Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Hit Hawaii Waves

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Hit Hawaii Waves

Selena Gomez holds onto musician boyfriend Justin Bieber as he leads them out into the ocean in Maui, Hawaii earlier this week.

The twosome landed in the island state just a couple days ago and were quick to hit the waves.

Justin and Selena were also spotted out catching a bite to eat with his manager Scooter at their hotel earlier in the day.

Psst, did you catch the commercial for Justin‘s new fragrance? What about Selena‘s 2011 MMVA video promo?

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lauren @ 7:33 pm on 05/26/2011

im pretty sure these two are trying to be the next ”zac and vanessa”

Girlleader1 @ 7:47 pm on 05/26/2011

AHHHH!! oh my gosshh!! sooo freakingg cutee!! I love the one of them near the water!!! <333

Jelena <33 :D

della frey @ 7:58 pm on 05/26/2011

these two are so cute together………i luv them both i totally support jelena forever:):):):):)):):):):):):):)

Bethany @ 8:12 pm on 05/26/2011

She looks like a woman…he looks like a kid. Weird.

whatwhatwhat @ 8:31 pm on 05/26/2011

I already didnt like them indivually -.-

Diana @ 8:33 pm on 05/26/2011

CUTE! ♥ :( awww it reminds me Zanessa

sellylover @ 8:35 pm on 05/26/2011

they are really adorable together!!! gorgeous couple!!! and selena looks sooo sexy in her gorgeous bikini!!!!

giselle @ 8:47 pm on 05/26/2011

i agree with you!

tami @ 8:49 pm on 05/26/2011

i guess they’re cute lol :)

tami @ 8:50 pm on 05/26/2011

@lauren: I can’t believe they broke up, I’m mad about that they were way too cute

janiece @ 9:10 pm on 05/26/2011

she looks really pretty right here. love her hair

angel @ 9:32 pm on 05/26/2011

She is so naturally beautiful. Her body is qt.

ZANE @ 9:43 pm on 05/26/2011

#6 DIANA, same here. The first time I saw this picture.It reminds me of Zanessa…

daniella!! @ 9:58 pm on 05/26/2011

I love how she looks 20 and he looks 12.

Theresa @ 10:06 pm on 05/26/2011

her calf muscle is bigger than his entire leg.

…i miss the old selena :/:/:/

Leah @ 10:10 pm on 05/26/2011

Are you serious? i really like them both .. but they are trying so hard to be like Zanessa :S .. and .. that’s really stupid.
Why they just couldn’t be Selena and Justin only.. i don’t get it

Selena, u can do way better than some dude that talks like a woman and looks like an 8 grader .

Inna @ 10:28 pm on 05/26/2011

why do i find this soo…. awkward? idk. i’m really not feeling it.

i LOVE Selena, she looks so pretty here. But then theres Justin… and its kinda like, woah, awkard turtle. lol

this seriously is so much like the beggining of Zanessa :( but atleast i actually liked them together! #ZanessaForever

soughtful @ 10:28 pm on 05/26/2011

selena has the most weird body.

sunshine @ 10:38 pm on 05/26/2011

hmm… a lot of people are saying that they’re not going to last, i guess we have to wait and see what happen. right now i think that they are in love.

natalie @ 10:51 pm on 05/26/2011

@sellylover: Ahhh, so we meet again SellyLover. Of course, you would stick up for Selena. It’s what you Selosers do. While I, the smart, ingenious one would oppose pretty much everything you say about her. So let’s get on with it. Selena stinks. I mean really stinks. Have you ever heard her sing live? I mean a few months ago she sang Shake it Up at some kind of concert. That didn’t really help her contain her ‘cool’ status for most of her fans. As a matter of fact, It was posted here on this very website. If you’ve seen the video, you might agree with me that she is a horrible singer. And, Oh! What’s this? She’s dating Justin Bieber? The British don’t tell me anything anymore. Now how is it, that a 18-year-old talentless and faux wench like Selena could date an even more talentless 16-year-old womanlike boy like Justin? It’s so remarkable how people like you can get sucked into this trap that I like to call, The Underdog Zone. First it starts our with people that nobody knows, then they become totally popular, and seven years later they’re history. And soon, nobody gives a hoot-n-nanny about who they are. It happened to Brittany Spears. In fact, she had to lip-sync during a concert. Go figure.
Now I could continue on and on with immense words that you probably wouldn’t understand, but I think I’ll save that for later. After all, wouldn’t want to be too cliche, right?

Your move, SellyLover.


The Voice of Reason @ 11:43 pm on 05/26/2011


Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Selena is sexy as **** though. I HATE JUSTIN!

paula @ 11:55 pm on 05/26/2011

YES! exactly what I was thinking lol.

sam @ 1:06 am on 05/27/2011

when i saw these in hawaii remember me zanessa but i mean they’re look so cute and beautiful couple…selena and justin just look Weird i mean justin looks so thing so kid,..and she looks more woman :S…

nothing like zanessa they’re freaking cute

Nijah @ 1:12 am on 05/27/2011

Can anyone say PR stunt?

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