Vanessa Hudgens: LAX After Lunch

Vanessa Hudgens: LAX After Lunch

Vanessa Hudgens watches where she’s walking after lunch in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (may 11).

After grabbing a bite to eat at Vivian’s Millenium Cafe, the 22-year-old actress was seen grabbing some luggage from her home and heading off to the airport.

Vanessa was spotted out last night with BFF Laura New at Trousdale.

Vanessa will be starring opposite Brendan Fraser in the upcoming Gimme Shelter. She’ll be playing a teen who flees her abusive mother and seeks out her biological father.

Def sounds like an interesting project for Van! 25+ pics inside…

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Photos: Fame Pictures, AKM Images
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  • sophie

    short hair <3

  • sophie

    so cute <3

  • peggy

    Trousedale had a event last night she attended

    The Midori Trunk Show Launch…sdale-nightclub

    SHORT HAIR! Nice

  • teamhudgens

    Can’t wait for GimmeShelter<3
    love her short hair!

  • Diamond

    She looks so cute n casual ! Lovn that the short hair is back <3 I cannot wait for her NEW PROJECT , SOUNDS SOO INTERESTING ! Also the new candies shoot ! Also V reached over 100,000 followers on twitter , SWAG !

  • Haters Suck!

    Holy hell did you have to post this one so soon after the other Vanessa post? I’m still dealing with the comments on that one.
    Anyway just guessing V is headed to start her new project the sad thing is when that starts don’t know if we are going to be getting any more pictures of her till after. :(

  • lauren

    where is she going?

  • lauren

    i heard she is going to the phillpeans to do a fashion show?

  • lauren

    is the girl who she’s talking to
    alexa hudgens?

  • duuuudeeeee.

    @lauren: alexa hudgens doesn’t exist.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    she’s looks soo cute and sooo care free :)

  • Skylar

    @lauren nope, it’s Laura Neu

    @Haters Suck! do you really think its starting filming already? D:

  • Haters Suck!

    maybe like I said it’s just a guess. Either way I’m not sure we are going to be seeing her as often for the time being.

  • Teresa

    I think she is head of to her film set for pre-perduction for “Gimme Shelter”. Filming starts around the last week of May and thats really soon. But she just could be taking a trip, because she can. Either way she looks super cute.

  • Samantha

    haha, she can’t decide whether she wants to have her hair long, or if she wants to wear shorts or a maxi. Her hair’s already got alot longer, in the last couple of weeks while she had her extensions. She’s so pretty she suits anything.

  • e

    I love seeing her back with shorter hair again, she looks amazing and relaxed and happy, she always looks great though so nothing new there.

    I think it’s more then possible that she is heading out to start doing some pre-production work, try out clothes, rehersing lines but by herslef but also possibly with the others in the cast since she is the lead and will be filming with most if not all of them, she is also suppoed to be pregant during parts of the film and I can imagine that taking some getting used to with the pregnant-suit (or w/e it’s called), she might also want to see the area of the filming before they start, who knows, it’s also possible that by ‘they start filming at the end of may’ might mean around the 20th and then going now isn’t that early. Either way she looks great and I hope that she’ll have a blast doing this film and that she will get tons of new experiences and a bunch of new memories and maybe even new friends. We proably won’t see that much of her while she is away but then again, knowing that she is back doing what she loves and what she is great at (filming/making movies) and can get away from the judgmental eye of the public and the paps for a while will do her good and make her happy.

  • Joochi

    @e: I couldn’t have said it better myself, it’s so good to see her with her natural hair again, she looks so grown up and womanley, I guess you could spell it like that oh well:) and I guess you’re right, it’s pre production time and she needs to take in alot of information and knowing Vanessa, she’s a perfectionist and wants to make it right it’s best that she get’s an early start. I’m so happy she’s happy and in a feel good mood, I haven’t seen that in such a long time, as a matter of fact, since she started dating ZE she hardly seemed happy, that’s just my observation.

  • Angie

    This movie genre will definitely be Vanessa’s proof she is more than just whatever others still think of her as ‘pretty face’ ‘Montez’ ‘squeaky-clean little girl’ WELL she got more respect on Suckerpunch (for comic geeks at least) so keep it up V remember I’m still here by your side a true fan not going anywhere and neither are you.

  • kami

    i think it might be to do pre-production stuff for “gimme shelter” and laura is going along to keep her company. ♥

  • Diamond

    @Joochi: @e: I couldn’t agree with you two more , you guys are absolutely right ! Real Vanessa fans , Team Hudgens yeyah lol ♥

  • kami

    “gimme shelter” will be a great movie for vanessa. can’t wait to see how her character will look.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Oh, is she off to do some filming ? The movie sounds so good. She’s gonna be amazing in it. Haha, she looks adorable with the hat and sunglasses. :D

  • daniel

    loved your new haircut took q is for your new project.
    My wife is beautiful anyway, hey vanessa one day you kill me with pride!

  • Chanon

    Can I have her as my older sister or something?

  • Emem

    OMG! Is she really really coming to the Philippines for the Candie’s Fashion Show?? :) (Its Philippine Fashion Week here :p)

  • Nikole

    Hmm maybe she’s gonna visit Josh in NC

  • laquida

    Thank you God for answering my prayer!!! Yesss!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo!!!!!!!!
    I’m soooo happy that she is gonna be in the movie gimme shelter! congrats to vanessa on your new project! Love u girl!!!:)

  • laquida

    Always stylish and beautiful!! Love the pics!

  • Jess!!

    she looks so gorgeous!

  • Jess!!

    who’s Alexa Hudgens? lol

  • Jess!!

    BTW she is with Laura New! =D

  • Jess!!

    i dont think she is going to be there

  • amelie


  • nessa nessa

    fallow MILA KUNIS AT!/Milamarkokunis , SHE IS the REAL mila kunis

  • yets

    i really wish her the Best cause i Love her.,

  • Haters Suck!

    Huh, maybe laura went with her wherever she went. Laura sent out a tweet saying she would be leaving on a airplane so perhaps she did go with Vanessa. I don’t know just a guess.

  • yets

    meeting w/ Josh maybe?

  • Emem

    Hmm.. maybe they’re gonna visit josh

  • kerri

    She is gorgeous. I love her pretty smile:)

  • kerri

    I also am glad that her hair is short again.

  • kerri
  • sky10

    Wooow!!!!! i just finished watching BEASTLY and Vanessa is realy cute and beautidul and Alex is soooo handsome,they look good together with a cute story though…Neil is sooo funny it.

  • ehryle

    Vanessa totally Gorgeous!!! wooo hooo V Rules :)

  • lauren

    @ yets
    josh is doing training stuff for hunger games.

  • Ivy

    Vanessa’s going to Philippines, to a fashion show. And she looks awesome, but that isn’t any news


    @Ivy: Are you sure that she is going to a fashion show in the philippines or are you making it up? Do you have any proof that she is going there?

  • http://jjj telma

    love herrr

  • Magda

    Vanessa flew to Cannes with Laura!!! and this is confirmed!!!

  • annii

    she is in franceeeeeeeeeeeee

  • annii

    She will attend the Cannes film festival