The Hunger Games: Meet Primrose Everdeen

The Hunger Games: Meet Primrose Everdeen

Say hello to Katniss’ little sister!

Willow Shields was just announced (via THR) as the younger of the Everdeen sisters in the upcoming film adaption of The Hunger Games.

Blonde haired and blue-eyed like her mother, Prim is out of place in the Seam. She is twelve years old during The Hunger Games and has her name put in the reaping for the first time at the 74th Hunger Games. Her name is called, but Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers for her.

The Hunger Games will be released on the big screen March 23, 2012.

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  • jasmine

    oh GOD… this is SO not Prim… ==
    dang it… Prim Katniss and Peeta are all terrible choices

  • e21

    She has a unibrow.

  • nicole

    I hope they fix the unibrow.

  • Emma

    I really liked Elle Fanning as Prim :(
    oh well!
    maybe they want to cast some unknown actors instead of a all start cast?

  • jm

    I think she’s beautifuland she’ll make a great Prim and I am very glad they did not go with an obvious choice like Elle Fanning…I’m also think that all of the negative opinions are definetly meaningless…these people post negative things because they are negative in general about everything. That, or they are being bussed in by the truckload and paid to come to these sites and write negative things(lol!)…hmmm…could be true(lol!) perhaps from a rival studio-COUGH-CLASH OF THE TITANS-COUGH…(just kidding!!)…maybe. Anyway, the negative opinions mean nothing because at the end of the day people will come out inn droves to see the films no matter what these people thought of the casting.

  • Kris

    She’s a 12 years old for God’s sake why the hell do you want her to fix her eyebrows? You guys sound like the friggin Capitol !!!!!


    leave her alone….she’s a little girl, so what if she has a unibrow? it’s blonde anyways, you can barley see it…it’s not like it’s black and bushy. I think she’s beautiful and her eyebrows are great.

  • Chanon

    @MEGAN: Agreed. :) You guys need to get over yourselves. So what if she’s not Elle Fanning? Maybe Elle auditioned and they thought she was horrible”?

  • JJrules122

    Sure…she’ll make an ok prim. she has a very large unibrow, but they can fix it. I just hope that Ariana Baio is clove!!!! Please!

  • Allie

    I think she’ll make a really cute Prim :)
    BUT WOULD THEY PLEASE RECAST JENNIFER?! I have nothing against her, she’s just to freaking old! And she looks way to old for Josh!

  • Dannie H

    I’m happy with Willow Shields as Prim.
    I’m just keen to find out who will be cast as Haymitch and Cinna now!
    Also, I really really hope Josh is taller than Jennifer.
    I do love Josh but I always imagined Peeta to be taller than Katniss.

  • IjnNah

    what are you guys talking about? Elle fanning would’ve been an awful prim. She is way to mature to be prim and I’m sure willow will be able to pull it off! or they wouldn’t have cast her…

  • Joy

    @jasmine: I agree with you !

  • Allie

    There’s a reason fans aren’t casting directors. Dream casting never happens. I don’t think Elle would have even wanted this part (unless she’s said different). Although a pivotal role, she has a very small part in the first book. And you’re committing to it for 3-4 years.

    And I saw a load of people who wanted Hailee for Katniss and the same people wanted Hunter for Peeta. That’s a 8 year age gap – Jennifer and Josh only have 2. I think they’ll be fine, especially since Josh had a screen test against her.

  • Haley wood

    ok, she would be great if she didn’t have a unibrow! they better take care of that!!! p.s. i think katniss was casted fine but peeta? not in a million years

  • sarah


  • http://@daizydukegurl17 nelz

    umm al i cud think iz she has a unibrow


    I’m not worried about the uni-borw, I’m worried about the fact that her hair is a very dark blonde, and her eyes are brown.In the book it stressed that she didn’t look like Katniss, but was blonde haired and blue eyed. I cannot see her as Prim, and I wish they had chosen better casting directors. This movie is going downhill fast, lets just hope they can preform well.


    Also she looks very strong willed, almost like a career. She doesn’t look like someone who need her big sister to fight for her, she just doesn’t have the look of innocence

  • Julie


    Ahhhhh :)

  • Jazzmine

    omg she looks nothing like prim! nothing at all! i hope they may recast the people i hate the cast of the hunger games… reallly katiness is a blonde?????! ewww! BUT I LOVE THE BOOKS!

  • ajhdad

    casting is horrible:(

  • chloe

    If it’s still even possible to replace her, i’d jump for joy. I was hoping Elle Fanning to play prim-she looks so innocent and she’s blonde and blue eyed-she’s what i pictured prim to be. but noo-they had to pick this girl. I just don’t care even if she waxes her unibrow-because she still does not look like prim.

    ugh i don’t like this choice. I know elle was a fan favorite-because really she fits the description-anyhow i didn’t think the director even considered her at the least, and it’s kind of a blow for some fans like me.

    Some directors like in the twlilight one, considers the fans, for example: dakota was a fan favorite for jane-and the director listened. And to be sure dakota killed that role-she was great as jane. Now if only they cast Elle-then i would have another reason to look forward to this film. But no-they gave me yet another reason to be disappointed.

    Plus i thought this girl does not look innocent at all-to be sure she looks a bit manly to me. i know it’s mean, but i love this series and they’re going to ruin it. I’m still going to watch but why couldn’t they just frikkin cast Elle as prim, was it because it was what fans expected-what’s wrong with that? that just means she looks the part-and she can act.

    It’s like replacing emma watson in harry potter, not exactly the comparison-but that’s how i felt when i found out it wasn’t gonna be Elle. Plus I’ve been waiting for Elle to actually make it big in hollywood and this could be the right ticket for her(since she’s totally like prim)..oh well.. it isn’t too late for changes-is it?

    I know it’s kind of impossible but surely that has happened before-when someone backed out…i know i sound horrible but what the heck…i accepted every casting they made from jennifer to josh..i wasn’t happy about it but it’s okay. But not picking elle for prim-it’s just too much.