Nina Dobrev Covers 'Seventeen' Fitness Issue!

Nina Dobrev Covers 'Seventeen' Fitness Issue!

Nina Dobrev keeps it colorful in a string bikini on the cover of the first-ever Seventeen Fitness special issue, on newsstands Wednesday, May 3.

The 22-year-old Vampire Diaries actress spilled secrets of how she stays in shape without stressing over it.

“I do a lot of yoga,” Nina shared. “I practice yoga three or four times a week. It’s an escape for me.”

She also talked about what she has learned about boys. Nina said, “I’ve realized skinny isn’t necessarily attractive. Guys like girls with curves.”

Bonus: A shirtless Zac Efron showing off his killer abs in this issue!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Patry

    She looks fantastic! I love her! Amazing actress..and adorable person! <3

  • http://mikehla mike


  • kerri

    Zac Efron is hot. I am going to buy the magazine just because he is in it.

  • ramo


  • alexandra

    @kerri: Lol..thats exactly what i was thinking!! :D

  • roxanne

    just bought it! :D

  • emily

    I’ve realized skinny isn’t necessarily attractive. Guys like girls with curves.”

    which you do not have. why is it that skinny girls are always the ones saying this

  • yara/Huge TVD FAN

    #6 emily, ur absolutely right! i adore Nina Dobrev and think she’s immensely talented but come on what curves is she talking about?! she looks amazing, and so so skinny.


    @emily, because, skinny girls experience that. At least shes not full of herself, and understands her flaws. Shes realised it because she is skinny, and that is why she is saying it. Dont go attacking heR by syaing you dont have curves. Gosh!

  • Eliz

    so based on what she said, i guess guys don’t like her, she is so skinny !! i agree with emily, what is it whit skinny girls that always brag about their curves and how much they eat, when we all know they starve to death and love to look the way they do??

  • tina

    nina is very thin but she is curvy. she has wide hips. just cuz someones thin doesnt mean they cant be curvy. on vpd u can see the girls got alot of hips.

  • effy

    ugr. so fake

  • Houry

    why haven’t you posted the whole shoot?!!!

  • pretty Ka

    I LOVE her curves; I think she has one of the most beautiful bodies. She has very shapely hips and her legs are like WOW!!!
    Having ‘curves’ doesn’t necesarily mean being over a size 8 y’know? I’m a size 6, I’m thin, and have very femenine curves :)

  • cali power

    pretty Ka is right!!!

  • lala

    first off…

    SHE DOES HAS CURVES if u watch vampire diaries then u can see them this is just at a bad angle

    anndddd some ppl cant help it if they are skinny. it could be cuz of genetics (like mee)

    plus is PERFECT just the way she is :)

  • hey


    i agree with @lala


  • emily

    @lala: wasn’t saying it in a bad way. i think her body is to dies for

  • erin

    She is thin, toned, but she does have curves. She has hips and boobs and a butt as well. But the thing about it is her curves are from muscle. She is athletic and lean like a person who does yoga tends to be. Her genetics also play a factor and her metabolism does too. Don’t call her a fake, or say that skinny girls all starve themselves because that’s not true either.

  • BOJI

    Nina has a to-die-for body. She is absolutely pretty and no wonder, Ian is so taken with her. I love her husky voice, so sexy and her chemistry with Ian is like fire works.

  • kgg

    Wow! Nina looks awesome in a bikini….what a body! News to doubters, you can be thin and have curves…it’s all in the bone structure. She has wide hips plus nice breasts to go with that. I agree with Boji, that add the husky voice, the beautiful face and intelligence and it’s a killer combo, Ian can’t take his eyes off her and the mutual chemistry is off the charts!

  • Butterfly

    haha I know this is about beautiful nina but she is so perfect and she looks good although she is ´really skinny (don’t like that bout girls,as she sais,curves rock :D) so it hurts to look at her.
    as a apology they put a pic of zac shirtless in it which completely got my attention :D:D:D

  • jazmynne

    You know this is odd, ( no one kill me for writing this) I love Team Nian! I’m still all for Zanessa sadly they are not together, but…Zac and Nina would actually make a hot couple….Don’t know why they just would.


    i want that body. literally dying to get it. and hell yes! ppl are thin naturally. they cant help it! LOVE NINA DOBREV JUST THE WAY SHE IS

  • anon

    She has the most awesome body ever, she is thin and toned but it doesnt look sickly like other people, you can see she is muscular, and she DOES have curves, if you look at her directly on she has hips and shes not totally flat either. Totally my workout inspiration for summer.

  • vdgirl

    i lovee nina dobrev! shes sooo pretttty and shes amazing in vampire diariess!

  • drop_dead_b-yotch

    Gooossssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,, she iz soh Qte….!!! i wish i had a boDy lyk hr…..!! <3 <3 <3 U nina ,, hope u’lL go a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg way.. (:

>>>>>>> staging1