thornton: So Random Will Go On

Tiffany Thornton: So Random Will Go On

After the news broke that Demi Lovato would not be returning to Sonny With A Chance, fans all over reacted with different feelings.

Some were upset while others were hopeful that So Random would live up to its name. Star Tiffany Thornton posted what she was feeling on Twitter for the fans:

“We are all sad that Demi is no longer on the show and will miss her tons. We are, however, fortunate to still be working! And are super excited for y’all to see the new format of So Random. We hope y’all like it!”

Tiffany added, “We love you @ddlovato and can’t wait to hear ur next album. Also, may I just say, @ddlovato I couldn’t be more proud of the woman you’ve become these past 6 months and I look forward to seeing the blessings God will pour out on your life and the many ways He will use you to help others. Love you @ddlovato.”

WILL YOU STILL watch So Random? JJJ hopes you do!

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Credit: Randy Holmes; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • zahra

    Some people are plain boycotting the show because Demi left which is idiotic I think the others also deserve credit for creating such a solid show and due to there efforts Im gonna be watching :)

  • EMMA

    I will still watch for Demi and the rest of the cast. Even though Demi isn’t there its not right that people aren’t gonna watch just because of that.

  • Christine

    As hard as I’m sure the other actors are working to produce a good show, to be honest, the only reason I watched SWAC was for Chad and Sonny’s relationship. Now that Demi’s gone, obviously that’s over. So really there’s no reason for me to watch anymore. Not to mention I’ve always hated the sketches. They were just awful. Good luck to them though.

  • joanne

    well If Demi can’t contribute, at least the show isn’t getting canned. It would suck if they lost their jobs because of one person. Although I don’t know how long this show will last without her.

  • angie

    @Christine I agree whole heartedly, Chad and sonnys relationship was so adorable :)!

  • zahra

    @Christine: The Real Housewives of New Jersey was actually kinda cool

  • Danaa

    As much as i’d love to support the other actors to be honest i don’t think i’ll be watching the show when it starts airing again. The only reason i watched SWAC was because of Sonny’s and Chad’s relationship and cuteness ;) And the only sketch that in my opinion was hilarious was Sicky Vicky and because Dem was the only who did that sketch, it’s obvious that they are not going to continue doing it. And the other sketches were to be honest dumb and not funny at all.
    Sooo to conclude, the only things i liked about SWAC had to do with Demi, so i probably won’t be watching the show.

  • Kelena

    Why would I stop watching the show? I found Demi’s character the most annoying character on the show.

    I wish the guy that plays Woody and Cole Sprouse left the Suite Life on Deck because that would have made it much better.. I love it when irritating and useless ”main” characters leave shows, it makes things so much better. In case it’s One Tree Hill..

  • Dani

    SWAC was the only show I watched on Disney Channel, and, to be honest, the only reason why I watched it was because of Demi, so I’m not watching it now. It would be like if I decided to start watching Wizards just because Sel is her friend.
    Also, for me the best part of the show was the interaction between Sonny (Demi) & Twani (Tiffany), and of course Channy (Sterling & Demi). The sketches were usually the worst part of it (except Sicky Vicky & The Princesses of New Jersey).
    But, although I’m a big fan of Demi, I don’t think the show will be a flop without her. Disney is having lots of special guests to keep the good ratings and I’m sure the show will be promoted much more than before. Well, good luck for the cast.

  • anybody?anybody?

    the sentiments from Disney and her co-workers are sweet, but who are they kidding? that show won’t last long without Demi. I hope she doesn’t regret the decision. i still don’t understand it, but hopefully she’s doing what’s best for her

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    Those kids better enjoy their last few minuets of limelight while they can. The show is going to twirl down the drain just like As The Bell Rings did when Demi was taken out.

  • cowsgomoo

    Probably not. The “So Random” centered episodes were AWFUL and UNFUNNY and if that’s the way they’re goingwith the new SWAC then heck no, I won’t be watching!

  • TIM

    Without Demi the show is over.

  • Jessie

    The only reason I watched this show was because of Demi and Sonny and Chad’s relationship…probably won’t the show but best of luck to the cast

  • Holly Golightly

    Love Tiffany AND Demi <3

  • ruby

    haha sonny with a chance without the sonny
    it also makes the character of chad pointless becasue why would he hang around them i only thought tiffany was funnny when she interacterd with sunny plus she is 25 needs to get off the disney channel actually there all 22 or somtin except demi so………. nah

  • Joboots


    Jumping to conclusions,eh Christine?????

    Also sounds like you’re too “romance-happy”,aren’t you????

  • Skylar

    Wait so she’s not coming back AT ALL anymore?!?!?!?! I thought she was just taking a break from SWAC?!??!!?! WHAT?!?!?! I hated the sketches, I agree, I only watched because of Sonny and Chad.

    I mean if they had made the show like about Tawni & the rest of them rather than a bunch of sketches, that would be different, and maybe they could save it from disaster. But a show purely based on their really lame/stupid sketches? No way!

    Two words Disney= Epic Fail.

  • Joboots


    Another hopeless romantic,eh Skylar???

