Zac Efron: Ovation PSA!

Zac Efron: Ovation PSA!

Zac Efron sits in an empty theater and shares his story about his passion for the arts in a new PSA for Ovation.

The 23-year-old actor shared, “The first time I got on stage, I was really young, but I’ll never forget the feeling it gave me — that gratification. The key to discovering your dreams in the first place is creativity.”

Ovation is a television channel featuring programming on visual arts, theater, opera, music and dance and can be seen cable systems across the country and the PSA is to support and encourage the next generation of artists.

Zac Efron: Ovation PSA
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  • zacluver

    first! aww so proud of him! i love how he shares stories about his childhood. :)

  • Andrea

    I love him♥

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Awww… I want more of that interview. He looks HOT & SEXY !

  • bella
  • amy

    Aw he looks great!

  • Merlin’s mum

    @bella: Don’t do that. It is still the same asses as before. Much as I want to believe that ‘Tallulah’ is exactly as I think she probably is. You have no proof that this is anything but malicious gossip. Thank-you. Now go away! :)

  • Merlin’s mum

    Zac is gorgeous as always. Lovely to see him around.

  • kerri

    I already saw the video on a Zac fan website. He has such an amazing voice i always feel captivated by him. He is just so handsome and really such a sweet person.

  • laurie

    OMG Very Hot -Vote for Zac at MTV MOVIE AWARDS – with Vanessa

  • carebear

    Zacinator too cute. Beautiful eyes!!!

  • londonlemminG

    @Merlin’s mum: Well said.

  • love

    have seen that video! But still! zac is cute :D

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • italian mom

    As i saw my daughters enjoy “the King’s Speech”, fashinated by those old times, I envision Zac in a role of poor adopted peasant outside, but a hero inside, growing fierce and building up his life in spite of everything and of the 1926 crisis.
    Landscapes, costumes, all true and original details.
    The dignity of a noble behaviour, the love (which meant marriage), the care of the animals, basic for the farmer, And tons of very funny side stories. True stories.

  • Carolaine

    oh zac is so sexy and hot love you zac you are the best and good luck in everything that you do love you My zacky!!!!!

  • Miranda

    Awwww I love seeing Zac doing things like this.
    It just shows what a genuine person he is :)

  • cutie

    You have a good heart giving some of your time supporting and encouraging a lot of people , and share his stories about his childhood experience….Good luck to Zac in everything he has coming up….

  • http://twitter tzee

    i really dont like this guy. . . he just doesnt do it for me anymore :/

  • Ava

    @Merlin’s mum:

    Well said…many of the claims in those “blind items” seem to be nothing but gossip and others can be refuted. Nothing more than people who turned to a blog for attention when their attempt to get it on Twitter with various accounts failed.

    That said, the more important thing is…I love this vid. I love it when he does charity type stuff

  • Haters Suck!

    most people who know me know my feelings toward zac so just to be clear I’m not here to address him I’m here to address that link you’ve been posting this may not be the time or place for this but I’m going anyway. I’ve been seeing the link a lot latley so I finally broke down and read it and I most say, THATS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF CRAP IVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!!!!!! I just read their forum spring or whatever it’s called haven’t laughed so hard in a long time but the scary part, the really, REALLY scray part is that there are some people actually eating this stuff up and buying every word of it, it’s unreal.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @Haters Suck!: Some people are not eating it up, they’re just enjoying asking stupid questions to see what they say. They’ll slip up soon, like they did before when they claimed something would never happen and then it did. lol

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    i don’t know maybe I’m just misreading it then. Me and u aren’t on the same side very often for various reasons so at least we can agree on one thing of how absurd that whole journal is and it’s not just the two people we like but the way they go after others aswell is absurd. They are a walking contradiction they say one thing and then a little later say the complete opposite. This whole thing is the biggest bunch of bull I’ve ever read.


    I just noticed that every actor nominated in the category for the Mtv Movie Awards Best Male Performance has the name David as the director for the Movie except for Zac. His director’s name is Burr. Anyway keep on voting for him Lets do it Ninjas.

  • Ava

    @HatersSuck @MerlinsMum: They already have slipped up. I saw them say somewhere that they had proof of some of the Zac-related blind, which they said they were willing to post. When they were asked to do so , they said they couldn’t because they were using fake names for the stars.

    Amusing stuff, let me tell you. Scary part is, people actually believe it

  • Haters Suck!

    I know it scares me too how people are treating the stuff they saying like it’s gospel. Like I said I am by no means a zac fan and I’m the LAST person who would give him the benefit of the doubt and my opinion of him is still my opinion of him but the things they are saying about him are flat out ridiculous And it’s not just zac and not just Vanessa it’s also Miley and Selena and Justin and Ashley. For people to take it seriously blows my mind.

  • beatriz

    awwwww he is so amazing guy :)

  • armyofkitties

    i wasn’t listening to even a word he said. i was admiring his beauty.

  • mishybc

    A man with words. It’s quite lovely actually.

  • love

    I can’t even focus on what he is saying. He is so hot i am looking at him up and down. Sexy eyes.

  • kerri

    Zac was spotted at Warner Brothers Studios yesterday afternoon 16 may Pity there are no pics.

  • laurie

    OMG – first poster ” The lucky one” zac is so hot !!!!

  • El


  • kerri

    Zac gives back!!! He is such a sweet person. Love You Zac!!!
    @laurie: Thanks for the link. I can’t wait to see The Lucky One.

  • chris

    Thanks for the link, laurie.

  • taylorzanfan

    He so freakin sexy! he’s so genuine!

  • blaw

    hi, may i just ask wut happened to the zanessa thread ?

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