Miley Cyrus: Leaving L.A. for Gypsy Heart Tour!

Miley Cyrus: Leaving L.A. for Gypsy Heart Tour!

Miley Cyrus goes through security at LAX airport with her mom, Tish, on Wednesday (April 28).

The 18-year-old singer and actress cracked up as her mom kept pulling items out of her pockets to put into the plastic bins for screening!

“Listening to ‘Wish You Were Here’ on my way to the airport :( I am so sad to leave all the ones I love in LA. My heart hurts,” Miley wrote on her Twitter account.

Miley‘s on her way to Quito, Ecuador to kick off her Gypsy Heart tour!

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  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    Looking hawt MC!

  • http://facebook miley

    miley cyrus is the best pop star i wish that she can throw a consert at purto rico

  • http://facebook miley

    i love you i wood give my life for yours

  • http://facebook miley

    bridit mendler is a bitch she is a slut

  • http://facebook miley

    @miley: hi its me miley cyrus and i wold like to say that i hate kids and im sorry i did it for money

  • good-one

    Miley’s on a mission. Her last tour was electric, her music enthralling, and her dance was sensual and primal and uninhibited, to wit, positively pelvic in thrust. She’s now bigger than Elvis. Miley will no doubt be world salient, this tour, with her bold mission to spread love, especially contrasting with the elites hammering their own geo-political theme of ever-escalating strife and violence.

    Miley will be like a lightening rod to the elites, and their sycophant echo-chamber, and who are no doubt already planning detracting Miley’s message, because they are after global de-stabilization, thus predictably making Miley’s tour already epic, and in medias res, even before it starts.

    Godspeed, Miley.

  • Patworx

    Miley is getting ready for a great tour. Go Miley!

  • blahblahblah

    Adoreable :> Good Luck Miley <3<3

  • tia

    You rock Miley. Love you God bless you.

  • kwame

    She can even tour Iraq, Dubai, and Israel, one of those war-torn countries.

  • jk

    I like that her mother is going with her, yes she’s an adult and her parents give her freedom but also take care her, she’s still so young

  • Warren

    Stay safe, beautiful Miley.

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    i love her <3

  • Megamileyfan1

    Miley looks wonderful in whatever she wears,she is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.l’ve been praying for miley ever since l started following her,in 2006.Now she is going to some new places,l’m praying even harder for her,this is my prayer for you miley:That the gd lord give you the strength to carry out the task you have set before you,that you have a gr8 time doing it & meeting new ppl,but most of all,that our lord keep you safe,& watch over you,& walk with you,wherever you go(as you are so very special to me,love you miles)plz lord,look after our angel miley,in the name of ur son,jesus christ,Amen.
    Godbless you Miles:)XX
    Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  • blahblahblah

    I Wish :(

  • cam


    POSER – get a life. Miley would not say that.

  • badar jack

    i love you miley….god bless you…..rock south america…….break a leg Mileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez….!!!!!!! RADIATE LOVE

  • himiley

    i want to meet her someday…………..she’s an inspiration..good luck miss miley!!

  • http://deeosment dee osment

    love you miley………you are the best entertainer for me………..wish for your happiness all the time <333333333333

  • http://deeosment dee osment

    @Megamileyfan1: ameeeeeeen dear god!! love all the smilers

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    nice to see shes happy

  • renee pereira

    she is stupid dont know what you guys like about her. Shes so fake.

  • renee pereira

    you are a witch with along nose

  • renee pereira

    yuck shes so ugly and her songs dont even make sense wonder what she puts on her skin to not make her look ugly

  • blahblahblah

    @renee pereira:
    Shut up hunii :)

  • arissa

    poser, its not u! shut up!

  • arissa

    @dee osment: im with u, im also a smiler<3<3<3!

  • arissa

    @renee pereira: ur probly fake, go away hater