Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Hit Hawaii Waves

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Hit Hawaii Waves

Selena Gomez holds onto musician boyfriend Justin Bieber as he leads them out into the ocean in Maui, Hawaii earlier this week.

The twosome landed in the island state just a couple days ago and were quick to hit the waves.

Justin and Selena were also spotted out catching a bite to eat with his manager Scooter at their hotel earlier in the day.

Psst, did you catch the commercial for Justin‘s new fragrance? What about Selena‘s 2011 MMVA video promo?

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  • lauren

    im pretty sure these two are trying to be the next ”zac and vanessa”

  • Girlleader1

    AHHHH!! oh my gosshh!! sooo freakingg cutee!! I love the one of them near the water!!! <333

    Jelena <33 :D

  • della frey

    these two are so cute together………i luv them both i totally support jelena forever:):):):):)):):):):):):):)

  • Bethany

    She looks like a woman…he looks like a kid. Weird.

  • whatwhatwhat

    I already didnt like them indivually -.-

  • Diana

    CUTE! ♥ :( awww it reminds me Zanessa

  • sellylover

    they are really adorable together!!! gorgeous couple!!! and selena looks sooo sexy in her gorgeous bikini!!!!

  • giselle

    i agree with you!

  • tami

    i guess they’re cute lol :)

  • tami

    @lauren: I can’t believe they broke up, I’m mad about that they were way too cute

  • janiece

    she looks really pretty right here. love her hair

  • angel

    She is so naturally beautiful. Her body is qt.

  • ZANE

    #6 DIANA, same here. The first time I saw this picture.It reminds me of Zanessa…

  • daniella!!

    I love how she looks 20 and he looks 12.

  • Theresa

    her calf muscle is bigger than his entire leg.

    …i miss the old selena :/:/:/

  • Leah

    Are you serious? i really like them both .. but they are trying so hard to be like Zanessa :S .. and .. that’s really stupid.
    Why they just couldn’t be Selena and Justin only.. i don’t get it

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    Selena, u can do way better than some dude that talks like a woman and looks like an 8 grader .

  • Inna

    why do i find this soo…. awkward? idk. i’m really not feeling it.

    i LOVE Selena, she looks so pretty here. But then theres Justin… and its kinda like, woah, awkard turtle. lol

    this seriously is so much like the beggining of Zanessa :( but atleast i actually liked them together! #ZanessaForever

  • soughtful

    selena has the most weird body.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    hmm… a lot of people are saying that they’re not going to last, i guess we have to wait and see what happen. right now i think that they are in love.

  • natalie

    @sellylover: Ahhh, so we meet again SellyLover. Of course, you would stick up for Selena. It’s what you Selosers do. While I, the smart, ingenious one would oppose pretty much everything you say about her. So let’s get on with it. Selena stinks. I mean really stinks. Have you ever heard her sing live? I mean a few months ago she sang Shake it Up at some kind of concert. That didn’t really help her contain her ‘cool’ status for most of her fans. As a matter of fact, It was posted here on this very website. If you’ve seen the video, you might agree with me that she is a horrible singer. And, Oh! What’s this? She’s dating Justin Bieber? The British don’t tell me anything anymore. Now how is it, that a 18-year-old talentless and faux wench like Selena could date an even more talentless 16-year-old womanlike boy like Justin? It’s so remarkable how people like you can get sucked into this trap that I like to call, The Underdog Zone. First it starts our with people that nobody knows, then they become totally popular, and seven years later they’re history. And soon, nobody gives a hoot-n-nanny about who they are. It happened to Brittany Spears. In fact, she had to lip-sync during a concert. Go figure.
    Now I could continue on and on with immense words that you probably wouldn’t understand, but I think I’ll save that for later. After all, wouldn’t want to be too cliche, right?

    Your move, SellyLover.


  • The Voice of Reason


    Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Selena is sexy as fuck though. I HATE JUSTIN!

  • paula

    YES! exactly what I was thinking lol.

  • sam

    when i saw these in hawaii remember me zanessa but i mean they’re look so cute and beautiful couple…selena and justin just look Weird i mean justin looks so thing so kid,..and she looks more woman :S…

    nothing like zanessa they’re freaking cute

  • Nijah

    Can anyone say PR stunt?

  • Ella

    I am a fan of JELENA’s relationship, but please don’t compare them to ZANESSA. Zac is soooo much HOTTER than Justin!

  • saloon

    i don’t like justin but he is cute and selena is beautiful they love each other leave them a lone plz

  • Gen

    Don’t compare them to zanessa. PLEASE!

