Demi Lovato: Fender Bender Bummer

Demi Lovato: Fender Bender Bummer

Demi Lovato exchanges insurance information with the other driver after a fender bender on Wednesday afternoon in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 18-year-old actress practiced being a good driver by waiting for the other driver to get all his information and exchanging it. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Glad to see Demi okay.

Earlier this week, Demi tweeted out a new pic to her fans of her wearing a bikini.

“I never thought I’d ever feel confident enough to ever to that. I’m excited how far I’ve come since being completely ashamed of my body..I want any girl/guy out there who struggles with body image or confidence to know that it IS possible to find peace with yourself,” she posted along with the pic.

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  • Mileypwns


  • http://maferbongi mary

    she got some weigh or is it just me??

    i love her anyway lol… she is amazing!

  • bella

    I love you demi , demi estas bien ,no te paso nada ,cierto , cualquier información haganlo saber , WeLoveDemi

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    My poor baby! Glad she’s okay

  • oooh

    she looks so bad. =/

  • Niousha

    Aww poor Demi she seems in shocked

  • SUp???

    Is she not wearin make-up? she still looks pretty though

  • Kristen

    I am very happy to see Demi well! she let the whole world proud of her this week again! she is the best example of all!

  • Angelina

    I’m so glad she’s okay! I don’t know what to do if it was something wrong with Demi, I am more than proud of LOVATO! sincerely i love you!

  • Emma

    I was so worried but she is fine now and I’m very proud because she achieved her goal

  • Lara

    I hope she hasn’t taken any one scratch she must have been so scared I’m so proud, love you

  • Megan

    she is working now and is very accomplished their goals I am very proud!

  • Ashely

    just one word to Demi and she is proud

  • Gabriela

    Our … that’s why I am so proud

  • Samanta

    even though it was only a scare, don’t know what to do if she was hurt, I crazed!

  • Vanessa

    she is fine now, I know

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    im so proud of her she looks so good !

  • Emem

    OMG She looks SO beautiful even without make up! She’s a natural beauty =]

  • http://deleted demifan

    yay , a demi post !
    things like these happen im glad everyones okay ,
    jjjr you should start changing the pics of the top celeb bar :)

  • Olivia

    I’m glad to see that Demi is well, she must have been scared but she is strong was just a scare, she left me so proud!

  • Sarah

    is so good to know that she was not hurt! I’m so proud of de Demi

  • Miranda

    she is incredible I’m very proud, I love you

  • Katie

    I am proud she is very special

  • Rebecca

    she does not hurt, that’s great I am very proud of Demi

  • Penélope

    good that she’s okay, she is a source of pride for us all

  • Julia

    good that she’s okay, she is a source of pride for us all

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    she looks like shes about to cry ! but we all know demis is strong !

  • guti

    well,………….. she has got some weight…………and doesn’t have make-up……….., but still looks good, jejejeje

  • Have It hollywood

    I like her shirt!

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    @Have It hollywood: a skull micky mouse ha :)
    i love the car !

  • Leira

    Must suck to have someone with a camera capture every single thing you do.

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    @Leira: ya but sometimes its super awesome . you cant say im wrong

  • Patworx

    She’s alright, and that’s all that matters.

  • sarah

    oh my gosh i feel so bad, i know what it’s like two people have hit me in the back of my car while i was at a stop light, it hurt so bad. people can be such careless drivers it’s quite scary. glad shes alright. she looks amazing for the situation she was dealing with I’m sure we could all say we would look awful if we were about to cry.

  • dhhfxg

    she is so pretty without makeup

  • Mariana

    you left me worried, I am very proud!

  • Taylor

    I am very happy to know that you are well, love you

  • Isabella

    I don’t know what to do if something serious, she is very important to me! i love you!

  • Louise

    was just a scare I’m glad she’s okay

  • Brenda

    I hope it never happens again I was so worried

  • Ellen

    it scared she hope that never happens again she is very important for all

  • Ellen

    she’s fine is the most important, we love you EVER

  • Talula

    I’m glad she’s okay, I’m so proud

  • Ruth

    is she really good? hope that yes she is very important to me

  • Carla

    she cared hope all is well, Demi is a very special!

  • Lise

    she cared hope all is well, Demi is a very special!

  • Jocasta

    stay strong Demi everything is fine now!

  • Elizabeth

    I feel so bad for her. I know what it’s like to be in an accident, all you want to do is cry…and it looks like shes about to. aww *hugs*

  • Miley

    stay strong Demi we need you do not forget!

  • Dominick

    it makes me sad! im just glad that she was not injured