Zac Efron: 'The Paperboy' Star!

Zac Efron: 'The Paperboy' Star!

It was just announced that Zac Efron has a new project in the works!

The 23-year-old actor will be joining Matthew McConaughey, Tobey Maguire, and Sofia Vergara in The Paperboy, THR reports.

Based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel, the flick is a sexual thriller, which follows a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

Lee Daniels will direct with Hilary Shor, Avi Lerner, Trevor Short and Danny Dimbort producing.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s new gig?

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  • Nicky

    it will be an AMAZING movie.
    Your hard work pays off!

  • http://justjaredjr mig345

    cool can’t wait to see it

  • http://@StarSiteL Zashley Fan

    Ay Zac!!!, No sabes como me alegro por vos!!!, Sos lo más, sos todo para mi. Y no te deseo otra cosa más que la FELICIDAD!!!
    I LOVE U, SO MUCH!!!

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Matthew McConaughey AND Tobey Maguire !? Zachary, you’re one lucky guy !!! Good luck to him !! Can’t wait to hear more about the movie,

  • kerri

    This movie sounds like it could be a big role for him. Amazing that he gets to work with Tobey Maguire i loved him in Spiderman and Brothers. I am so excited to see Zac challenging himself as an actor. I see great things for him. Love him to death.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Another film to look forward to!! And with so many other stars in too!!

  • annii

    it’s good that Zac is taking the roles that Alex Pettyfer doesn´t want .. i mean, Alex has a big profile right now!

    Good Luck Zachary!

  • cutie

    yes ,yes sound good movie Zac!!!

  • bella


    the drama journal . word press . com

  • Jessica

    sounds like a good movie already

  • Joochi

    I think he has to start somewhere, sure he gets to work with Toby M n
    Mat M. but his acting abilities are very limited it’s a wonder Alex is getting all the good parts. Good Luck to him n his future.

  • e

    It sounds cool, I wonder when they will be filming it though since I know Tobey will be in TGG and Sofia have ‘Modern Family’ most likely this fall. I’m also going to hold my cheering for this project with Zac utnil they actaully start filming since you know, he have like a 100 projects lined up and have done neither of them, even if he’s the producer they never seem to get picked up, funny enough, the projects that he does do, TLO, NYE, The Lorax were never projects he had lines up nor does he have anything else to d with them other then acting. Oh well, hopefully this will happen and hopefully he isn’t there as the films eye-candy but actaully have a good role that’s different from what we usually see him as and he get’s something to really try his acting in.

  • %%%%%%%%

    ohhhhh yes MIami

  • Nicki313

    @Joochi: I wouldn’t say hes limited as a actor, an actor is only as good as the role they’re playing. I also wouldn’t say Alex is getting all the good roles, I like some of his up coming roles but most of them are like the Hunger Games. Movies like that have a built in fan base, and no ones looking to them for good acting. Its kinda like Twilight, no matter how bad they are, they’ll still make millions, and from what I’ve seen Alex is a-hole, not a good thing for a young actor to be.

  • kerri

    Vote for Zac!! Make sure he wins that Golden popcorn vote at

  • Miranda


    Dream Come True <3

  • pop86

    I like this one sounds cool.

  • Abby

    WOW go ZAc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The fact that he’s working with Toby makes me smile.

  • Abby

    @annii: LMFAO your kidding right? I’m pretty sure more people in hollywood (and the public) hate Alex or then like him. The guys kinda an @ss who thinks he’s Brad Pitt and should be paid millions and millions of $ for his movies when he’s even more of a new comer then Zac is.

  • Allie

    At last a project where he is not the only star – what I’ve been waiting for!!!! It’s quite depressing that this is a project Alex passed on/pulled out of, but given Alex is doing the Channing Tatum stripper movie, I think Zac got the better deal and he is a much better actor. I hope this is the start of Zac’s career rising again as it seems to have stalled after 17 again. Makes me excited about his career again!!

  • Abby

    @Allie: tbh I’m glad Alex passed on this role and went for the stripper movie. It could have been the other way around and as much as I love Zac tbh I don’t think I EVER want to see him play a man stripper lol.

  • mishybc

    Sounds great.

  • citlalli


  • Ashlee

    Yeah!!! I hope this one works out. It’s a great role for Zac.

