Selena Gomez: MMVA 2011 Promo!

Selena Gomez: MMVA 2011 Promo!

Selena Gomez gives us a wink and a smile in this brand-new video promo for the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards!

The 18-year-old entertainer will be co-hosting and performing at the big event, where she also has a few nominations under her belt.

Selena and her band, The Scene, are nominated for International Video of the Year and Fave International Video!

Who else is nominated? Fefe Dobson! The Joy singer racked up a total of FIVE nominations, including Video of the Year!

The 2011 MMVAs will air live Sunday, June 19th @ 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Selena Gomez – MMVA Promo
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  • ANDY

    Cutie. I can’t wait for this

  • Theresa

    miley cyrus should host.

  • headstrong

    @Theresa: she hosted last year

  • marissa

    wow …
    she just keeps more & more famous from justin ….

  • http://19_jessica_98 Didi5180

    Good for you Selena for hosting. Young hollywood stars are known for hosting the MMVA. She is so cute. And please don’t start with Jb got her this…she is shinning on her own. Please JB is lucky to be dating Selena. She has two movies coming out and don’t credit Jb for that either!!!

  • http://19_jessica_98 Didi5180

    @marissa: What…..please! Sick of people saying that!!!

  • Candice

    @ #2 Eww, no!

    @ #4 If you would take your head out of Bieber’s ass you would see that the world does not spin around him.

  • natalie

    Oh great. Another over-exposed Hollywood robot that is trying to get her fill in life. As if we didn’t have enough of those. Why does this talentless little wuss still have a career? I mean really. She’s basically a combination of Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and Demi Lovato. She can’t sing, she can’t act, she can’t dance, and she most certainly can’t sing. Oops, did I say sing twice? I guess that’s how talentless she truly is. I’m sorry if I offended those who absolutley adore this…thing, but that’s just my opinion. No matter how harsh it may be. :)

  • http://@jorginho707pint jorge pinto de almeida

    siren selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.pink panther!!!!!!!!

  • Troy

    You know Swlena had a career before Juistin Bieber ever came along so how do we know he isn’t trying to ride HER coattails?

    P.S. I don’t really believe that I’m just trying to illustrate how unfair and ridiciluous it is to say that about Selena by turning it around.

  • saloon

    @didi u r so right she work so hard

  • http://orkut honey

    @natalie: i love ur comment haha

  • http://orkut honey

    @Theresa: ur right, i like selena but she looks awkward , n hosting is not her thing i think, miley is really good at it

  • Mikayla

    @Theresa Absolutely agree! Miley’s the best, she’s hillarious and so fun, SHE RULES!!!
    But Selena might do pretty good too… Maybe…
    I’ve never seen her making a joke (let alone a really funny one) when she’s not in a role. Plus she looks a bit awkward and I don’t think she’ll make a good host, she doesn’t have what it takes…
    Just my opinion!

  • fan10l

    @Theresa: @natalie: @honey: Wow there is a lot of haters on this post. Which is stupid becouse why are they even here if they hate her.

  • Mia

    @marissa: selena was famous before justin!

  • sellylover

    @natalie too bad nobody cares your pathetic and jelous opinion!!! stay mad loser!!! and the only talentless here is you asshole! selena is living her dream, is gorgeous, rich, famous, talented, have a brilliant and sucessful carrear, people loves her and what about you? oops just a really ugly and pathetic loser who can only dream with selena life!!! seriously it must be sucks to be like you!

  • headstrong

    @sellylover: Take you’re own advice to yourself claudia, remember that you’re a MIley Hater and do the same thing.
    Miley is also living her dream, gorgeous, rich, famous, talented, have a brilliant and sucessful carrear, and what about you?

  • headstrong


  • samy

    @sellylover i agree with you and who talk abt miley anyway selena is beautiful and funny girl and she can act better than this girls in Disney

  • elizabeth

    i DON’T think she hosting the MMVA is because she is rich or she is dating justin. she earned it. she is a good person. maybe she dosen’t sing as beautiful as Celine Dion, but she is starting her music career, she has a lot to learn, and she knows that too.
    i think she is going to do a wonderful job. and everybody has a diferent opinion. but if you dont like her music. try not to hear it. or try not to pay attention. :D
    stay cool!

  • fan10l

    @headstrong: Are you freakin blind.Miley is rich and famous but gorgous not so much and if you like her so much then go on her post.

  • kelly

    @natalie: SO AGREE! Seriously shes a low-life talentless freak. Thats my opinion though.
    @sellylover: you know what’s so cliche about your comment to natalie? you made an attempt to diss her which is so like the other obsessive fans in this world. you act like your sticking up for her but what your really doing is making a fool of yourself. selena doesnt have to rely on her fans just to take care of the opinionative “critics”. thats pretty low of you to resort to name calling. i mean REALLY low. why must you instantly think that someone is ugly, jealous, pathetic, etc. when all they’re doing is expressing their opinion about a celeb? you are very hypocritical AND, in your own words, “it must be sucks to be like you!”

  • Patty Sanchez

    I am really excited that miss. gomez has gotten the chance to host!
    She has character, is sarcastic, & great personality! I will be seeing this!
    For all these hateful comments, GTFOH!
    All you Bielibiers, Montana’s, or just negative jealous kids commenting, stop with the i hate her because of this and that or she has no talent.
    She is a GOOD and VERY talented person, you guys are just to snotty and greedy to accept it. Get a life and quit commenting on celebrities you don’t even know. Pathetic children.

  • headstrong

    @fan10l: that’s YOUR opinion. I do think miley is gorgoues. And if you like selena so much why you dont waste your time commeting about how perfect selena is instead of replying my comments? :)

  • natalie

    @sellylover: Wow, look at all the blind, lonely, Selena obsessed fans that are continuously posting; sticking up for the hideous troll whenever she can take care of herself…no matter how weak or scrawny she is. It is remarkable how one person like Selena could start a raging empire of internet dweebs who have nothing better to do with their time but to talk about how marvelous Selena is. So sad…so very sad. It almost makes me want to cry. At least I would if I really cared. Seriously, I’m a critic. It’s what I do. Get over it. If you got a problem with it, sue me. Oh wait, I just remembered! You can’t sue me for having a flippin’ opinion. Oh well, at least you can enjoy Selena and her unappealing features. As a matter of fact, why don’t you marry her? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having about 10 spouses. It would even match her fake persona. I hope you two(s) are very happy together. Have a nice day.

  • julie

    cute promo! hope she does well

  • scarlette

    @Patty Sanchez:
    that may be true but you have not met her yet either she could be rude as and the jb thing might just be publicity because she is trying to be the next miley cyyrus

  • http://stargirl stargirl

    i like selena gomez and i think she’s a great actress but i don’t think she sings well.

  • koko

    @natalie right…so wat kind of dancers and singers do u guys think should Only be on tv then ? not everyone likes selena but Insulting her isnt gonna solve anything it Just shows how low-life people can be , i could be more harsh like most people on u but im saying this in the most polite way theyre is (: selena gomez , demi lovato , bella thorne ? so ur telling me that u can go infront of 100 million or more viewers on tv or concerts and sing and dance ? stop acting like everyone can do that and it looks easy cos i dont Think alot of people have the balls to perform to those many people ,so glad we cleared that up

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