Jimmy Bennett & Chloe Moretz Rock with Crepes!

Jimmy Bennett & Chloe Moretz Rock with Crepes!

Jimmy Bennett teams up with Chloe Moretz in this video to show his fans around his restaurant, Rockin Crepes, in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Rockin Crepes was started by the 15-year-old actor because of his love for all things rock music. Each item on the menu is named after something rock music themed – from Aerosmith to The Who!

Everything looks delicious Jimmy!

Check out this video as Jimmy and Chloe take us on a tour of the restaurant – and watch out for the whipped cream fight at the end!

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  • Tina

    Wow how did he start his own resteraunt

  • http://scarfff.tumblr.com Emma B.


  • Warren

    Chloe is a hot woman!

  • good-one

    MTV is a really big deal. But they are still not taking Chloe Moretz seriously, at the level she deserves.. They didn’t take Justin Bieber seriously, until just recently.

    Another example, is in their review of Taylor Swift’s new hit music video, Mean. They didn’t even credit Joey king. They mention director Declan Whitebloom, they mention it being shot at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, but Joey King gets referred to only as “Another girl being teased in school that can’t sit with “the cool girls” at lunch and forced to eat in the school bathroom.”

    In fact, MTV hasn’t even bothered to update Joey King’s bio to show her “Mean” credit, yet.

    MTV isn’t yet giving the full due credit to kids that have already matured and performed well beyond Nickelodeon-level venues.

    That may explain the flavor of this Jimmy Bennett and Chloe Moretz video.

  • Kiwi

    I could these two playing siblings!

  • Franklin

    am i the only one who thought chloe was *not* messing around with jimmy at the end? :o

    @good-one: interesting observation. i think another theory to add to yours is that some young actors, like chloe, because they are known for “more mature” roles and performances therefore have a larger appeal with older people/audiences. maybe chloe doesn’t have as much of a draw with younger audiences, those who are closer to her age, compared with other actors in her age range — and this is mtv’s main demographic. (after all, look over chloe’s range of movie roles she’s played.)

  • GotZhEZa

    Chloe !!! >//< lovely lovely !!