  • beatriz

    sounds amazing :)
    i can’t wait to see Zac in this movie.

  • ladysdsandiego

    sounds good! great cast too! i can’t wait to see this!

  • Amber

    Since I Am Number 4 and Beastly proved he’s netiher a box office draw nor a good actor, Alex Pettyfer has lost lots of movie deals. The Paperboy is one of them. I’m glad they finally decided to go with a much more talented young actor.

  • e


    I don’t think Alex is a bad actor, sure he still have a lot to learn but so does every other young actor in Hollywood, and showbiz works that way, when someone can’t or won’t do a project they usually change some stuff and offers it to someone else, it doesn’t mean that either of the actoirs are better then anyone else, one example is how Angelina Jolie was first up for a role but due to scedual conflicts she had to drop out and after a few changes in the script Snadra Bullock was offered the role instead, does that make either of them a better actress then the other, no, besides Alex have something that Zac doesn’t have at tis point, a great managment team who works hard to get roles for Alex mature roles when he doesn’t play teens, he also have Steven Spielberg as a mentor and it’s get much bigger then that so obvioulsy Alex he have impressed the right people, Zac unfortunatly isn’t there yet where he really can get good roles offered to him without audition for them, sucks that his team seem to have told him that he shouldn’t do it anymore, I can only imagine where he would be now if he had, I also think creating a productioncompany at this point when you haven’t even proven youself as an actor was a big risk, espcially since his partner in that is his manager and the risk is that it might cause a conflic of interests if things doesn’t go as they want. And like I said before, nothing is happening with the movies that he is suppoed to be producing and the movies that are appening are those (like this one) that he really didn’t have anything to do with other then actingvise, oh well, I do wish Zac good luck and hopefully he feel that things are heading in the right direction for him and that he’s happy with his carer, hopefully this movies will do him well, I’m glad that he will be working with some talented people and that everything won’t depend on him because we’ve seen that things haven’t gone so well movies-vise when it’s just doing the promo.

  • annii

    im not trying to be a debby downer but Alex dropped the role. Zac wasnt THE ONE or anything.. THEY wanted Alex… but HE doesnt want to do the movie, so Zac´s there. We should be thanking to Alex or Zac would still doing movies like NYE or Nicholas Sparks movies.. lol

    thank you Alex!

  • Amber

    I respectfully disagree with you. I think Alex is a bad actor and most critics seem to agree with me based on horrible reviews he got from his last two movies. He may have great agents and good looks, but without much talent he won’t go far.
    Do I see a slight jab at Zac in your post? His team never told him not to audition. He just can’t get good roles because these roles usually go to cheaper, less high-profile actors. Hollywood only wants to make money using Zac as a girl magnet. So, him creating a production company to develope his own projects was a great idea. He’s fighting against Hollywood when they try to typecast him as a romantic lead. And it’s not surprising his new projects are still in developement. In Hollywood, things take forever until they get finally ready for filming. Zac has been attached to these projects from the beginning, so it feels much longer for fans who followed the projects since the initial news. Last but not least, Tom Cruise, one of the most successful actor-turned-producer, also set up his production company with his manager. I don’t see any problem here.

  • Amber

    Why would anyone drop Lee Daniels-Pedro Almodovar project? There were lots of casting news about him on different projects when he was supposed to be the new Rob Pattinson earlier this year, but all of them have been recast with other actors now. He seems to be getting new movie offers now, but none of them sound as good as his eariler rumored projects.

  • annii

    it was confirmed last week that HE dropped the movie. He has now another project with Spielberg … Alex knows what he wants to do, so he dropped the role after Bradley Copper, and again Zac was offered, so one more time no audition for him =(

  • Amber

    Alex’ pr team can claim it was him who dropped this movie and The Hunger Games, but whatever, he just did a favor to these projects. And what’s with some people’s obssession with auditions? Zac is much more talented than those actors/actresses who do some “favors” to casting directors at so-called auditions, that’s for sure.

