Emma Watson Transferring From Brown University

Emma Watson Transferring From Brown University

Emma Watson keeps her head low as she heads into Heathrow Airport in London on Sunday afternoon (April 24).

Rumors were swirling about the 21-year-old actress was leaving Brown University for bullying, but her reps say otherwise.

They shared in a statement (via E! and People): “Emma has enjoyed her time at Brown tremendously and made many friends there who she keeps in constant contact with. She has now decided to change university, but not for the bullying, as that is just completely untrue. She has just decided to continue with a different course. But, for reasons of security I am not prepared to divulge which university she will be attending.”

Emma will re-enroll at another university come fall — after filming The Perks of Being A Wallflower with Logan Lerman.

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  • http://twitter.com/dnck_hoon Ray

    oh wow….

  • Celia

    She’s enrolling in NYU’s Gallatin program. She’ll be able to create her own independent study curriculum and therefore be able to study more subjects and possibly have time to continue acting and maybe do some Broadway. Smart move.

  • Chanon

    I don’t think anyone would bully EMMA MOTHERFUCKIN’ WATSON. She’s too pretty, rich and smart.

  • oppsy

    New York University. Definitely. I read somewhere Emma and Dakota Fanning got accepted at the same program, Gallatin. :)

  • kerri

    Can’t wait for the new Harry Potter!!!!!

  • Red

    How can someone bully THE EMMA WATSON!!!!

  • courtney

    wow geez why would people be mean to her?? i wonder what she is planning on studying

  • Right on

    Why does the paps always get such good shots of Emma at the airport? Does her publicist call them? Look at Rob arriving at St. Thomas, the paps shots are from far away and mostly of his back. It’s also a bit embarrassing that both Dakota and Emma are starting at Gallantin, but one just turned 17 and the other is 21 and only completed her first year!

  • marie

    @Right on: There’s no age for knowledge!

  • Dizzy

    I guess if she is going to NYU Gallatin it would allow her to work without compromising school. Hopefully it works out at the new school for Emma.

  • Yes!


    Exactly! It’s admirable that both Emma and Dakota want to attend universities. Not many young celebrities are like that. I think both girls are amazing.

  • yah

    smart girl. sad that other actors (Kristen Stewart) aren’t also trying to get an education while still acting. Lindsay Lohan should be the poster child for why getting an education is vital…

  • literaryfilmfiend

    @Right on:

    How is it embarrassing that one is 17 and one is 21 and they’re starting at the same time? Emma was busy having a very successful career – did you want her to quit doing Harry Potter the minute she turned 18 to go to college? I hardly think so. Life doesn’t work out the traditional way sometimes. I’m 28 years old and in college. I have a 5 year old son, and I’m not married. I own my own house (outright – no mortgage) and newer vehicle. I was in the military for one term. I traveled for a while when I was younger. Should I be embarrassed too then?


    i have soooooo much respect. she’s a freaking celeb and she still cares about education. wow

  • nat

    If Emma was being bullied in school she handle the situation in a very mature matter.she held her head high and made the move to leave.it all boils down to just hate whether if you are in the business or not you will find thoses who just can not stand the fact that there is something about you that other people like. good to hear that Dakota has made that choice in contiuning her education.