Jennifer Lawrence: Josh & Liam Are The Perfect Peeta & Gale

Jennifer Lawrence: Josh & Liam Are The Perfect Peeta & Gale

There was definitely some yays and nays when it was announced that Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were cast as Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthrone in The Hunger Games.

If you’re still not convinced, will leading lady Jennifer Lawrence coming to their defense do it?

The 20-year-old actress tells EW, “[Josh is] charming, he’s sweet, he’s down to earth, he’s normal. He embodies all of it and brings it all to Peeta. So when you meet him he’s got all of these great qualities and every single one of them come across in every line he says out loud as Peeta.”

And what about Liam as Gale? “Liam is just a solid brick of muscle and you look at him and you’re like ‘Oh, okay great!’ But he’s got depth and he’s interesting and at the same time he’s natural and he flows.”

TELL JJJ: Do you think Josh and Liam will do Peeta and Gale justice?

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  • lauren


  • amy

    No, still don’t like Josh as Peeta!

  • Grace

    Josh ? ewww :s

  • Ashley P.

    I think th lead boy from I Am Number Four would’ve made a GREAT Peeta! They better dye thier hair or I’m gonna be pissed… >:(

  • Susan

    I’ll give them all a chance for sure.

    They dyed Jennifer’s hair, so I’m sure they’ll dye the guy’s hair!

  • amy

    Hunter should have been Peeta. :(

  • gracemarie


    Hunter Parrish is a mediocre actor and all the pretty face in the world can’t change that. It takes more than just looking like a character – people are more than their looks

  • kami

    when do they start filming this movie?

  • andi

    @gracemarie: Um, Hunter Parrish is a fantastic actor, have you even seen him act? and he was on broadway, you don’t get on broadway if you are a “mediocre” actor. i still don’t personally like josh as peeta. it will be a miracle if they manage to make me like him.

  • Emma

    I support Josh in every way for Peeta. :) He has a lovely amount of Peeta-ness, they just have to get his hair color right.

  • kaye

    I would have liked it if Hunter Parrish was cast as Peeta but if the author and the rest of the people involved in casting chose Josh and Liam (for Gale) then they were probably able to embody the characters. So I’m going to give them a chance. :)

  • Danni

    Like how she supports them :)

  • amy

    @gracemarie: Who says I wanted Hunter because of his looks? I think he’s a great actor actually and would be much better at this role.

  • yets

    I Love Josh he is so talented.

  • cath

    I’m disappointed with the casting, to be honest. I think that the boy who will play Cato should have been casted as Peeta. idk

  • Allie

    Hunter’s too old. People are complaining that Jennifer is too old for Katniss but Hunter is perfect for Peeta? Can’t have it both ways. Alex Peeyfer would have been awful for Peeta. He may look the part but as Suzanne Collins said, it’s all about how they portray the part.

    I wish they’d get a picture of Josh as Peeta with the blond hair. A lot more people were more accepting of Jennifer once they saw her Katniss-like. I’m sure the same would happen for Josh.

    Jennifer doesn’t quite seem as excited about Liam as josh.

  • Dena

    Can’t wait to see Josh BLONDE! :)

  • Priya

    I kind of dissapointed in the castig, but if Suzanne Collins says that they are perfect for the role, then I guess they’ll do good in the movie.

  • tn

    Kaya Scodelario and Hunter Parrish would portray the parts better in my opinion. I think Jennifer’s face is a little too chubby for the part. Kaya fits the part a little better for me, and she likes to wear her hair in braids a lot, and Hunter has a baby face, so I think he’d fit too. Oh well.

  • melannie

    I’m OKAY with Josh and Liam.
    But I’m definitely NOT OKAY with Jennifer as Katniss.

    She’s no Katniss, not at all.

  • Clau

    I hate Liam! hes horrible! isnt my Gale /:

  • Allie

    Peopla are obviously going on looks and the actors personality. You get they they’re not going to be playing themselves? They’re going to ACT. They all had auditions – they gave the best potrayal of the characters. Looks can be changed. Don’t like it don’t watch it. Plenty of other people will.

  • Becki

    I think that Josh will be a great Peeta. He is such a great actor. Why does everyone get so hung up on looks??? Hunter is like 4 years older than Jennifer and everyone thinks she is too old so it makes no sense why people would want Hunter. Also, I put full faith in the auther and director who actually saw the auditions. They obviously are going to pick the best people for the job because they want the movie to succeed. I am anxious to see everyone in their roles!!

  • EL

    They should have just left the book alone. I have never seen a book that has been turned into a movie that i actually like.

  • Ale

    I am actually very excited for Josh and Liam. I know when I read the books they aren’t exactly what I pictured, but in the end I don’t think that really matters. The only thing that matters is that they can emotionally “be” Peeta and Gale. If they can bring their stories to life and portray them and their attitudes from the book into a movie, that is good enough for me. Josh is a fantastic actor. He really blossomed in The Kids Are Alright and from how he is in interviews he it totally Peeta. He is fun-loving, knows how to entertain the audience and he is hilarious. As for Liam, he is good looking and he seems to have a mystery about him. I am not sure on his acting ability, but if he can really show who Gale is and his struggle then that is good enough for me. Suzanne literally had a major part in casting, she would not steer us wrong. She is the author. I am very excited for the movie!

  • angel cullen

    Josh as PEETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on !!!
    the book is awesome don’t ruin the movie for us !!!!

  • whiteAngel

    Shut up Haters! Josh is an amazing Peeta! :D the world will love him!