Joe Jonas: Maxim Hot 100 Party with Olivia Munn!

Joe Jonas: Maxim Hot 100 Party with Olivia Munn!

Joe Jonas cozies up to Olivia Munn inside the 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Party with New Era, Miller Lite, 2(x)ist and Silver Jeans Co. held at Eden in Hollywood on Wednesday night (May 11).

The 21-year-old musician, wearing David Yurman‘s Men’s classic timepiece and black onyx and pave black diamond spiritual bead bracelet, was spotted inside the club having fun with friends and mingling with the crowd.

Last night, Joe was spotted out at a private dinner with and for designer Simon Spurr.

Joe‘s been teasing us quite a bit on Twitter, promising, “Fun weekend! Looking forward to this week. Lots of exciting stuff. I got news for you all. Not now. But soon.”


15+ pics inside of Joe Jonas

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Credit: Angela Weiss, Charley Gallay, John Shearer, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • MileyCyrus twitter

    he is such a player !
    still a fan though

  • Tastelikecandy

    Joe! I bet he was all over that! Good for Joe to be out networking like a mutha..Now watch some dumb ass girls come on here! Why is he partying why isn’t he in the studio. Go to hell with that crap! Its called networking with Hollywood elite. Something that is a must, if you want to get on peoples minds and your face in their memories. Nick didn’t do it, and his cd flopped. Yeah Nick continuing working with nobody artist like Jasmine V. and Ariana G., that nobody cares about! And leave the power playing to Joe. I don’t know who guided Nick in his solo venture, but they did everything wrong! Mean while Joe is doing everything wright. Something tells me Papa J is not behind Joes solo which good! Promoting yourself is alot more than showing up on talks like Ellen and singing your song, which is about all Nick did. Nick time to leave the teenagers alone, put on your big boy pants and work with “REAL” artist, but I don’t think your up to that level yet!

  • Ready for a change

    How can anyont think that it’s admirable that he goes to clubs and parties every night. This is more than networking. After 1 1/2 still nothing because his first shots didn’t pass muster and were scratched. He is lazy. Just shops and eats and parties. Nick works hard every day. He’d be releasing his own music if it weren’t for the fact that their mgmt won’t let Kevin and Nick do anything that might be competition for Joe. Joe had someone do all the work but the vocals. And the producers admited to vocal tricks and auto tuning. That isn’t talent. Joe sold out his brothers for his own gain. In interviews he says his music isn’t cheesy like the Jonas music. Joe claims to want to claim the fans ears. He’s lost more than ever. All the fans I knew have moved on. They tell me to let them know when Nick or the Jonas Brothers have something. No interest in this guy. But you are right about one thing, Nick’s music wasn’t well received. Of course he didn’t have the support of his management. 8 weeks notice that he was doing anything. 4 weeks of tour. Record out. Next day back to promoting Joe and Demi. Joe spent that whole time talking about how he was doing his own record. Hardly support. Joe only supports himself. Nick has kept so quiet. We only hear about his time in the studio when others tell us. And let’s face it, Joe could never write or produce for someone else. Scoring a video game isn’t even in his realm.

  • Tastelikecandy

    @Ready for a change: LMFAO if only you had a brain! Maybe you can go to Oz with Dorthy and get one! Joe was on tour through the whole summer of 2010. No he hasn’t been working on his cd for a year and a half! He dedicated himself to Jonas LA, the Cr2 promotion and tour. So tell me genius how is that working on a solo cd? Nick did his solo cd his way and on his terms, he has full support of his MGMT, and brothers. His cd sucked plain and simple, Nick is not now nor has he ever been a performer. Joe is only thing exciting about a Jonas Brothers concert period! Scoring a lame ass video game isn’t in Joes realm and it sure as hell shouldn’t be in Nicks either! And Joe doesn’t want teenagers for fans so tell your friends to keep on moving!

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus twitter: @Tastelikecandy: @Ready for a change:

    LEAVE JOE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlackFriday


    I think Nick wasn’t able to promote his CD more because he was afraid people would think he was breaking up the band. Joe doesn’t have that problem. Even tho he says the band is not broken up I do not think Joe will come back to the Jonas Brothers.

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    @Tastelikecandy: calm down . nobody said anything .
    but you know what and im not happy to say this but his album wil sell less than nick . he is better off as an actor nowadays .
    and if nick is working with nobody artist and happy then let him be .
    you dont know the $$$ that is in for doing what he does

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    @Lauren: i said i was a fan ?

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus twitter:

    JOE IS NOT A PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovebug

    @Ready for a change:

    For someone who clearly hates Joe, you certainly spend alot of time and energy writing about him. Get a life. While you’re sitting here on your fat a$$, typing paragraphs, Joe is out living his life and being more successful than you will ever be. I think it’s disgusting that you find it necessary to tear down one brother just to build up the other. The Jonas Brothers would not be as famous as they are today if not for the talent and efforts of all three of them. They’re a close family and I’m sure they all love and support each other & I would think they are all doing exactly what they want to be doing right now. You’re pathetic to suggest otherwise.

