Joe Jonas: 'See No More' Sneak Peek!

Joe Jonas: 'See No More' Sneak Peek!

Joe Jonas takes a breather backstage in this new video teaser for the making of his new album, Fast Life and single “See No More.”

“[My single] ‘See No More’ especially carries a lot of personal emotions with it and I am hoping people listening to it will get a sense of where I’m coming from with this new sound,” The 21-year-old musician shared recently.

Joe‘s album Fast Life drops September 6th, with “See No More” hitting airwaves on June 3rd!

TELL JJJ: Are you anxious to hear Joe’s new sound?

Joe Jonas — “See No More” Teaser
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  • katta

    “SEE NO MORE” is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! and Joe is soooo hot!!!!

  • jonas-crazy-chick

    i swear i can’t wait anymore, i’m gonna pee!!!
    i ♥ joe

  • carol

    A beautiful sound, i can’t wait for #seenomore
    Joe killed me! super sexy, hot

  • Inna

    i’ve heard the song. im sorry, but its trasshh.

    i really expected something a little bit better from him . :\

  • anonymous

    @ Inna, if u took the time 2 check and get ur facts straight u’d know that Ocean-Up reported that Hollywood Records has said that the song that is being labelled as ‘see no more’ is not Joe’s, so full version of the song is out yet so apart 4m this teaser u have not heard the actual song. And like seriously, it doesn’t evn sound like him, so YEAH….

  • Kary

    Omj i cant wait for it !!!

  • http://ilovejoeajonas Joy

    @inna That is not the real one. It was leaked by JJJ and that one that was leaked was not the real one. Plus it does not come out till June 3rd so how could it be the real one. I am going to like everyone else wait for it to come out and not spoil it before the time it comes out.

  • Ella

    GAWD!!! What an EPIC teaser.
    7 more days til we hear the LEGIT full song!

  • HIH

    I love Joe! So good XD

  • chindyaprilia

    waw. amazing. i can’t wait to hear this song. aaaaa, JOE JONAS …….. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  • angela

    awesome… loving it!

  • shanghia

    Give the guy a chance to grow up and show that he has talent.

  • jen

    can not wait!! just i hate how unhappy he look notice how he always looks angry? blehh he needs to smile again :D

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    He remains me of Justin Timberlake!!! But JT is better singer, dancer and actor, I think!!!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    I’m sooo EXCITED! june the 3rd is going to be a good day! i honestly can’t wait to hear his single! :) Joe is soo hot! I NEED TO SEE MORE! ;)

  • karhil

    please for see no more, NO MORE DAYS
    I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

  • amy

    I’m looking forward to hearing the new song. But I don’t like this ‘bad boy’ image that he’s trying to put across.

  • Patworx

    Sounds like it could be interesting.

  • Just!

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is awesome!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ :DDDDD

  • the_boyfriend

    I’m looking forward to this track so much!

  • Mary joe

    sorry to break it down for you haters, but a true joe jonas fan doesnt get thrown by bad critics, we support him no matter what

    - a down to eath joe jonas addict that has luv n admire him since 05′, yea bitches, 6 YEARS

  • monica

    @anonymous: Um so yah, did you take the time to actually listen to the song at the end of the video , it sounds just like him duh lol

  • monica

    @monica: ooooopppps srry , nv lol i read what that freakin Inna chick wrote, now i get why u said that srry

  • monica

    @monica: the one above was for anonymous

  • monica

    @Inna: um hellllllooooo thats not him, anyone with a brain knows thats not him. So before you go running your mouth why dont you get the facts straight so u dont look stupid……no offense .

  • Kpopper

    Not impressed. I do miss Joe’s old hair though.

  • Ashia bolden

    I can’t wait… Almost here!!!