  • e


    No one is obsessing over auditions, it’s just a know fact that to get somewhere in your carer, you have to adition, and epacially in today econemy when no one would hire you if they didn’t know you could pull of the part, I will always have huge respect, as will most in the business, for those who are willing to put themselves out there and show that they have what it takes to get a certain role, I remember watching an interview with last years oscar nominated directors and the topic of auditions/read throughs came up and all of them agreed that they would never hire someone without at least haveing them read for the role first with the cahnce of not getting it, heck, even Tarantion had Brad Pitt read for the role i IB, o no audtioning for a tole is not nor will it ever be lame, or bad or show that you don’t have talent, heck the risk you take by not autioning could cost you your carer when you’re still new in the business, just ask some of the biggest actors out there today, tey all started to read for roles, even after they got famous for a role becuase the thing is in hollywood is that once you find success in a certain type of role that’s the only type of role you will be offered without auditions, so if you want to break away from that and maybe even work s´with some of the best directors in the biz then you either will have to go out and audition or you will need one heck of a team behind you, that’s that, it’s actaully quite simple. And o add this into Zac I really want him to get great roles in movies because he is a good actor so hopefully this will help him or at least give him a push in the right direction to meet some big time producer/director who will see his potential, or if still unsure ask him to audition for a big role, we’ll see what happens. You shouldn’t bring down Alex though, he has nothing to do with Zac, Zac is incharged of his own carer and makes his own decisions. I would hate to see Zac fans to (continue) to feel the need to bring down other actors and their choices to make Zac look better, because it doesn’t and he doesn’t need it, he picked this role for a reason and Alex obviously turned down this role for a reason and that’s that, it really isn’t any simpler then that, there is no need to compare them because they are very different, Alex doesn’t hide the fact that he is a bit of a “bad-boy” and Hollywood desn’t seem to mind, Zac is different then that, known more for his calmer and well, kinder personality and being a “good-guy” so to speak, they are both great in their own way.

  • Amber

    I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I’m not trying to put down Alex. I just happen to think Zac is the better actor of two and him taking over a role Alex “turned down” doesn’t mean he’s not as good as Alex. As for auditions, all I’m saying is Audition doesn’t necessarily equal Talent if that’s what you’re trying to imply. If Zac wasn’t The Heartthrob, he would’ve got plenty of opportunities to read parts for good movies and eventually won some of them. But like I said above, Hollywood wants Zac to do romantic movies because these movies need an actor who can draw female audience. They’re basically blocking him from getting good roles or any chance to audition. Good actors may not get to audition because of their celebrity status, and bad actors still can get to audition. Actors who won some of the most coveted roles don’t always end up with good reviews. You should judge actors’ talent on the actual outcome, not on whether they auditioned for it or not.

  • pita

    Finally some news about him!!
    I’m soo excited !!!Congratulation Zac!!!!

  • Allie

    I think it’s just a general disappointment from fans that Alex is getting all these offer for roles. He’s getting to star in a movie directed by an Oscar winner. He must have a really good team behind him, something that Zac doesn’t. Couple that with the fact the Zac seems like a genuinely nice guy, whereas Alex – theres been numerous reports about his arrogant attitude, and his bad boy diva behaviour. However Alex has been touted for the Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, I’m sure the was a film with Jeff Daniels as well, he’s starring in the film with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake.

    All we are getting for Zac’s projects are ones where he is the only star or produced by him, etc. There’s no excitement for them as there has been for Alex’s projects and I think he has been struggling. WB announced dates for several of their films this week – no release date for the Lucky One yet? – that is worrying. Hopefully this is the turning point for Zac and he starts to do movies with big names so he doesn’t have to carry the burden of all the promo, box office. There’s no harm in doing a supporting role – sometimes they are the better roles.

  • Amanda

    Sounds good. Show them who ya made of ZAC!!!

  • Observer

    How do you know Alex dropped out of the role, yes he could have being first considered or even tapped,but in the long run the finally casting has been made, the directors can change their minds, or he could have dropped out cause he felt he may not be adept 4 the role. How do you know zac refuses to audition? You close to him? I also think unless he is cast for the type of projects u consider “it” u will have a problem wit his decisons. People want him hitting out immediately after 17again, but good things take time, its his career he knows what part he wants to take,better than u think. And z waz offered A role in beastly and have being thot would done a better job than A. Alex is yet to prove himself as an actor, negative reviews 4rm his 2 movies not for storyline, but generally for acting. Zac has been reviewed as good and promising. And finally MMC waz first offered the part for titanic, turned it down it went to leo. You know the rest.

