Victoria Justice: 'Best Friend's Brother' Video!

Victoria Justice: 'Best Friend's Brother' Video!

Victoria Justice channels a little Risky Business in her brand new video for debut single, “Best Friend’s Brother.”

The 18-year-old actress/singer dished to our pals at, “I wrote this song because I was working with my good friends and two very talented writers named Savan Kotecha and Kojak and we were in this writing session and couldn’t come up with any ideas for a song.”

Vic continued, “I had this moment of inspiration where I said, ‘Wait, why don’t we write a song about having a crush on your best friend’s brother?’ They, being two guys, didn’t understand. I told them, ‘Trust me, I get it. I’ve been through this. We’re writing the song.’”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vic’s new video?

Victoria Justice – “Best Friends Brother” Video
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  • ash

    it sux

  • Ana

    I just recently started liking Victoria, She’s soo pretty and talented. This is a cute, dancy song I love it :)

  • Marius

    Why is she famous or even newsworthy?

    She was background scenery in Zoey 101, and the same
    in her own show; being overshadowed by more talented
    (musically and otherwise) actresses like Liz Gillies.

    Seriously why?

  • BEE

    because she’s gorgeous. durrr

  • http://@nicki.d. nicole

    why cant it be avaliable in england??? :(

  • hedgehogzrkool

    shes so pretty and this so catchy…

  • kenny

    The song is very catchy, you can’t help but want to dance and freak the freak out to it, even as a guy. The music video is just a lot of fun, the 80′s homages are awesome, her dancing is fantastic & the little subtleties like the mustache smiley in the text messages are a nice little touch (since Victoria loves mustaches).

    Great job, Victoria!! :{)

  • Victoria s.

    it’s a little wierd & kinda sounds funny especially “you know what i mean…if you weren’t related”

  • naomi

    If it’s supposed to be Victorious Cast ft. Victoria Justice, where are the rest of the cast? I only see Victoria. As for her singing, I don’t really know. I really don’t care for her singing.

  • Patworx

    It’s a good video. Nice work, Victoria!

  • whodat

    damnit i cant watch it
    as long as im the her best friends boyfriend is me, i dont mind

  • Cece

    She’s so Pretty and talented!!!! I think this video is so cool and I think Victoria is Awesome!,,,,


    i wonder why they would make you wait for the music video on nick, but its already available on youtube. anyways, i love it

  • http://19_Jessica_98 Didi

    Why does all her music sound the same!

  • Mykey

    I love it! Victoria is so talented. So much better than Selena IMO.

  • Jack

    Bad song, she is pretty, but can’t sing well – she tends to shout-sing. And the lyrics are kind of laughable – she implies her best friend would be all over her own brother if only they were not related. And that guy does not look 6’3″.

  • Rhitma K

    @Mykey: totally agree with you ;)

  • andie

    @Mykey: bogus. selena is so much better. she has 5 times as many fans as victoria BTW. nd this song is soo typical of her other songs. im not a hater, but selena will always be infinity and beyond better than victoria. sorryy, but its trueee

  • amber

    Awesome Song and video! Good job Victoria! :)

  • donni

    duh cuz she sexy have you seen her hips swing when she mooves

  • donni

    @andie: but selena not as good a singer a better actress but singin not so much there making her fourth season last long so she can keep selling her album thast why we get one episode a month

  • http://@kAYLA kAYLA

    the Victoria justice music video doesn’t work for me in australia why?.

  • cheyenne

    love it its really cool i already have the words and dance moves down B.F.B!!!

  • kristina

    Best video & song is Freak the freak out(:

  • Venessa

    she need to take singing and dancing lessons :)

  • http://gmail Venessa

    I can sing better than her

  • http://gmail Venessa

    i can sing and dance better than her and that a fact

  • Angelica cole

    I love this song!! Its funny because i actually do like my best friends brother. When i hear the song i was like, ” oh my gosh, that so us!” i dont really want her to know that we like eachother. haha i showed him the song and be both laughed our heads off. Thanks Victoria!!

  • Angelica

    This is acutally how i feel!! i like my best friends brother but dont want my best friend to know, haha

  • 1

    awesome video awesome song victoria justice is cute

  • fha

    that “best friend’s brother” is sooo cutee!

  • Leah

    U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandiy

    she is amazing love her love this video and the song is to die for way catchy good job and i mean i love all her other songs but this one as a teenage girll i can really relate too great job victoria great song oh and by the way if you ever get a chance do a concert in utah cause we are pretty much all love struck for this song down here i mean really my hole school loves you even the guys

  • calie

    that video was totally your best one yet!!!!!!

  • tatiana felder

    Victoria justice I like your song “my best friends brother is the one for me”

  • Jaime

    Why can’t I watch it.
    It says that the video is not available

  • Jaime

    Why can’t I watch it.
    It says that the video is not available

  • lizzie

    my friend and I love the song it just makes us want to get up and dance it is the best song in the world we listened to it like 6 times

  • Kimberly

    I luv this video more then.even the boy is sooo cute.<3 :)

  • Nasia

    This video is so hot I so love her and this song can’t wait for more to come love you Vicky

  • selena

    i agree