Callan McAuliffe Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Callan McAuliffe Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Speaking of I Am Number Four

JJJ has an amazing opportunity to chat with star Callan McAuliffe this coming week and we need your questions!

We know the norms — favorite scenes, how are you and your character alike, do you have a girlfriend, etc…but what do you really want to know?

Comment with your questions here and we’ll try and ask Callan!

I Am Number Four hits Bluray and DVD shelves on May 24th — will you be picking a copy up?

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Sophie @ 7:12 pm on 05/10/2011

WILL YOU MARRY ME?! JK- hmmm- what’s your favorite thing to do- when are you most happy?

Karina Hernandez @ 7:26 pm on 05/10/2011

What does he look for in a girl?

Amanda @ 8:32 pm on 05/10/2011

What kind of music do you like? I know Rolling in the Deep by Adele is in I Am Number Four, so I have to ask, do you like Adele?

Cindy @ 8:42 pm on 05/10/2011

Who has made him the most starstruck?

Abby @ 8:42 pm on 05/10/2011

What is your favorite thing that your fans have done for you? What is your worst habbit? What’s your favorite season? If you were president for a day what would you do?

Chloe @ 8:44 pm on 05/10/2011

Do you have your license yet?

LOLA @ 9:36 pm on 05/10/2011

You are such a cutie! It’s a shame i’m a few years older than you :/ haha……Would you date anyone older than you, if so how much older?

chimptitays @ 9:59 pm on 05/10/2011

ask him what he likes in a female

tiara @ 11:01 pm on 05/10/2011

did you have a good time with the cast? with whose you are close to? (the cast)

Ria @ 11:10 pm on 05/10/2011

Hi Callan :)
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Kathleen @ 11:12 pm on 05/10/2011

You’ve portrayed a guy in love, a guy who befriends an alien. What kind of character would you want to play next?

Angel anne @ 11:24 pm on 05/10/2011

My question is how do you describe your sense of style?

Layla @ 11:26 pm on 05/10/2011

my question is who inspired you to become an actor? What pushed you to pursue this dream?

steph @ 11:29 pm on 05/10/2011

Is there going to be a I am number four 2?

Nancy @ 11:36 pm on 05/10/2011

Is acting something you really enjoy doing, or would you prefer to be like a photographer or something?

Ginelle @ 11:37 pm on 05/10/2011

Callan, you are an absolutely brilliant actor :). My question for you is: If you could portray any fictional character from a favorite novel of yours, who would it be & why?

kat @ 12:03 am on 05/11/2011

Who would your dream costar be?

MARIANA @ 12:18 am on 05/11/2011

Okay, i have a some questions:

1. Did you have acting experience before you joined that talent agency?

2. Do you plan on going back to school? Or are you going to continue acting?
3. Least/Most favorite thing about being an actor?

4. Weirdest thing a fan ever said to you?

5. Not really my question but… someone on Facebook was wondering is you mind dating Asian girls..? Yeah, something like that. Lol. XD

6. Do hate it when a fan says “I love you” or something along the lines of that? Or do you like it since you know that they support you and without those type of fans, you wouldn’t be as popular?

7. Would you ever date a “normal” person? (Meaning they aren’t famous) or only celebrities?

And.. i think that’s all. Haha sorry if this was too many questions.. I couldn’t ask them all through Twitter. :]

MARIANA @ 12:27 am on 05/11/2011

Oh and, if you could go back in time, what would you redo or do?

MARTINA @ 12:37 am on 05/11/2011

Are you single? What do you look for in a girl? Who are your celebrity crushes?

MARTINA @ 12:40 am on 05/11/2011

If you werent an actor what would you be right now?

Emily @ 1:04 am on 05/11/2011

Will you go to prom with me? :) May 21st in Orange County! Just kidding Jared, you don’t have to ask that ahah.

Hm, Callan, if you were to ask a girl to prom, how would you do it? :)

And another question, what do you like to do in your free time, when you’re not working/filming?

Rose @ 1:13 am on 05/11/2011

What’s the best thing in being an actor?
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

Meliza @ 1:22 am on 05/11/2011

Do you watch Disney Channel? If yes, what’s your favorite show? :)

Lara @ 1:46 am on 05/11/2011

You’re so handsome :) How does it feel to know you have made so many girls “cougars”? Oh yeah, and marry me?

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