Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson: Holding Hands!

Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Hutcherson: Holding Hands!

Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson hold hands at Pinz bowling alley on Wednesday (April 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress wore a summery dress paired with a long necklace for a boho chic look on her day out with Josh.

Earlier this month, Vanessa spent the weekend with Josh as the two took in music at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif.

Vanessa also picked up a new Mercedes Benz Clean Diesel car earlier in the month!

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • SUp???


  • Patry

    They are so cute together! Adorable couple!

  • Gemma

    They are soooo cute! Joshnessa for the win!

  • proudofzacnessa

    only friends?
    haaa and my name is lady gaga

  • Mia

    Sorry to be so mean, but she is soo disgusting. She got over Zac soo fast. I mean Josh is rumored to be her bf since february, 2 months after the break up. AND he is her costar. You know what that mean…

  • yets

    i miss Zanessa, but like Vanessa Im in love with

  • lauren

    she’s a fake bitch, who is using josh to get zac jealous,

  • Peggy

    @Mia: @<a

    Sorry to be so mean but that rumors of Zac and Taylor Schilling beat the V and Josh rumors by 2 months. Further rumors of Zac and other women dog their 5 years together

  • :)

    @lauren you are right!

  • lauren

    lol at :)
    you agree with me?

  • aimee

    Definitely no longer a Vanessa fan if these two are dating. Dont care what anyone says.

  • Mia

    Yes Peggy, but they said Taylor took care of him AFTER the break up and they were never seen together anymore. Vanessa lied, she is disgusting and going public with her new relationship after being seen with Zac 4 months ago.

  • peggy

    Okay I must be blind which is the hand holding pic please.

    And Isn’t it funny other sites carried info about V changing agencies and going to church with her family but nor JARED who wait for this story.

    Makes me wonder who is behind this.

  • Mia

    You are blind, it’s the third pic.
    And no one is behind this. I was one of those, who send JJ a e-mail with the pics.

  • monique

    @Peggy: You aren’t being mean – just stating an opinion! :) That Taylor Schilling rumor wasn’t really a dating rumor though. The quote simply stated that while on set they would eat together and go over lines. Isn’t that what co-stars do? Reporters took any info they could and ran with it because they wanted the next big gossip story after Zac and Vanessa broke up.

    I think Vanessa and Josh are cute together. Whether or not they fell for each other while they were filming or not, it doesn’t really matter. :)

  • lei

    Zac efron is playing around since december so i dont blame Vanessa for moving that fast…Josh is such a sweetheart.

  • 1

    As long as she’s happy that all that matters. People need to understand Her and Zac were in a relationship from a very young age. They wanted to “date around” to see whats like in other relationships with other people.

  • 1

    If they get back together then thats good for them,but if they don’t it’s not like the world is going to end.

  • Haters Suck!

    How the hell did she move on too fast? Zac been moved on since she $crewed around with Teresa Palmer less then a week after NC and has been seen out with a different girl ever since. What is Vanessa supposed to do sit around and wait for him? Bull$hit

  • http://fanpopgirl josh is freakin 18

    I don’t like this vanessa what are u doing he is kid for crying out loud.I can guarante u all it’s for publicity so that there movie can be successful

  • Mia

    But I hate LIARS. And she did lie. I’m not believing her anything anymore. Not that her and Zac broke up bc of distance, career demands, etc. And I’m not believing that they are still friends (Zac and her). She can do what she wants, but I’m not a fan of her anymore!

  • peggy

    Zac and Taylor were together in NO since September and the rumors were NOT about her taking care of him after the break up.

    And let’s not forget the Teresa Palmer thing – his PR people don’t deny. The Rumor Willis T&C trip – people don’t deny. The Amanda Crew stuff his people don’t deny.

    And do you really want a list of the Zac and other women rumors that dog their entire 5 years together.

    Now his whoring his way through hollywood but that okay?

  • kerri

    I am glad to see Vanessa. Josh i don’t care for too much but whatever it will probably end.

  • http://fanpopgirl josh is freakin 18

    zanessa for life

  • Mia

    Maybe Zac screwed with Teresa, bc she was with Josh! Now that seems possible. Her and Josh were seen being cozy at her premiere 2 weeks after the Teresa Palmer incident. I never said she should have sit around, but she wanted to be an indipendant woman. Now think: What will the J2 promo be about?
    Bingo, surely not her, but their relationship. Everything she didn’t wanted while she was with Zac. And her: ‘The distance broke us apart’ Nice, Josh will be away for at least 3 months. She lied and is talking sh***.

  • Kj123

    I can’ t believe it!!!!! I hope they aren’t dating! Pleaseee

  • gracemarie

    hand holding pic? Which one is it please????

    And Jared they didnt have a day together.

    SammiHanratty1 Sammi Hanratty
    by xostellhudgens
    Had soooo much fun today with @xostellhudgens and @VanessaHudgens I loveee them! Haha<3

  • Mia

    The thirs grace. Now you can’t say they are just friends anymore, right? Too sad you precious Vanessa is shown to be a LIAR!!!!

  • tina

    I do agree with whoever said that JJ did not post the pictures of Vanessa at church on Easter Sunday or her changing agencies. But this story will attract more hits so I am sure that is why this one was posted over those 2.

