Taylor Swift: 'Mean' Video with Joey King!

Taylor Swift: 'Mean' Video with Joey King!

Joey King watches on as Taylor Swift performs on stage in the brand-new music video for “Mean.”

The 21-year-old songstress says the video was shot over two days at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, and was written Taylor wrote the treatment to depict the lyrics of the song, including its’ happy endings. Declan Whitebloom directed the video.

Psst, did you hear that Taylor and Ellen DeGeneres are trying to find the Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan? Are you him or her?

Check out all the details on Ellen and be sure to tune into the show THIS Wednesday, May 11th!

Taylor Swift – “Mean” Music Video
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  • lamia

    wow! So so awesome

  • lamia

    wow! Awesome

  • good-one

    I love popular culture, I love popular culture, I love popular culture. I’m like a deer in the headlights of popular culture. Unlike those who seem to see themselves as part of some kind of steering committee over popular culture, and who dis’ artists with the ugliest, most hateful diatribes, (apparently hoping to impose their own self-loathing and insecurities on those gifted artist pop geniuses, thus bringing them down), I truly hope that I realize that pop art and music is as fashion is — it has a life of its own, it finds its own expression and transcends old boundaries on its own and it helps illuminate our world through fresh expression. I apologize for every time I have hated here or gone negative. Mybad.

    I can’t get enough of artists like Myley Cyrus, who is currently on yet another distant tour, and who, herself, is no stranger to undeserved bullying. Her music is consistently so beautiful. I am in awe at such talent and it boggles my mind that some people hate with such intensity, the way they do. I am grateful not to be in hate’s grip as sorely as many others seem to be.

    And specific to this post, I have been awed by the amazing talent of Taylor Swift from the moment I witnessed her ballad, Innocent, on the MTV 2010 Video Music Awards. Her new music video, Mean, is every bit as compelling.

    I love Joey King. I love Joey King. I love Joey King.

  • aly91

    While I do I agree with you, I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus’s music. I thought her “Breakout” album showed her amazing vocals, but her new album was terrible, simply terrible. She masks her voice behind autotune and synthesizer, and it sounds so unoriginal. A girl like her, with a nice voice, does not need autotune to make her sound good. I mean I love Selena Gomez, but her voice isn’t nearly as good and she does not hide behind autotune for most of her tracks.

    And while I love Taylor Swift, not everyone is going to like the music she sings. Critics always slam other artists, and sometimes they deserve it and other times they don’t. In my opinion, (no hate intended just irritation) she needs to get over it. I think she acts a little immature when someone crosses her. I mean she comes out with a record that disses both Camille Belle and some lousy critic. That just strikes me as immature for someone her age. Yeah it’s ok to get your feelings out, and yes “Better than Revenge” has awesome disses to Camille Belle, but I don’t know…I just think it’s kind of low for someone who constantly displays such class in everything she does, except when she writes songs meant to diss people. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and to me revenge doesn’t make you any better.

  • greg

    Love this song and now this video too. This is one of her best videos to date. She has matured and ‘grown up’ as an artist and this video kinda gave me that vibe.