  • selenapck

    @natalie: It would be really better if you shut the hell up. Fine maybe her live performances weren’t so good. But i want you to see and hear the performance at the Wango Tango and then come and say what you have to. My email is after you’ve seen those videos then come and tell me wht u think abt her singing. And why do you have to hate her? It’s not like she has done anything to you. She’s just a girl going after her dreams and once you find out more about her…. she’s an amazing person…. and i can’t say anything abt justin tough…

  • Wiktoria Szymkiewicz:)

    Selena and Justin?? oh my goshh !! I hate Bieber.Selena IS BEAUTIFULL!!!!

  • ezzers

    @sunshine: in an interview selena said she would not marry anyone she was dating right now so most likely wont last

  • amanda

    Selena seems very protective over her little boy lol. Use condoms kids!!!

  • Candice

    Jelena <3 Why do people have to bring up Zanessa? Jelena is not trying to be them, that’s stupid. Only because you can’t get them out of your head mean the next young couple you see is trying to be them. Anyways, I am happy Jelena is not hiding their relationship because now they can act more freely in public :)

  • lulu

    @natalie: haha you’re right they’re both shit and ugly and attention whores!!

  • sellylover

    @natalie whatever you sound like a little jelous loser!! and wtf you think you are to call them talentless? after all who are you? oh right just a ugly loser with no life who can only dream with selena life, because she have everything you want, beauty, talented, money, fame, a succesful carrear, poor little loser!!!! meanwhile selena is on top of the world and you just a LOSER!

  • sellylover

    @lulu and this come from a miley fan right? lol

  • Ella

    Justin and Selena are great together.. whoever doesn’t think that are just bitter people. And Justin is young looking.. but Selena also has a very baby face… and everyone knows.. women mature quicker than men. Leave them to it i say :)

  • headstrong

    @sellylover: seem like you love talking about yourself. Since you’re a hater, everysingle word you say about selena haters you are saying to yourself :)

  • headstrong

    I like the bikini.

    Justin is so skinny!!!!

  • shanghia

    Of course they are not going to last they are both still kids. Too much affection in public for my liking and it just feeds the public and the paps interest.

  • Vanessa Freak

    I have to say they just kiss and kiss and kiss everywhere they go, jeez..@Candice: woah calm down there and yes they do remind people of Zanessa this was where Zanessa went when we first found out about them, but the difference is Zanessa was actually cute and not awkward, Zac had abs that would woo any girl over, I mean both were freakingly hot and the guy was the man in the relationship and instead of Vanessa being in front of Zac like Selena here she was on Justin she was on his back and umm one last detail lol they weren’t on the same height lol.

  • pateri

    Disgusting!!!,Always kissing!!!.,Selena Gomez your so insane!!!

  • http://nanalovric marijana

    I am big fan of Jelena.. I love them both,they so cute together.. <33

  • Andrea

    @sellylover: i so agree with everything you said selleylover your awesome you took the words right out of my mouth with all your comments on here : )

  • Andrea

    people who say these cruel things about selena usually come from an obssessed miley fan just sayin i know im a huge fan of selena but i still support miley even if i don’t like her that much meaning that i would never say horrible things about her what if miley and justin were going out nobody would say a thing it would all be good comments because miley apparently can do no wrong but selena can cuz shes successful beautiful and going out with a guy that girls bash selena for cuz they can’t have them and how is it disgusting that there always kissing any couple has the right to kiss as much as they want it’s not their fault the paparazzie shouldn’t have been there when they were tryin to enjoy their vacation.

  • headstrong

    @Andrea: you’re agree with @sellylover but ill tel you something, she is the last person to talk, she is a miley hater.
    And are you kidding me? what people say about selena is just nothing comapred to what they would say if this was miley, you can read comment on miley post and you’ll see.
    Double standar people is annoyinh as hell. That’s why you see miley fans annoyed, not because what are they doing more about doble standars.

  • Yasser

    I totally love Selena she’s my favourite singer actor and everything but I just think it’s wrong with Justin beiber being selena’s boyfriend although I totally love Selena Gomez.

  • http://Jillyn23 jillyn wagner

    eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww thy need to break up not cute at all selena ur a slut

  • http://nmm27 selenabieber

    Selena Gomez is amazingly beautiful for head to toe and Justin Bieber is lucky to have her.

  • Jaelene

    Selena Gomez you are the best don’t let hurtful comments take you down! I have poster in my room of you you are the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I look at before bed I think you and Justin are ment to be together!!!!!!!!! :)