Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'When The Sun Goes Down' Album Artwork!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'When The Sun Goes Down' Album Artwork!

Selena Gomez and The Scene have just revealed their new album, When The Sun Goes Down album artwork!

While it hits shelves in the US on June 28th, JJJ also has international release dates for you below!

Selena worked with an A-list team of writers and producers for When The Sun Goes Down including Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Pixie Lott, Tim James & Antonina Armato, and many more.

That’s quite a list!

Selena and The Scene will also be featured in the iTunes Countdown program, which kicks off June 7 with “Bang Bang Bang” followed by June 14 with “Dices” (“Who Says” Spanish version), then June 21 with the release of Selena & The Scene’s upcoming single “Love You Like A Love Song.”

Selena Gomez & The Scene: When The Sun Goes Down Release Dates

June 24 – Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and South Africa
June 28 – Spain, Italy, Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America
July 1 – Germany, Australia and New Zealand
July 4 – U.K. and France
September 14 – Japan.

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  • zahra

    Jessie J is that you??

  • Emma

    i dont like her at all :/

  • andy

    I love it! She looks soo beautiful! It’s different! She is beautiful

  • http://deleted hi

    Selena Gomez had this hair cut, WAY before Jassie J was known to the world.

    + Sleena is Cleopatra here… SO Beautiful! :)

  • laurent

    @hi thank you!! but whatever haters gonna to hate!!!

  • laurent

    im in love with this cover!!! woowww she looks insanely gorgeous ans sooo chic ;)

  • jj

    I seriously get annoyed with the fact that she is suppose to be in a band, yet they are never on the covers, nor do they ever get to really be in the interviews. It’s all just Selena. If you are gonna say you in a band, BE IN A BAND. Let them get some credit as well. And don’t even start with “it’s her management”. She could stick up for them and say that she wants them more involved. But it doesn’t seem like she has done anything.

  • mina

    you can see that she likes jessie j.

  • lisa

    I can’t wait! I think this album is gonna be good.

  • shannon

    and where exactly is the scene?

  • Belle

    The retro vibe is cute, though I must admit the border is a little busy

  • Tex

    I don’t like it, it smells old. Something more younger is needed.
    Wasn’t the title “Otherside”?

  • good-one

    What a captivating album cover !!!

  • napacaaaaaaan

    yeah^^ finally^^ i like the cover its a mix of jessie j and cleopatra with glamour^^

  • Chloe

    I like it, better than AYWR.

  • Patworx

    The Cleopatra look suits her.

  • Selenapck

    I <3 Her!!!! She looks insanly fabulous… totally chic! I was more expecting ‘Selena’ type from her… but it’s amazing… though I liked the ‘Otherside’ name better…

  • Selenapck

    Does anyone have any idea which font is used?

  • Tex

    @Selenapck: Yes, it was on her facebook page 15 days ago:

    Selena Gomez 3rd album “Otherside” out June 28th, can’t wait for you to hear it.
    15 days ago · ·

  • fan10l

    I love it. she looks beautiful and haters get a life.

  • javi

    she looks like queen cleopatra so beautifull so magestic this girl is so hot her eyes are like pearls wow.

  • laurent

    @javi i couldn´t be more agree ;)

  • naomi

    It’s nice, I guess. When I first saw it, it looked so odd. I’m glad her team changed the album title because that was not working. I think the headpiece is a little too much. To be honest with you guys, I think she should have just became a solo artist because the other members of her “band” are not getting any attention at all. I don’t blame her, I blame Hollywood Records.

  • Po

    Love it :)

  • 17Fashionista

    she looks so much like Jessie J! But they are so different and you can’t compare those 2;)

  • http://iAMthatflipkid Mary

    I kinda don’t like the cover …
    That doesn’t matter. I’m getting it anyway

  • javi

    @naomi: they are not getting attention because there were hired just to play for her it’s like bon jovi nobody cares who’s the other guys are unless you are a fan of the scene then you know there names but they are just another band to play for the famous singer.

  • naomi

    @javi: I understand that, that makes sense. I’m not blaming her, I blame the record label. But, it’s Hollywood Records. They only care about making money, not their artist. Also, in Bon Jovi, people know Richie Sambora. I know the other members of The Scene and I wouldn’t call myself a fan.

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    Such a Beautiful and unique album cover. But the new title sounds inspired by AAR’s CD “When The World Comes Down”

  • saffron

    she looks stunning
    tres chic

  • headstrong

    I think her previous album covers are prettier thna this one.

  • headstrong

    @laurent: ‘haters gonna to hate’ you know that very well since you’re a hater lol

  • Merlin’s mum

    Very 1920′s! Quite stylish for one so young!