  • Christine


    I’m not sure what nonsense you’re babbling on about, but I think it goes without saying that a show without it’s lead character doesn’t stand much of a chance. It’s like trying to do House without Dr. House, or Chuck without Chuck. It just doesn’t work. Mostly I feel bad for all the other actors who invested time in this show. I’m sure they know it’s all downhill from here.

  • Joboots


    But do THEY really know,anyway????

  • crazyGirl

    I have watching SWAC only because Sonny. Now when Demi isn’t gonna be ther show is gonna be boring ( to me)

  • smiley

    the shows not gonna make any sence without demi. you cant just take away the main charater and say its better its no its going to be weird without her

  • cam

    Not so sure this was all Demi’ s idea or Disney tryng to keep up an image of the perfect teens. Disney would have more support from me if they promoted Demi more than they had & kept her on the show. That would show kids that they can overcome adversity. I believe this to be mostly Disney spin & that makes me think very little of Disney .

    I hope & pray for the best for Demi, she is a brave girl and her honesty in dealing with her problems is an inspiration. I will support Demi and look forward to her next album & future endeavors.

    I will not watch the revamped show beacause I really only watched for Demi & Demi was very funny on the show. I will miss her “real princesses of New Jersey” skits they were hysterical.

  • V

    I’m not sure if I will still want to watch it. I watched Sonny With A Chance for Demi and Sterling. Now Demi’s not on it, and I highly doubt that Sterling’s character Chad would somehow end up on So Random when he hates the show and the people in it… except Sonny who’s no longer there.

    I find the sketches pointless and I wasn’t a big fan of them… I’ll still give it a try though.

  • amanda leigh

    I’ll watch it for support and just to check it out, but the actual So Random! sketches are the parts of the episodes that I didn’t really like. The parts that they’re getting rid of – the “behind the scenes” stuff and the character interactions off set, were what made the show.

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    im so sad to hear this ! Disney wont be the same without demi :(

  • andrew

    i will watch the first ep to see what its like and if they can think of a good way to explain demis disaperrance and still make it funny ill carry on

  • Ruth

    everybody loves Sunny but the important thing now is Demi well, i love Demi!

  • Gisele

    I can not imagine how it will be without Sunny with a chance, but I’m here to give full support to Demi

  • Alice

    i love you Demi!

  • Larisa

    we love Demi, and we support you in everything she decides to do

  • Lara

    Demi is very loved she will be fine, we feel very lack of Demi as Sunny because she give a great Sunny she’s fun, funny the best Sunny!

  • Lara

    Demi is very loved she will be fine, we feel very lack of Demi as Sunny because she give a great Sunny she’s fun, funny the best Sunny!!

  • Santiago Montoya

    I will watch the show, but I will miss so much DL. What I don’t have very clear is if she going to be absent for the rest of the show, or only for season 3. The sad part is that we are not going to see more of the relationship between Sonny & Chad. But I think that if u don’t feel well to work in acting. Demi did the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hellkids

    it’s good that the show will carry on but i hope the do better with the skecthes , i want it to be as good as Nick’s All that. How about Chad ? they still keep him right because he’s not the part of So Random

  • Alyssa

    Honestly, the only reason i watched SWAC was for Demi, then i thought the whole ChadxSonny thing was cute.

    I never did like when they did the ‘So random’ Episodes. Now the whole show will be formatted like that. I won’t be watching anymore, at least not every time a new episode comes out.

  • Rikki

    Demi never give up keep going forward never backwards

  • Alana

    I will miss Demi loads. She is one of my role modles and it will be very sad to see her go. Demi, wish u luck in what u will go on to do and no matter what, i will support u in it. The rest of the cast, see u when So Random! airs!

  • pol

    I think I will start watching the show now that sonny is off.

  • amal

    I don’t even like Sonny with a Chance. I only watched it because i LOVE Demi Lovato. I might watch it to see what they do with it but that’s pretty much it.

  • http://@ddlovato Demi

    Sorry, fans. This is the way it has to be. I wanted to focus on my music career.

  • -sHAN-

    I understand how everyone is feeling. It’s true i am upset with Demi leaving. I am obviously going to stop watching, not because of Demi but because no more Chad-Sonny. The main reason i watched was because of them and they are no more, what’s the point? Let me add, i love the others aswell, and i know they deserve much more. I will one watch episode to see how it is, but you can tell, without Chad-Sonny, there’s nothing left to watch. All the best to the cast of SWAC and DDL <3 I love you all, God bless you x

  • watcher38

    Yes I like the show with Sonny, But I’ve grown to like all the cast members on the show, So I say, Give it at least a chance. Plue I’d miss Gassie

  • Leira

    They have hired ex writters of SNL, so hopefully that will help improve the sketches. I’m not so quick to say it’s all crap before giving it a chance. I have to admit I will miss the background story. If it’s ALL sketches I don’t think it will be as interesting.

  • lissa

    Sonny with a Chance with out Sonny is just WAC

  • lissa

    Sonny with a Chance without Sonny is just WAC

  • Adin

    i think that i’m still going to watch ……………………………….i love how tawni always make me laugh …………………… good hopes 4 the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith

    I always wanted there to be a real “So Random” and I’m excited to see the new show, even though the plot is completely different.

  • Kate

    I liked the sketches and I don’t care if Demi leaves so oh wells!