Miranda Cosgrove & Victoria Justice 'Leave It All to Shine'

Miranda Cosgrove & Victoria Justice 'Leave It All to Shine'

We knew the upcoming iCarly and Victorious episode was going to be cool — but not this cool!

Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice and both casts of iCarly and Victorious are not only leaping onto each other’s sets but they’re also collaborating on a massive, sweet song called “Leave It All To Shine,” and JJJ‘s got the making-of vid!

The song will be featured in the “iParty with Victorious” episode where the two casts collide — on Saturday, June 11 @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. Check it out below!

“Leave it All to Shine” Behind-The-Scenes
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Credit: Lisa Rose; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • donni

    cant wait for it

  • james

    I love Miranda!

  • http://@cjennifer628 genevar

    Hey, Sam and freddie sing together in the studio :)))))))

  • donni


  • Patworx

    I like what I hear. I think it will be a good song.

  • Ron

    For some reason, when I, Ron, saw that photograph of Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice, my first thought was “I, Ron, love Ariana Grande.” (Hi , Ariana . ) Please, do not ask why.

    My second thought was “Women.” “Women” is a book of photographs of women, by Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sontag. One of my favorite photographs, in the book, is a photograph that includes Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, and Diane Sawyer. Strange thing about the photograph is that it is really about an unknown, to me, woman, looking at the camera. She is beautiful. I, Ron, know that. So does she. The only question is how beautiful? And, I, Ron, do not know the answer to that.

    I do know that my favorite photograph, in the book, is the one of Martha Nussbaum. Miranda and Victoria reminded me of Martha. Miranda, because she said, somewhere, she wanted to study Theatre at NYU. Martha did. Victoria, because of her last name, and her response to certain concerns I had when we first met. Martha does justice, as well as anybody I know, with the exception of my wife, Miranda.

    Many years ago, as Martha and I, Ron, walked to my truck, my teacher, Joe, warned her to beware of me, because, he said, “Ron has a black heart.” (Hi , again , Ariana . ) I love Martha, and told her that, as we entered O’Gara’s in Saint Paul. But, for some reason, I, Ron, was unable to persuade Martha that I know the nature of Love. Of course, I will attempt to persuade her, forever, because Love is like that. No choice. I think Ke$ha knows that now. Jennette McCurdy, too.

    Miranda, my wife, thought that I, Ron, should wish Miranda Cosgrove a happy birthday, from the two of us. After reflection, I thought it best to have a celebrity do it, since I, Ron, think Miranda Cosgrove can not hear me, especially when she is playing her guitar.

    I called Taylor Swift, because I, Ron, love Taylor, but I could not get through to her. I hope she got the message. Jennifer Lawrence, who I, Ron, love, did get the message, and, during her lunch break, at the “Hunger Games,” penned a lovely card for Miranda Cosgrove, wishing her a happy birthday, and signed it with a heart, with an arrow through it, and the names, Miranda, Ron, and Jennifer.

    I think Miranda will get it.

    Joy to you, Rose.


    What, pray tell, is the nature of love? You speak that you know the nature of love but you do not tell us what that nature is. I would like to hear more. I have been studying the nature of love for centuries now, and obsession with young beautiful pop and movie stars is not love. Will your love remain true as these starlets age? This is my question to you, along with my earlier request of you to identify the nature of love for me. Regards, Elisabeth of Bohemia.

  • Ron

    Elisabeth of Bohemia,

    When my wife, Miranda, informed me you, Elisabeth, were here, I, Ron, considered Miranda, my wife, thoughtfully, and said, quietly, “I love you,” and kissed her. And, then, went into another room, and thought, about a black triangle, a white rose, and a black swan. And, necessity.

    And, I, Ron, recalled, talking to Sandy, about a problem, not covered, in a paper, he and Jack wrote, called, “Two Types Of Constitutional Crises.” Sandy told me I, Ron, was wrong, when I, Ron, talked, with him, here. His mistake. Imagine that. But, I, Ron, do not blame him, because, you know, he had no choice.

    Neither, you know, did Susan Haack, who I, Ron, love, because, you know, her work is really beautiful. Even the mistakes. And, I, Ron, also, considered, Tribe, because, you know, neither Tribe, nor I, Ron, have a choice, about that. Even if, you know, he does not know that. I, Ron, do.

    I, Ron, also know, Elisabeth, my copy, of “Love’s Knowledge,” is inscribed, “May 1, 1991 For Ron, With best wishes, Martha.” And, I, Ron, know, also, that I, Ron, wondered, then, “Why did Martha say, ‘What’s My Name?,’ or something like that, before she would sign my book?” Probably, I, Ron, thought, Martha does not find me, Ron, as charming as I, Ron, find her. Probably. Often, in the beginning, Love is like that. Right, Martha?

    And, before I, Ron, sent, a thought, to Brian, before he worked, with Martha, I, Ron, thought, hard, about John Horton Conway, and Von Neumann, and Kurt, and Alan, and Alonzo.

    And, of course, the beautiful children, who I, Ron, love. And, necessity. And, I, Ron, did, what I, Ron, needed to do. No choice, you know. Who can blame me?

    And, I, Ron, think, Elisabeth, it should be clear, if, you know, you think about it, that I, Ron, am able, to answer, your first question, only, as I, Ron, am compelled, to answer it. Really.

    I mean, when Joe said, “Refute everyone you can, “ I, Ron, took him seriously, and have a lot of fun, you know, doing it. It is, you know, entertaining. Like sticking out your tongue. But, not, I, Ron, think, as wonderful, as knowing, as I, Ron, do, there must be one, somewhere, who can not be refuted.

    Of course, before my wife, Miranda, was born, Joe, also, wrote, “Even your best friend can betray you, you know.” He, quite clearly, had not met Miranda. I, Ron, do, as need be. Even if, you know, no one, besides, you know, Miranda, and I, Ron, her husband, know that.

    And, Elisabeth, when Miranda, and I, Ron, marry, it is, always, in the garden, and we are, always, as everyone knows, in Love.
    And, Elisabeth, if you think, you will understand, the answer, to question two. Rene did not know the true, or the false. He does, now. And, loves you.

    Joy to you, Rose.