  • Silentwaiting

    Let me start by saying that i adore Selena to death and this is in no way me being a hater. This is literally my least favorite cover… i commented with this when Selena herself posted the pic on facebook:
    OK, Selena… you look gorgeous as always… but a wig, seriously? why? you have such very beautiful hair and so much natural beauty. All I’m seeing is too much makeup and someone else’s hair… It’s like it’s not even you anymore…like you’re hiding behind a mask that you most certainly do not need… what happened to being beautiful you? Bring her back, it’s who you’re meant to be. ♥
    honestly, I am disappoint. I was actually hoping for something different than the last two covers… but it got worse instead. I was hoping for one of two things… either to have a cover that FINALLY featured the whole bloody band, like it should be. Or my other hope would have been for a cover that didn’t have Selena on it at all. Often times bands will have CD covers that are simply about the artwork rather than the band members or lead singer…

    Now, i know it wasn’t likely that the cover would actually be like that, and i would have been just fine with another cover in the same line as the first two… but instead, they again put only Selena on the cover, in possibly the most vain cover shot they could come up with… I mean come on, the first single was Who Says! A song about being true to yourself! WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT. They’ve got Selena so covered in makeup, feathers, and jewels that she’s not even Selena anymore…

    And what the heck does a black bob wig, enough feathers to clothe a peacock, more jewels than a thief could carry, and so much purple that they could genetically engineer purple smurfs… HAVE TO DO WITH THE CONTENTS OF THIS ALBUM!? I mean, at least with Kiss & Tell they focused on her lips and it made sense… but this has literally no relation back to the concept of “when the sun goes down”.

    I’m sorry, i know i sound horrible… but this album cover is so vain, that it can’t see past it’s own ego and ends up in a train wreck… It’s my opinion that an album cover should reflect something about the album or something about the artist behind the album… this so truly NOT who Selena is. I suspect this is yet another side effect of heavy handed Hollywood Records. Not impressed.

  • Taylor

    she’s really gorgeous but i’m not a big fan of the album cover. but i am so excited for this album!! :)

  • naomi

    @Silentwaiting: THANK YOU!!! Finally! Someone that gets it! That is what I was trying to say. I agree with you 100%.

  • Scarlett

    @javi: Of course they were, but the annoying part is that Selena made it sound like she didn’t WANT to be a solo artist. She wanted to be in a band situation…but it looks like it was really just for show, because they can’t even be bothered to put the guys on the cover of the album, and they are hardly ever featured in the music videos. Taylor Swift’s band gets more attention, and they’re just a backing band too……Taylor Swift is a SOLO artist, Selena said she wanted to be IN A BAND.

  • andie

    be-u-tiful! :)

  • Angela

    @hi: Totally agree with u there!

  • christy

    I don’t get it, is her album name called Otherside or When the sun goes down? i am confused

  • jt

    there’s a difference between selena and jessie j …jessie j can really sing without any autotune..and thats the truth

  • jt

    selena can’t sing like jessie j ….so for you tone deaf ppl out there this is really singing…and this is vocally without nothing! and haters are gonna hate but if you seriously like selena singing live is good then I’m so sorry but the truth is selena can’t sing for her life and thats the truth!

  • samy

    she is soo hooot beautiful

  • alex

    .. Why.
    Selena should just stick to the glamorous, awesome blinged look she did with Kiss & Tell. It was rocker, and punk-ish and completely awesome, with A Year Without Rain, it was a bit too dressy, and this is like… some Egyptian thing.

  • lulu

    she’s copying jessie j! she will never be as good as jessie, who actually writes her own music and can sing! eurgh i can’t stand i’ve really tried to like her but she irritates me soooo much! seriously as soon as jessie j came on to the scene, she tweeted her and copied her in every way!! eurgh!!!!

  • mendomamir

    I love it
    and I love the name
    her last album called a year without rain
    now when the sung goes down
    this is sticking with each other love it..

  • meiner


    if someone, for example shows naked on a cover, it says more about the contents of a CD … more nonsense I’ve never read

  • cam

    The album cover is awesome, Selena is beautiful, and talented & negative nellies are just jealous. Selena’s star is climbing and climbing. Selena is going to much more huge than anyone ever imagined. Looking forward to Monte Carlo too.

  • mishybc

    @jj: how the hell would you know if she has that much control in contractual obligations? For all we know the band may not want to be the front men, and that’s why Selena is the spokesperson for the group. It’s not everyone’s dream to necessarily be the center of attention. In other words, you have no idea what the band members want out of this ‘gig’ and if they didn’t like being in the background they could quit. Like that will benefit them they would probably fall into oblivion.

  • Koree


    me either. & although she looks like jessie j with the wig, there is NO comparison because one can sing and the other really needs to sit down with the music nonsense (Selena!). I really can’t believe this is her THIRD album. Wizards sucks so she’s gotta cash in somehow.

>>>>>>> staging1