Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands!

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands!

Nick Jonas hangs onto Australian singer Delta Goodrem‘s hand as they leave the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on Sunday night (May 15).

Could this be a possible new relationship? Could be, but JJJ is thinking it’s more of a business friendship. Nick could be writing and producing some tracks for Delta.

Joined by brother Joe Jonas and some other pals, the group of friends saw the new flick, Bridesmaids. Joe tweeted, “Go see bridesmaids! Great movie. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. But It was really funny.”

After the movie, Joe headed out to eat at Katsuya.

Nick added later that night about Joe‘s new single, “Joe‘s new single is called #seenomore it’s amazing so proud of him.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick and Delta as a couple — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: RIV; Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • blahblahblah

    F**k That :( I hope she doesn’t break nick’s heart !!

  • emmy

    Lol. She was just engaged. Nice one Nick, what are you trying to do publicity for now?

  • Ilovedogs

    Come Nick surely you can do better than this bimbo! I love Joe and Mikey!!! Mikey is such a cutie! weird he dates Mandy!

  • Teffy

    She’s too old!!

  • NickFlywithme

    She is not engaged..she was but now, she is divorced! :/ but anyway she is 8 years bigger than Nick! This simply cant be.

  • http://@xoxo kkisssme


  • ana

    Good for Nick! He’s very mature. They are both over 18. It was just a date and they weren’t even alone. It’s time he had some fun, having to sit around and watch Joe get to party while he works quietly in the beatlab without drawing any attention away from his brother.

  • http://@syu93 syuhada

    nick and joe amzing

  • Bethany

    Thanks to JJJ for giving the full story! No other sites were saying they were out with Joe and other friends. I don’t know…I think Delta is stunning and I love Nick but they seem like a strange couple. She is 8 years his senior. But like JJJ said…they could just be good friends, he is producing and writing for her. Maybe it’s more of a business or big sistery type thing? Here’s hoping. haha

  • mimi

    Gross she is way too old for him. She is a cougar he is only 18 years old and she is 26 years old that is disgusting. Nick you could do so much better. You are a handsome guy find someone your own age.

  • Danielle

    But she is gorgeous, that’s for sure. I don’t think they’re in a relationship would be weird, really weird

  • sarah

    this cant be…oh my gosh first he dated a 23 year old now hes going much older..eww nick please no.

  • queen

    Yuck she is so old!!! She could be his sister lol

  • LA LA land

    This cant be true…. Its just really hard to believe shes way older than him
    hes… a kid compared to her.
    I think they r just friends lol
    cant friends hold hands? plus the way they hold hands its not how a couple would do it.. its Just weird hes only holding her finger haha
    Oh.. and ppl r commenting about the absence of his purity ring… Lmao! seriously… Nick wouldnt do that i Promise u hahaha

  • headstrong

    They make a cute couple!

  • LaBound2010

    @sarah: who did he date that was 23? Samantha Barks is 20.

  • AJ

    I don’t know for sure about this one. The age difference is pretty big but really, age is just a number (my parents are 9 yrs difference). I’ve heard she is really nice and she lives a good lifestyle. I think it’s the fact she was just engaged and in a relationship for 7 yrs with her ex fiance that makes me a bit surprised at this one. But whatever, they’re both adults :)

  • judy semas

    Nick has been likened to a 30-year-old in an 18-year-old’s body, so his hook-up with Delta might just be a good fit. I’m happy for them both. I think it’s a real relationship because Nick doesn’t take holding hands lightly.

  • Mikayla

    Nay, kurwa mać. -.-

  • nathalia

    no no no but i hope he’s happy

  • Rose

    It can’t be possible. A would also like to think it’s more of a business friendship. Anyway I LOVE YOU NICK <333

  • Rose

    It can’t be possible. I would also like to think it’s more of a business friendship. Anyway I LOVE YOU NICK <333

  • Rose

    It can’t be possible. I would also like to think it’s more of a business friendship. Anyway I LOVE YOU NICK <333
    Best of luck Joe for your cd

  • Melody

    Lmao JJJ, since when does a business relationship involve holding hands?!

  • Patworx

    I’m not really sure about this one, but I guess it’s possible.

    As for Joe’s new single, it sounds cool and I can’t wait to hear it.