    Not sure why Zac is being talked about at all since he is clearly not in these pictures (lol).

  • gabi

    NO! I want Zanessa back!

  • gg

    She shouldn’t rush into a relationship so quickly. She should stay single.

  • Mia

    And will never be again. They doesn’t seem to even care about eachother anymore. But who can blame him?

  • TiNNa

    WOW just friends, i see she got really fast
    over zac reat

    god is that girl might be blind after zac
    josh ? like there aren’t other guys in hollywood that are hot compared to josh !

  • Haters Suck!

    she doesn’t owe you anything. Who she decides to dAte and be with is up to her. She never really talked about her relationship with zac and it took awhile before they ever admitted what was going on. So I don’t know why people would expect her to talk about her relationships now when she never really has before.

  • http://facebook agness

    i miss vanessa with zac :( i will hate she

  • Nicky

    I knew it already for some time now. =)

    And to get Zac jealous is something impossible.
    The story with Teresa Palmer – is far-fetched. The same is true for all other stupid stories like this one.

  • Mia

    You are right, she can do what she wants, but I am not her fan anymore, bc I can do what I want!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lei

    end of Zanessa that makes me sad but i think Josh is nice young man who will take care of Vanessa more than Zac.

  • kerri

    This is a rebound relationship.

  • anne

    Unless you are Zac or Vanessa you don’t know what happened! Maybe Zac went to NC and broke up with her and then she turned to Josh. OR they just broke up and Vanessa moved on. Hating on Zac OR Vanessa is just ridiculous! NO one KNOWS what happened.

  • Silver

    Why is she just settling for this guy? Vanessa you are gorgeous and you deserve a MAN not a BOY!!

  • vfan

    I still can’t understand how a 5 year relationship can end so quickly…

  • Mia

    It IS NOT a rebound relationship. She moved on from Zac and will get serious with this boy. She will probably spend the whole 3 months with him in NC. She couldn’t do it for Zac, but for Josh she surely will.

  • peggy



    Your motives are clear but they are going to be visited on you and your family. People forget what goes around comes around.

    And the pic isn’t clear and btw its one pic and they are not kissing.

    Also Jared didn’t post the V going to Easter service pics but Zac buying coffee is news?

    And you are upset but Zac having a fling with Teresa Palmer which btw his people never deny is okay along with his houching around town.

    You hypocrite

  • kerri

    Sometimes i wish i didn’t become such a big fan of Zanessa then i wouldn’t feel so sad now that they aren’t together anymore.

  • kerri

    It doesn’t matter how much praying i do Zac and Vanessa aren’t getting back together.

  • http://zanessa alinne


  • em

    I’m sorry but you guys need to chill.
    Zac has had plenty of rumors thrown his way since December. If we are all just going to ‘assume’ situations of what did or didn’t happen. I’ll tell you mine:
    I think it was Zac who ended it. There are pictures of them in Hawaii with Josh and it’s clear Vanessa is with Zac. A few weeks later she is happy at an airport with her Kuippo ring and then we hear about the breakup and she looks pretty miserable all dressed in black going to a photoshoot. It’s also too much of a coincidence that the past year Zanessa would do practically everything with Ryan and Brit and then all of a sudden the two of them break up and then Zac and Vanessa do too. And that Zac even admitted in public interviews how all of his friends tell him he should be single and be with plenty of women.
    Then Zac went to N.C and was with her and stayed in the same room with her according to people. So it was clear if she let him stay with her that she was willing to make things happen and she brought him to work, where Josh was also there. So if there was really something happening between her and Josh then she wouldn’t have brought Zac around. Even when he was there, people were tweeting to Stella about Zac and she admitted he was like a brother to her and that hopefully she’ll go to the Lucky One Premiere. Why would Vanessa’s little sister, who she is close to say that if she didn’t think Vanessa and Zac were gonna get back together? And most likely she knew that was what Vanessa wanted.
    Then not a week later we hear about Zac and his party ways, going to bars with girls and hooking up with people. And all of a sudden we hear no Zanessa news. But while all this was happening Vanessa was in N.C with no friends EXCEPT Josh. She probably leaned into him for support, he probably had a crush on her. I think he is honestly a rebound, she’s hurt and it’s hard to sort it out, so she is trying to move on quickly. This is common post breakups. And if there is something i’ve noticed about Vanessa she does try to move on from hard situations quickly. I also think them actually being in a relationship is recent, before i think they were just friends and he had a thing for her.
    Do i think she should take time to be independent w/o a boyfriend? Yes. But do i think she cheated? No. Do i think it’s really lame you guys are going to stop being her fans because she is trying the best way she knows how to move on? Yes.
    I hate to break it to all Zanessa fans but right now all you can do is have faith. Sadly sometimes you need to see other people before you realize who you are supposed to be with. And sometimes things need to get really worst before they get better. Let them live their lives. At the end of the day I’m thankful Josh has stood by Vanessa and is trying to make her happy. But if i can be honest i’ll admit that no, i don’t think they’ll last.

  • kerri

    I don’t hate Josh but i hate that he is with Vanessa and Zac isn’t.

  • lauren

    vanessa is fake and using josh,