Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario: Easter in New York!

Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario: Easter in New York!

Logan Lerman sports a Rolling Stones hoodie as he leaves his New York hotel with gal pal Alexandra Daddario on Sunday afternoon (April 24).

The former Percy Jackson costars were seen earlier in the week outside the same hotel, hailing a cab before going to explore the city.

Psst, did you know that Logan was on Twitter? You can follow him @LoganLerman where he dishes all about his favorite movies and music.

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Credit: INI; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Celia

    They’re totally dating. Logan’s probably headed to Pittsburgh to start prep work on Perks. Emma Watson just arrived there.

  • flea

    Logan Lerman does not celebrate Easter. He is Jewish.

  • andy

    They are dating. they were even in the same hotel.

  • andy


  • jane

    @Celia – don’t really care about this pairing not a Daddario fan but am really happy he’s in the East Coast already and they’re starting perks soon

  • http://yahoo lyn

    Are they dating? They’re spotted at Coachella and in New York! Love it ♥♥♥

  • oppsy

    AHH!!! :D Yay! So happy, more candids! hehehe
    I like their hats. lol

  • http://twitter.com/dnck_hoon Ray

    When I saw this, I laughed so hard. Don’t know why! I’m crazy! :)) Just like…sth I don’t expect keep growing LMAO! :))

    Geez finally, GAL PAL or GIRLFRIEND?! GF instead right LOL! Hope so.(but not here)

    Happy to see them together again, and what is true about their relationship, well…wait for more! LOL

    Hot topic!

  • http://@cjennifer628 Genevar

    Wow~ they are hangin’ out quite often :)
    anyway, they look cute together =]
    I hope Logan can finish perks and only living boy quickly so they can start Percy 2 !!!!!

  • Emily

    she is not pretty. just my opinion. Lol she has gorgeous eyes but she is not pretty.

    She’s kind of too old for him too. I can’t wait to see Logan in Perks

  • lalala

    Wow. two candids in what? 2-3 days? Yay? hahaa
    :) can’t wait for Perks!

  • PercyJacksonrules

    More pics of Logan and Alex–Yeah way!! I’ll say it again, I think they look perfect together!

    Whoa! I’m lusting over Logan! He looks so hot! Nice profile, nice bod & nice butt you’ve got, Logan!

  • alistair


    @emily agree with you she has nice eyes but i really don’t find her engaging or talented and seems kinda bland beside him

  • andy

    He needs to date Selena Gomez! Now they would be a HOT couple!

  • http://ronaica-chan.tumblr.com/ Ronaica Marie

    I hope they can start Percy jackson 2 earlier… coz i just can’t wait …..

  • http://marianae930 elizabeth

    on my opinion, she could pass for his sister, they have dark hair, and almost the same blue on the eyes!
    anyways i like them both…. but separated! haha :)

  • alyssa

    wow.. i was at new york when they were there. it’s really hard to find celebrities even though you’re in a busy city. you never know though… i could’ve been a couple feet away from them haha. they are so cute!!

  • Majo Rueda

    actually his sister just tweet a few days ago he is now filming perks ;D!!
    and we really can’t say if they are or not dating, they are friends and I think tight now the are seeing about the project of percy jackson 2, let’s say the time and pics of both if they are really or not together. Love you Logan xD

  • Amy

    @flea: exactly

  • brokenarrow99

    HAHA!!!! she IS too old for him!!! she’s like 25 and logan’s only 19…… and i thought logan was jewish so they don’t celebrate easter??? well…. i think they’re like a lil bro and big sis thing… not BF and GF…..

  • http://masskurl massie summer

    are they dating @brokenarrow99: yeah its true BUT age is does’nt matter if they really a couple or dating ….

  • dee

    @brokenarrow99: Logan doesn’t celebrate easter. The headline with the word in it is just something the folks at justjared cooked up.

  • Nathyh

    Cute **

  • Grace

    They are totally dating. His fangirls just can’t bear it. Ha, lol. I love Logan Lerman too but not obsessively. Plus I loovvee Alex Daddario. So I think it’s pretty awesome they are together. She is way beautiful and he’s hot.

  • Wanda

    I doubt they are together anymore, if they ever were.

  • Wanda

    BTW, Logan Lerman is Jewish, and every single one of his ancestors was Jewish. So it’s very nice of you guys to print this “Easter” stuff.

    I’m sure you would do the same if Logan Lerman looked like some geeky nerdy nerd. Not.

  • ilene

    Logan Lerman is a Jew.