  • Abby

    She’s SUPER pretty but I’d hope they aren’t dating…………………..she’s 26 years old. O_o

  • Dani


    first of, just to clear the air, i haven’t been a nick jonas fan for the longest and what I’m about to say isn’t because im a crazed fan girl who wants to find any sort of flaw or bs on delta, but Nick is WAY to young for this chick, and i don’t know if this is a “publicity stunt” cus she was just engaged…. but a 26 year old dating an 18 year old is just plain right couger-ish of her. Yeah, yeah she’s pretty but come on, really Delta? and some people might pull the “age is just a number” card on me but Nick is still a part of Disney right? So what now? Are 13 year old’s going to start dating 21 ear olds??

  • pri

    what the hell is the world turning into

  • b.

    Well they def look like they’re together because he was waiting for her outside the Arclight bathroom on the second floor. And he was waiting for her alone, away from the rest of their group.

  • Thatpricelesssmile

    BAHAHA AT PEOPLE THINKING THEY COULD POSSIBLY BE TOGETHER. She’s MARRIED people. MARR-IEEDDD. Nick would just be doing producing for her, or is just a friend. Bahahaha, oh you guys are hilarious ;D

  • gjonas

    no deal. she’s too old for him. I’m australian and remember listening to Delta when I was barely tall enough to see over a counter.. Nick’s my age.. :S

  • lovelydee

    I’m sorry she’s way too old for him.

  • Pixyl

    Way to go Nick! The best combination is an older woman with a younger man. Women peak sexually much later than men, men when they are younger. Let’s face facts here, Nick Jonas has always been more mature than his years. I for one hope this is legit. Besides, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have an even bigger age difference and it’s worked great for them, no reason why it couldn’t for Nick and Delta. I’m sure there will be a ton of so called fans screaming pedo blah blah blah, cougar etc., but it’s totally legal, stop acting so immature.

  • Pixyl

    Oh and another thing… Joe looks hot

  • Anon

    who cares if she is older? they look cute and she is gorgeous.

  • http://MyLifeisnickj Valee

    She is Silly Silly Silly !

  • Sofia


    I dont like this! She is way older than nick!

    I love nick and all but this is not looking good. He doesnt need his heart broken !

  • http://thisisjoej_ MADALYN

    Leave Nick alone. It doesn’t hurt you that they’re dating, nor does it matter that he’s not wearing his purity ring. He’s 18, and can do what he wants. He’s growing up, and what we’ve learned from him and his brothers is that he has a good head on his shoulders.

    Deal with it. Delta is GORGEOUS.

  • Kiwi

    I agree with anon and Pixyl. So what if she’s a few years older. Nick is mature for his years and Delta has an innocence as youth about her. So many male stars date much younger women and that’s seen as “ok”. People should stop being so hypocritical or other peoples relationships. Would you rather Nick date someone his age who he didn’t like as much just make you all feel better?

    Who knows whether or not they are dating but they personalities seem compatible. Delta’s a sweet girl.

  • Girl

    She’s really pretty. But who is she? lol

    Anyway, I don’t care who Nick dates or doesn’t date. It’s not my business.

    & I don’t care for Joe. :P *shrugs*

    Wish them all the best! (:

  • EMILY:)

    he was in 4th grade when she graduated hs….just saying.

    this is so creepy. i hope she is good to him at least!

  • rebeccas

    Are you kidding me? they were just walking together, it doesn’t even look like they were holding hands from that picture. i think they are just friends and there is NOTHING going on.

    And to all those Delta haters, he can do no better, she is absolutely beautiful! A cancer survivor from a young age and an absolute inspiration. He really couldn’t do better.

    Yes, she is a little older, but who isn’t now a days in Hollywood. Think of all the people Taylor Swift has dated??

  • tess

    This is bad.. She is really old and experienced for him. I know he is very mature but he is still a boy.. Now we can make sure that the purity of the Jonas boys went away.

  • katta

    I love Joe Jonas single!!!!!!!!!! #teamforeveralone // 17days for #seenomore

  • onlyme

    Seriously, does Joe not own any other pairs of jeans? He wears those G-Star jeans ALL THE TIME.

  • lauren


  • xoxogg


  • aa

    Cougar? calm down people, shes not THAT old.
    Half the people commenting here probably don’t even know much about Delta. Anyway I doubt they’d be dating.. friends hold hands, and he was probably only grabbing her hand because of all the paparazzi around.

  • anja

    @LA LA land:

    absence – it is around his neck. I want to say as it always has been, but at least for a while now. It apparently hurts his fingers when he play the guitar. Have no opinion about thier relationship, just hope that he is happy and that the press is not too hard on her because of the age thing, what ever it is true or not.

  • sara

    Yay! The important thing is that he’s happy and he is now :)

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