Leven Rambin: Glimmer Gets No Cookies

Leven Rambin: Glimmer Gets No Cookies

Leven Rambin models a D&G dress and cardigan in this new shot from Interview Magazine.

The 20-year-old actress opened up to the mag about landing the role of Glimmer in The Hunger Games and saying no to a cookie because of the fans. Check it:

On what she’s nervous about: “I am most nervous about”oh man, I’m pretty nervous! [laughs] About, I guess, being able to act with these really great talents, and holding my own. And trying to want to kill Jennifer Lawrence”being able to intimidate her, because she is a very strong actress, and to go up against her, go head-to-head with her, is kind of nerve-racking. I admire her, and hopefully, I’m sure we’ll get along. Yeah”I’m just nervous to have this big opportunity, and I hope I don’t blow it!”

On turning down her favorite desserts for the movie: “I need to be perfect. I need to live up to everyone’s expectations of this character and this movie. I don’t want to let the fans or anyone down. Just because I want a cookie doesn’t mean I can have it, because I have a responsibility. That is my determination.”

On landing the role of Glimmer: “I was like, ‘Whoa, I’m auditioning for Hunger Games?’ That’s like my dream come true. That’s like a Trekkie auditioning for Star Trek. I was a total fan about it. I think the director saw my passion and saw my excitement for the project, and it worked in my favor.”

On being a fan of the books first: “I am such a big fan. I tried to get every one of my friends to read it. A lot of my friends had already read it, and that’s why I picked it up, because they were all talking about it. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t stop. I was constantly reading it: on airplanes, at dinner, I was reading it under the table. Just in love. I was always like, “Did you hear what happened this week in Hunger Games?” Like it was like a soap opera that only I would enjoy.

It was so vivid in my mind, and the descriptions of every character and every scenario are so descriptive. You really do have this ideal in your mind of who these people are and what they’re going through. Suzanne Collins is so talented that she just fills everyone out. That’s why people are so passionate about the casting, because she is so specific in the books, and she is so descriptive. You really become attached to that figment that you have in your mind about the character. I’m really happy that the fans seem to accept me as Glimmer. I’m really excited that they are supportive of me.”

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Credit: Beau Grealy; Photos: Interview Magazine
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  • James Merrick

    Leven is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

  • mimi

    She should hook up with Josh so Vanessa can forget about him.

  • http://TWITter.com/whosjennma Jenn

    Like honestly, Glimmer is the most perfectly casted for the Hunger Games. I mean I’m kind of growing on the rest of the cast, but from the start I always thought Leven Rambin would be the perfect Glimmer.