Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Hawaii Beach Day!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Hawaii Beach Day!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez share a loving gaze as they arrive at the Maui Airport in Hawaii on Monday afternoon (May 23).

The twosome, who were seen earlier in the day at LAX airport hopping a flight, made their way to an awaiting car before heading to the sunny beach.

Psst, did you catch Justin on air with Ryan Seacrest this morning? Head on over to listen to his interview and see how you can meet Justin in NYC at the launch of his new women’s fragrance!

FYI: Selena is wearing super cute American Eagle Tie-Dye Denim Shorties.

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Credit: starsurf, Derek Shook; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • nina


  • andy

    Selena YOU’RE HOOT! And Bieber you’re a lucky dude!

  • Kristen

    i think it’s a little inappropriate that they are going on vacation already.. i mean justin is only 17 right? i just think it’s weird. my parents would never allow a boyfriend to come on vacation with me at that age, especially if we havent been dating for more than one year. even if parents were on the trip too. it’s just weird..

  • Tiffany

    awww, i think they are such a cute couple! (: i love them, COUPLE OF THE YEAR <3 hahah

  • ric


    Scooter and Carin went with them Scooter is his manager

  • http://website xojosselynxozanessaxo

    this reminds me of zanessa y did they have to break up y

  • Keani


  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    if they are happy good for them. i hope justin parents are with him because he is still underage.

  • michelle

    they went like ALONE ALONE? with no parents? wow.. just weird justin isn’t even 18..

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    Plz Selena! Dumb his no good @ss!

  • suzette298

    well they showed Scooter Braun in the airport with them, so their not alone.

  • Chloe

    She is so hot!!!! justin looks like 12, seventeen years old boys are supposed to look older :/

  • natasha

    he is actually there with his manager an dhis mom and she has her parents there as well. good for them…o success and young love..i bet her twitter is over flowing with insults from angry bieber fans

  • Belle

    I’ve always found it weird that paparazzi can take pictures of minors in their swimwear. It just seems really invasive and inappropriate.

  • Candice

    Selena you are so BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I have a girl crush on you lol but I am definitely not a lesbian. Jelena is cute together and I’m happy they are taking a vacation. Hope they enjoy themselves <3

  • Mobaby

    Hello Bieber…..still ab-less I see…jeez he looks like more of a ten year old when the shirt comes off….

  • Abby

    It kinda freaks me out this guy is 17. Did he just NEVER hit puberty!!!!

    @xojosselynxozanessaxo: Lord PLEASE don’t compair these two to zan. Zan were together for over 5 years, these two have only been together a matter of months.

    @Kristen: I know its kinda odd seeing as he isn’t even an adult.@ric: Having a manager on a trip is TOTTALY different then having a parent on a trip. A manager would pretty much let you do whatever you want, after all your paying his bills

  • talia

    i am not a justin fan but i love selena and i think they are so cuteeeeee

  • saloon

    selena stop tweeting this days why we should stop fallowing her

  • Marie

    Omg am i back on 2007? Are they vanessa hudgens and zac efron? God, this is so sad

  • sellylover

    they are such a cute and adorable couple!!! i love selenas bikini and her amazing animal print bag!!! <3

  • lulu


  • jason

    to the people making fun of justin for not “looking older” or whatever, what do you want him to do? take steroids? sit in his room crying until he has a growth spurt? people grow at different rates, there’s nothing he can do about it, leave him alone. i’m a guy and when i was 17 i still didn’t look very old either. get off his back, your critisim is shallow and vain.

  • Ivy

    @Marie: Plzz! dont even try to compair Jelena with Zanessa… Zanessa is THE couple, this 2 are just fooling around.

  • headstrong

    i just like the animal print bag

  • headstrong

    i like the way she is looking Justin in the 5th picture

  • Taylor

    Omg, they seem like a MINI Zanessa, except less cuter & less in love.
    they seem like theyre using each other for publicity

  • he’s getting muscular

    Justin is growing up mighty fine. I like that close-up of his chest and abs. He’s not looking as scrawny as he used to.

  • Nicki313

    Justin please eat something, your 17 you shouldn’t be that small and underdeveloped, Selena is such a good person for being him LOL :-)

  • susan

    @Taylor: They are Zanessa 2.0! Yeah, and I’m sure Zanessa wasn’t just using each other for publicity…../sarc

  • http://website xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @ABY lol y like made my day what i meant was that it was like zanessa when they went to hawaii in 2007 but zanessa were more in love then them even in 2007 no other couple can come close to zanessa i just hope they find their way back together i have hope sitll on zanessa though<ZANESSAwill always live FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER

  • love me

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    2- faça um desejo em sua mão
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    é so fazer acontece mesmo

  • mbart

    I guess money makes parenting unnecessary…seriously he’s only 17yo

  • naomi

    Hahahhaha he has chicken legs!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    I wish the paps would leave them alone.

  • teamDobrev

    since when did bieber get absxD aaaaaah! so hot!

  • millierose108

    I love Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together! They are always smiling when they are with each other and they make each other so happy! They are both my idols and the best couple ever!!!

  • http://selenagomez selena

    you are super….i will you see and we are made friends…

  • marie

    @Ivy: YES YES YES! You’re totally right! Zanessa forever! <3

  • CamCam

    OMG, they so want to be the new Zanessa, they’re pretty pathetic..
    It reminds me even more how much I miss Zanessa =(

  • Ivy Majpruz-Moat

    I dont like Justin bieber, but I think that Jelena is awesome if selena loves him. gross! bleh. it’s hard to say. jb’s so ugly .he doesent deserve a beautifull girl like selena.

  • Rodney king

    LMAO! Justin Bieber’s just tuckin in his stomach (suckin in) to make it SEEM like he has abs. But, we’ve seen the other photos, justin. YOU’VE GOT NOTHING! show off -_- ahaah.

  • Girl.

    Their cute but they have to watch what they do in public ! Youngs kids look up to the both of them .

  • michelle

    i don’t get why everyone is hating on them there cute together i know a lot of parents that r like 10 years apart as long as their happy together who cares, like i love justin and i would love to meet selena cuz they r both one of my role models but u all shouldnt be mad at them for daiting

  • http://facebook soledad maria

    qe lindos se ven juntos re linda pareja :)

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