    Back on topic: Joe looks great. I can’t wait to hear his music. He’s so talented & a great performer. I’m sure his solo CD will be amazing!

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    @Lauren: whatever , keep saying that to yourself .

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus twitter:

    Keeping saying what u said to yourself

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus Twitter
    Keeping saying what u said to yourself

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus Twitter

    Keeping saying what u said to yourself

  • dani

    Joe is so cute. I support him, because is my favorite singer & a amazing guy.

    MileyCyrus twitter @ Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    @Lauren: i will cause its the truth

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus twitter:

    If u think Joe is a player (which he’s not) then your not a real fan

  • whatashame

    HAHAHA. Joe is not a player. What everyone is thinking? He’s just a boy who are partyin with some friends. That’s all.

  • Nan

    Um Tastelikecandy and Readyforachange, no offense or anything, but why are you so crazy about this?

    Nick did what he did. I personally loved the album. And Joe’s doing his thing. When did it become a competition?

    And with regards to the artists “nobody cares about”, I saw Lady Gaga when she opened for NKOTB….just saying, everybody starts somewhere. And I do believe there are people who do care about those artists.

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    @Lauren: joe is not perfect you know a true fan knows that too

  • Lauren

    @MileyCyrus twitter:

    Yeah, I know that but he is not a player

  • Amy

    @lauren he seems like a player to me, and im a fan too

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    @Amy: thank you

  • Lauren

    @Amy: @MileyCyrus twitter:


    Joe is a super nice guy


    WOW some of you are so bitter…Judging Joe & his music when you have heard or seen nothing yet…Im positive it will be Joe who has the last laugh when he succeeds & shows the world other talents he has been hiding…You all need to understand that Joe is older & mature and is not acting differently but has moved on with life as we all do when we get older…The fact he has Nick & Kevin’s support is an added blessing & both are happy for Joe…I love how all 3 brothers encourage & support each other and as fans we should do the same..At the end of the day they are 3 men all grown up, continuing to “Live Their Dreams” while some of you pathetic fans have yet to grow up & live in the real world….Good Luck with Life as some of you Fail Miserably at it…LOL


    A definition of “PLAYER” is NOT Joe Jonas…Like every other Hollywood Star either a musician or actor/actress need to circulate & attend parties/soiress/openings in order to stay relevant, especially in Hollywood…you need to put yourself out there to stay relevant..In Joe’s defense he happens to have a knack of being friendly, assertive & sociable and seems to work in his favour. YES as a female & Joe being incredibly gorgeous you cannot help want a piece of him..It does not mean that Joe is a player..He is 21 & is acting like every other male out there wanting a piece of action, somehow or some way..Jeez ppl!!

  • katta

    Joe is soooo sexy. Love his brown eyes!
    He’s not a player. A player is someone who dates an extreme amount and uses them for sex…..Joe has had just 4 public girlfriends in 4 years.
    he is not hooking up with a different girl every week!!!

  • maria

    Does anyone get the appeal of Olivia Munn? I think she’s SO unattractive!!

  • http://Twitter ilovechihuahuas


    You tell those bitches! :)

  • sammy

    exactly, i haven’t heard anything
    he keeps saying he’s gonna give us amazing news
    wth man release this stuff already!
    freakin longer than pandora’s box lol

  • Queen Jonas

    @Ready for a change = I totally agree with you. Nick does work hard even writing the songs as well. He’s SLOWLY trying to expand his musical talents and just working with different artists and writing songs for people from Charice, who is already an international star, and composing music for Wizard 101. He’s just broadening his circle. I have nothing against Joe, though. I know he works hard, but he probably needs his breaks now and then. I think they both work very hard…. I’m not taking sides.

  • jessica

    Joe is living his life, he is very nice
    I don’ t care about jealous haters

  • no

    you do not stay relevant in hollywood by attending dinner parties/openings, you stay relevant by being the best at what you do. ex: lady gaga. you don’t see her parading around hollywood with the paparazzi, yet she’s more successful than joe will ever be. the only thing that’s relevant is his desperation.

  • Ella

    Leave Joe alone you haters! Let him enjoy his life!! :p

    I so love my bb. <3

  • HIH

    I love joe

  • lala

    LOL @ the Nick lovers. They are just bitter, but whatever. Joe’s album will be GREAT & you haters cant do anything about it ;)

  • Idon’tcare

    you do not stay relevant in hollywood by attending dinner parties/openings, you stay relevant by being the best at what you do. ex: lady gaga. you don’t see her parading around hollywood with the paparazzi, yet she’s more successful than joe will ever be. the only thing that’s relevant is his desperation.

    First: Gaga lives in NYC, there are not so much paparazis like Los Angles And Two I prefer 1000 times “inrelevant Joe Jonas´´ than someone who call the atencion say in blasphemy about Church. Just Saying. I love Gaga and I’m not Joe J fan but what you say is so Hmmm..inrelevant ;)

  • jonas-crazy-chick

    @Ready for a change and to all the haters: Screw all of u, is his freaking life so go to next block and buy one for your self instead of envy a life you wish was yours.