  • Observer

    @allie lucky one was scheduled for 2012 why should it be changed. Warner bros have so many films lined up, either pushed forward and backward it their decisions 4 that are usually not made based on actors who star in it. I noticed u worry abt zac career a lot thereby trashing him in the process. But wit other actors, u go perfect,good etc.

  • kerri

    Sofia vergara worked with Zac on New year’s eve right? Lucky she gets to work with him again.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @kerri: And apparently she thinks he’s really cute! She called him her ‘little Zacitto’ or something. :) Sometimes it takes years for actors to really become successful, even if they start out well. Maybe in five years time, no one will doubt him!! And people keep saying Alex ‘dropped out’ of films but I have heard he is a bit of an ass and difficult to work with so perhaps they just dropped him! We don’t know!!

  • lababy

    people say they have been waiting for Zac to get a role like this, so you obviously you haven’t checked Zac has numerous project he is attached to (about 8) including the Lorax, NYE, the Lucky One set to be released at the end of this year or early 2012. If you look at the calendar there are a lot of movies coming out this year so production companies would want to wait. Getting back to Zac, he is set to star in a sexy thriller which is still untitled. He is set for the Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. You can’t compare Zac to Alex cause both are different actors and Zac has been in the industry longer than Alex. You would want to wait longer than you start comparing.

  • lababy

    correction ELEVEN projects!

  • Nicky

    @lababy: correction 10 movies:
    - New Year’s Eve (hits the theaters worldwide on Dec 9, 2011)
    - The Lucky One (is set for early 2012)
    - The Lorax (hits the theaters worldwide in March 2012)
    - Easy Money
    - Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
    - Fire
    - Einstein Theory
    - Die in a Gunfight
    - Art of the Steal
    - The Paperboy

  • kerri

    I can’t take the amount of hate Zac is getting at Justjared. It is disgusting that persons is seriously a twisted person. Sorry but i just wanted to make people aware on this site. People really need to grow up already and just because he isn’t with Vanessa doesn’t make him a bad person now.

  • love

    Omfg! awesome!
    i think it will be such a good film for him!!!
    i love you zac§!

  • kerri

    I know that these are old pics but this is what i found on twitter. and Enjoy:)

  • Allie

    @Observer I love Zac but I’m interested in his career – what he’s done since 17 again frankly hasn’t interested me so the love was slightly waning. I’m not attracted to him in the slightest so maybe that sets me apart from the other fangirls. I cannot stand Alex Pettyfer and I don’t really have a lot of love for Nicolas Hoult either (whose in the upcoming x-men and was in a Single Man for Colin Firth). It disappoints me that they are getting roles and seem to have jumped above Zac on the wishlist. He’s more talented that a lot of these young actors that seem to be pursued by studios. Its unrealistic to think that he is on studios wishlists right now. I think the production company was the worst idea ever – the two roles he seems to be doing next are not from his production company, are interesting ideas, and have other stars in them and hopefully will not rely on Zac’s looks. So this makes me very excited.

    As for the Lucky One, we have had 2 pictures and that’s it. There is no release date yet. Frankly by now, they should know when it is coming out. Its the kind of film that should come out in fall before the Oscar films start coming out or more likely January to March. WB announced other films that are coming out around that time. None of this is good news.

    But these new two roles – love them!!!

  • Tammy


    I think his projects sound interesting, but i just think zac needs to slow down and do some more light-hearted movies like ’17 again’. That was a box office smash and it was a step in the right direction. He’s obviously not looking for the next big franchise like Alex, robert etc. I think he just wants to do interesting roles and gain respect from the critics. I think the main problem here, is that everything is on Zac’s shoulders when it comes to promoting his movies. I just think he hasn’t got a large enough fan base. I think that if he works with more high profile actors and directors, it’ll attract audiences and more people will know him for his talent and he’ll attract a new more mature fan base. Yeah, the kids got talent and the critics have said this numerous amounts of times before, but no one gets to see it from him. Besides, comedies do well at the BO most of the time. I see why he wanted to do ‘charlie st. cloud’, It was a different and more dramatic role for him to play, but i think he is making very poor decisions. Tear-jerkers never make really big money at the box office, but action, comedy movies, thrillers etc. always do. I think this film is a step in the right direction and he has a good cast and director to work with and to promote the movie.