Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'When The Sun Goes Down' Album Artwork!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'When The Sun Goes Down' Album Artwork!

Selena Gomez and The Scene have just revealed their new album, When The Sun Goes Down album artwork!

While it hits shelves in the US on June 28th, JJJ also has international release dates for you below!

Selena worked with an A-list team of writers and producers for When The Sun Goes Down including Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Pixie Lott, Tim James & Antonina Armato, and many more.

That’s quite a list!

Selena and The Scene will also be featured in the iTunes Countdown program, which kicks off June 7 with “Bang Bang Bang” followed by June 14 with “Dices” (“Who Says” Spanish version), then June 21 with the release of Selena & The Scene’s upcoming single “Love You Like A Love Song.”

Selena Gomez & The Scene: When The Sun Goes Down Release Dates

June 24 – Austria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and South Africa
June 28 – Spain, Italy, Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America
July 1 – Germany, Australia and New Zealand
July 4 – U.K. and France
September 14 – Japan.

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  • Silentwaiting

    @meiner: I’m confused… what point are you trying to make? Are you for or against Selena’s album cover? are you trying to tell me off? And is “more nonsense I’ve never read” supposed to be a shot at my intelligence?

    Let me just say that I am fully aware that this cover could be a lot more vain and a lot more explicit than it really is. However, I’m speaking about Selena Marie Gomez here, not Lady Gaga. Selena has a certain level of integrity, in the way she handles her career. This dignified standard that she has set for her image, causes me to feel as though this album cover is rather vacant of any meaningful content. Considering how level headed and genuinely intelligent I have seen Selena to be before, this album cover seems like a step down. It displays a lackadaisical apathy toward any symbolic meaning, which Selena herself would never exhibit.

    Selena is not one to show up scantily clad on her album cover. My opinion was only relative to Selena’s personal character. I really don’t think I could clarify a more cognizant opinion; but yeah, you go right ahead and tell me I’m full of nonsense.

  • meow

    @jj: dont blame her, blame Hollywood records

  • springheeledjack

    @Silentwaiting: While your opinion may not be nonsense, to say the the cover is vacant of any meaningful content is a woefully misinformed one. Having Selena dressed up as Clara Bow, the original “It” girl, is a clever and subversive commentary on her current celebrity status. Assuming she had input, it shows not only an understanding of Hollywood history (Cleopatra people? Really?) but an understanding of how fickle fame can be, considering Ms. Bow’s ultimate fate. I do hope I’m not reading too much into it and they didn’t just decide “ooh! 1920′s pretty!”, but meaningful content can be gleamed from this cover to those who look.

  • meh

    I agree with everyone who is saying that she should give more attention to her bandmates or go solo….you can’t have it both ways….and if she’s going to stay in a “band,” it would sound cooler to be called “Selena and the Scene” and drop the Gomez part. Rolls better off the tongue and sounds way more legit. But personally, I really don’t think her singing is that good. She should definately focus on acting now that she’s doing more mature projects and moving on from Disney if she wants to make it long term. I think she definately can, but singing is not the way to do it.

  • naomi

    @meh: we’re not blaming her, we’re blaming Hollywood Records.

  • meh

    I never said I blamed her either; I just think that her music career isn’t going to take her anywhere and Hollywood Records is obviously trying to squeeze out as much money as possible from her before she leaves. She should focus where her talent lies, and it lies in her acting, not her singing. I’m not hating and I’m not jealous as someone will inevitably say; I just think her acting career will give her much more credibility as well as flexibility as an artist in the years to come. She has said she admires the careers of actresses such as Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman, so it would make more sense for her to focus on a more mature acting career modeled off theirs….again, I’m acknowledging the fact that she probably has obligations to Hollywood Records stipulated in her contract; I’m just saying what would make her career go further. BOOM.

  • naomi

    @meh: Oh I’m sorry. I must have read wrong. But I do agree with you.

  • naomi

    The last thing that I’m going to say is this: When Selena Gomez started her singing career, I thought that she had a decent voice. But after her live performance at the People’s Choice Awards, I realized that she can’t sing live, which is a problem. I don’t know who is giving her vocal lessons, but he/she is teaching her the wrong thing. I think this album cover is ok, but not her best. It lacks originality. Like I said before, I just wish Hollywood Records would put the band members on the cover. This proves that they’re a terrible record label and only care about making money. To be honest, her singing career isn’t going to last. Has any Disney star’s singing career ever lasted….NO! If she wants to stay relevant, she should focus more on her acting.

  • Shannon Reece W

    @hi: shes amazing isnt she :)

  • Shannon Reece W

    @Tex: ye but she changed it lol

  • Shannon Reece W

    @fan10l: well said, isnt selena AMAZING!! :D

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