David Archuleta Sings Stevie Wonder's 'Ribbon In The Sky'

David Archuleta Sings Stevie Wonder's 'Ribbon In The Sky'

David Archuleta gets the giggles as he covers Stevie Wonder‘s “Ribbon In The Sky” in the first version video.

The 20-year-old musician first tweeted the video while in Delaware over the weekend, where he played a game of charity basketball for Duffy’s Hope.

David shared in a second video, “I think I have plenty of witnesses who were there to back me up, I can’t play basketball. Not even if it was to save my life (laughs). But it was fun! I had a great time and to help raise funds for the charity.”

Check out the second video below!

David Archuleta – “Ribbon In The Sky”
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  • Jess

    I loved it.

  • nancy

    Amazing as usual, David! Tour dates please!!!!

  • alana

    loved it…looooove him, he is the best!!!!!!

  • monica martinez

    Please record this and put it on itunes!!!! That was beautiful!!!


    Love the first video. This guy is incredible. He sang Stevie Wonder while singing lyrics off an i-phone and he sounded great. Hope he keeps singing on his vlogs. He would definitely get a lot more subscribers.

  • Binky

    To be fair, David got the giggles because he was singing while reading the lyrics off someone else’s cell phone and she got a text.

  • http://twitter.com/Jennilee19 Jennilee

    flawless…even though he messed up a bit in the end, but the fact he didn’t redo the whole blog makes it perfect!!!! it was gorgeous, he’s gorgeous!!!! :D

  • http://www.somethingboutarchie.com Ashley

    David sang it amazingly both times! <3 And his basketball playing was cute :P

  • Kimberly

    Don’t know the song but David sounds great as usual. Best singer I’ve ever heard.

  • jazzy

    I love him ♥ and i really hope he tours soon and comes to new england- plz?!

  • jONER

    Incredible as always! What a voice!

  • Jhm

    David is so incredibly talented. That was amazing. Love, love, love his singing and what a terrific guy he is. Cannot wait for more music and concerts from David!

  • nene

    what an incredible talent! wow!

  • sv18

    his voice is awesome, I hope he gets signed soon!

  • sarah

    Wow, just impromptu singing is this good? Is there any song he can’t sing?

  • sarah

    wow. is there any song he can’t sing? It’s just impromptu singing!!!

  • waffles

    He is beautiful! LUV HIM! He’ll be singing the national anthem at the Duck’s hockey playoff game tonight and will be singing at the Invisible Children charity event in Nashville on Monday. It sounds like a lot of exciting things are in the works for David and we will be hearing about tour dates pretty soon! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! There is NO one who can sing like David (and can I add that he’s looking really *hot* now!!)


    amazing! different video with fun audience reactions.

  • nemo

    Wow very soulful……….amazing!

  • Amy

    He’s the best. and David…those bball players can’t sing like you. :)
    Waiting breathlessly for tour…I second “jazzy” here…come back to New England soon!!

  • Kingston

    He is hot in a dorky kind of way if that makes sense. Please go on tour David!!!!