Nick Jonas: 'Working with Charice Was Amazing'

Nick Jonas: 'Working with Charice Was Amazing'

Nick Jonas is opening up about penning “One Day” for Charice.

The 18-year-old producer/songwriter/musician told MTV about the process, “Basically, the agency came and said, ‘Hey we need a song with this lyric ['one day'] and if you could, find a way to craft it.’ It was a really organic vibe that came from the songwriting session where we said, ‘If we can infuse this word here, that’d be cool.”

Nick also added, “The song just came to life then [and] working with Charice was amazing. The main thing about Charice that people really connect to … and kind of really love about her, is the fact that she is a normal girl and really shines because of her vocal talent. I was so blessed to produce her vocal. It’s amazing to see this big voice come out of her, especially on the song we did.”

Nick Jonas on “One Day”
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  • nona

    Wow! Nick is all over the place with Charice :D
    Keep up the good works guys…

  • gaby

    Isn’t his eloquent vocabulary kinda sexy? I love how he carries himself.

  • Enna

    This is great! 2 talented artists working together! Charice is AMAZING!!!

  • loves watermelon

    He’s looking really good these days. I actually enjoy Charice’s song. You can hear him in one part of the course toward the end. I’d rather hear his music for him though.

  • Fly n Dance

    i love the song One day from Charice and Nick Jonas.

  • marinadelrey

    Great song Nick and brilliantly executed by Charice. Good thinking JJ by adding Charice’s pic. Respect!

  • http://Fb Luisa

    Charice the world love u and so do I. I pray for more success ur way!!
    Ignore the negative comments, it only proves how popular u r right now, so go on and let your beautiful personality shine around the world.

  • jenna

    hi charice and nick, wow,, the great working each other… really exciting.. iloveit… and i love both of you… GO PYRAMID AND LOVE BUG!!!

  • Ella

    They’re both awesome! Jonas Brothers and Charice should make a collab song soon. And Charice will invite the brothers to come and visit the PHILIPPINES!!! ;)

  • HIH

    She is so talented!

  • http://AIM237 MARI-KATE

    One Day is such a beuatiful song. I have been playing it non-stiop, really amazing song, get your copies now from Itunes or Amazon and you’ll never regret it. Thanks Nick for writing this song for Charice. Charice is just awesome, unbelievalbe vocals, especially on live performances, you’ll get goosebumps all over your body. I hope Charice will perform this song live, soon, really great song.

  • tala

    One Day is really a good song. Hope to see more collabs in the future.


    charice’s performance, feel the BLAST, LIVE (crisp HD video)

  • http://twitter resty domingo

    well i am waiting for the album when it well come.??