Demi Lovato: Urban Outfitters Shopper

Demi Lovato: Urban Outfitters Shopper

Demi Lovato looks through the racks at her local Urban Outfitters in Studio City, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (April 21).

The 18-year-old singer has recently been in the limelight post-treatment, shedding light onto why she was there. Demi will have her first on-air interview with Robin Roberts on 20/20 TONIGHT!

Demi also opened up to People about restoring her friendship with Selena Gomez.

Selena and I reconnected the first week [I was in treatment]. We hadn’t spoken in a long time. I take the blame; I feel like it was because of the way I’d been acting. She called me and she was the one crying,” Demi shared.

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • joanne

    she’s looking healthy

  • Jocasta

    She taught me more in one week than I learned in my life and I know that today she will leave me very proud, #love you!

  • Angelina

    Demi beautiful as always, I am very proud of her, she went through difficult things and going strong!
    she knows we’re here to give full support, we love you!

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    She luks so purrty!

  • Taylor

    Demi is strong and I am very proud of her, her friendship with Selena is so pretty they seem to love so much and need it now Demi, Selena is very good I know I will give full support to Demi! WE loves Demi!

  • Miley

    she is so pretty and I’m so proud her
    Demi is the bravest girl in the world, all she has been so difficult, so painful I do not like thinking about it much because I love Demi, and do not want her to suffer, STAY STRONG!

  • Miley

    I’m happy because Demi is recovering it is very important to me and for all, she is the most beautiful girl, talented and intelligent around the world but more important is that she is happy and well, love you!

  • mendomamir

    I love her so much & I am so proud of her..
    I think she is sooooo cute.. I dont know why she feels unconfortable about her body..

  • emily

    she is the best, because is strong and brave her friendship with Selena was always my bbf’s example, I love Demi e Delena!

  • Cristina

    very beautiful and stylish but Demi is more than beautiful and stylish she brave and strong and I am very proud her!

  • samy

    love demi and selena selena is good friend

  • herlayne

    Demi is the one who makes me cry but tears of pride, i love you!

  • Emma

    I am very proud of her for being strong and courageous struggle to overcome everything and still recover his friendship with Selena, we always give full support, we loves you!

  • Olivia

    She is very special and is so strong and brave the world is proud of you Demi! we loves you!

  • Miranda

    very beautiful, she is the best everyone should be like her strong, brave and good! I’m very proud!

  • marcela

    Demi you are the best and I love U!!

  • kim

    Always beautiful, she’s my example what I love most, Delena are the best!

  • Georgia

    I did not know she went through so many bad things she’s my girl and she is strong, beautiful and brave, she is my pride i love you Demi!

  • tia

    love her! <3

  • Ellen

    She went through so much, I do not know what to say she’s what I love most and know that she suffered so let me very sad but happy to know she is strong to overcome everything, I know that Selena will help and we’ll give full support

  • Sabrina

    she looks so good now I am very happy with it, she is very special really love her, and not just because she is the best but because she is strong and good, love you!

  • Nicole

    Selena and Demi need each other I thought they knew, just hope Demi stay well and not suffer, we love you!

  • Isabel

    we’ll give all the support they need to Demi,
    because she deserves for being so strong and have so much courage she is helping people with their history, she the best!

  • Lise

    I am very happy with the the back of this semi will be very good for Demi and Selena,
    full support for Demi, we love you!

  • forreal

    looks fat

  • Rebeca

    she is really beautiful, I love Demi for what she is and not what she seems!
    we’ll always give full support to she because we love she!

  • Brenda

    is not easy to go through it especially if you’re the great Demi Lovato, but I know she’ll get over because she is very strong and has much support, I am very proud of Demi

  • Ashely

    just love you!

  • Caren

    Demi deserves the best hope of truth that it is properly, love you!

  • Caren

    Demi deserves the best hope of truth that it is properly, love you!!

  • Julia

    will be very exciting to interview today with Robin Roberts on 20/20 TONIGHT!

  • Alice

    I am very excited for the interview, unlike the others she is sincere, i love you!

  • Fernanda

    I am very proud of her, Demi is taking over and will be fine and you know why? because she is strong!

  • Natalie

    Like Demi is mature and faces all the problems with courage, I’m very proud of her!

  • Isabella

    I can not wait for the interview I know it will be exciting

  • Carol

    She’s beautiful, strong, she’s courageous she is the best!

  • Laura

    I am very proud to Demi reveal everything she will help many people. WE LOVES DEMI!

  • Talula

    Today will be amazing to interview with Robin Roberts on 20/20 TONIGHT! I know I’ll cry because I love Demi and did not want all that had happened to her! we will always give full support to she!

  • Fatima

    Demi is really surprising, I’m very proud her!

  • Karina

    She’s amazing and, looking healthier than ever. Love you, Demi! Keep staying strong always!

  • Mariah

    I’m proud of her for being so strong!

  • Kristen

    OMG! my girl went through so much, suffered so much and still going strong I’m very proud of Demi!

  • Paris

    I do not know what to do Demi going through all this and I can not do anything but I’ll pray for her stay well and be happy, i love you!

  • Luciana

    always knew that Selena and Demi would be friends forever, I hope Demi overcome all problems! a Lovatic forever!

  • Mariana

    I’m happy because Demi is happy like never been before, i love you!

  • Eshely

    today is the most important day of the year! interview with Robin Roberts on 20/20 TONIGHT!

  • Yvonne

    I love you Demi! happy for Semi!

  • Ingrid

    She seems okay that makes me happy, love you!

  • Diana

    She is what makes me so well, I LOVE YOU Demi!