'So Random' Trailer & Promo Pics!

'So Random' Trailer & Promo Pics!

Sterling Knight doesn’t know which way to run as Brandon Smith and Doug Brochu sneak up on him in the brand-new trailer for So Random!

Tiffany Thornton and Allisyn Arm join the guys for an all-new season which starts June 5th.

The former ‘show within a show’ will be host to several big guest stars including Mitchel Musso, Selena Gomez, Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance, with even more sketches and more comedy.

Brandon told JJJ recently, “It’s a whole new setting. The stage does something really gnarly that I know the audience will like. It really is like a teen club, SNL now. We really love the ability to actually interact with the audience and kids. We’re just bringing more funny and more sketches.”

15+ gallery pics inside…

“So Random” Trailer

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Aw, well I’m glad that the regular cast will be on it, so happy Sterling’s there. It’s just going to be weird not seeing Demi with the cast.. I wish all of them the best of luck. :)

  • http://heckyeahhhzanesas.tumblr.com heckeyeahhhzanessa

    Its not the same without demi :| but i will still watch it , just for her <3

  • :)

    It doesn’t make much sense that Sterling’s there. Why would Chad leave Mac Falls to be on So Random? Hopefully, they have a good explanation for that.

    I love Sterling, though. So I’m kind of glad he’s still there, even if it doesn’t make sense. :D

  • Ashley P.

    I won’t be watching. I love Demi and she was THE STAR. It would be too werid. Looks funny though so good luck to them I guess

  • emmy

    Yeah, I kinda wonder about this too. I’m wondering if they’ll still be “in character,” or if they’ll just be themselves doing the sketches. I’ll miss the “behind the scenes” storyline if they’re just being themselves now.

  • cmeesmile

    I’ll miss “Sonny With A Chance”. It was a very entertaining show with a unique storyline. Yet I am happy for the cast. They deserve this second show. All of them have so much potential and it shouldn’t go to waste due to one hurdle. This show will be quite interesting and I can’t wait.

  • Selenapck

    It’ll be wierd not seeing Demi in the cast but you see, the show has to go on! I’m really physced to see Selena guest star again!!!

  • demiilover

    Im gonna miss Sonny and Chad.

  • noone

    Oh, oh, oh this is All That
    This is All That!

    Check it, check it, check it
    Now this is just an introduction before
    I blow your mind
    The show is All of That and yes we do it all the time
    So sit your booty on the floor or in a chair
    Ground or in the air
    Just don’t go no where
    Cuz everything we do
    It’s all of that!
    When entertaining you
    We all of that!
    My posse and my crew
    It’s all of that!
    So sit still cuz we’re coming right back

  • http://@cjennifer628 genevar

    well…no more sonny with a chance :(
    but good luck to the cast, they got a second show, but pity demi isn’t in it….

  • http://@Daniel_iuri Daniel

    O seriado não sera o mesmo sem a Demi Lovato .

    The show will not be the same without Demi Lovato.

  • Monique

    its not gonna be the same . They cant have a Sonny with a Chance without the actual Sonny . But , i hope they still have good shows , i guess .

  • Leira

    I’m going to miss McKenzie Falls.

  • kweeniej12

    wow there totally copying all that

  • demiandlovatics

    Not sure if i can watch . b/c it won’t be the same without Demi. I’m happy for them , but I just can’t. I’m pretty positive “So Random” will still be popular cause of the younger kids. I also wonder if they’re gonna do the ‘behind the scene’ thing and at least tell us why Chad is in “So Random” , ‘the reason’ Sonny left,which all know why Demi left, but what about her character Sonny? What happens to her in the show? You can’t just kill (not really) her off without a reason.

  • Moses Machunga

    why did sonny leave