Chloe Moretz: Little Black Dress Lovely!

Chloe Moretz: Little Black Dress Lovely!

Chloe Moretz strikes a ladylike pose at the store launch of designer label Azzaro on Wednesday (May 25) in London.

The 14-year-old actress, decked out in a Azzaro, attended the event with older brother Trevor.

Last week, Chloe caught a ballet performance of Cleopatra.

Chloe is in town filming Tim Burton‘s new movie Dark Shadows. The film also stars Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer and Thomas McDonell from Prom!

Head on over to 2011 MTV Movie Awards website to vote for Chloe as the year’s Biggest Badass Star!

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  • ClearPerspective

    That’s a good shot of her and bro.

  • alexz

    she’s trying too hard..

  • good-one

    @alexz: Huh? “Trying too hard”? You mean that she’s standing up straight, without her shoulders all scrunched in, or otherwise slouched over like those of us all cowed by the system?

    Such posture belongs to those not yet forlorn, that haven’t been entirely ravaged by defeat. Her posture telegraphs confidence, that she’s grabbed life by the horns, that it hasn’t gored her.

  • mimi

    Cute girl and very talented.

  • Rob

    @good-one, Ha!, you’re totally right. She’s on top of the world. Let her enjoy it, and hopefully she gets to stay there.

    I do undertand a little what @alexz is saying. The pouty, more sexy look is just a bit over the edge, but she no doubt had tons of shots taken at the event. I love the serious headshot. Total beauty.

    Those lips, OMG. Any male with an once of testosterone in him can’t help but be attracted to them like the compass to the north pole. I think that’s what flips people out sometimes. She can look so seductive, yet she’s so young. And, yes, she knows it and likes it. She’s a girl!

  • luck

    Hey, Chloë, I’m the guy who wants to marry you. Marry me! You’re the most beautiful and sexy girl in the woooooorld.

    Oh, and I agree with @good-one. Keep it up, Chloë Grace Moretz! ;-)

  • Robert

    @good-one: She is trying to hard. For some reason she think she’s sexy or w/e. Every time you see her she makes those faces.

  • jonathon

    I wish young children would be allowed by their parents to be young children. She never smiles or acts like a youth. Always with the sultry looks. It’s not natural.

  • Massie

    She looks fantastic, I wish I was friends with her. I have horrible style (I am so lucky I have my friends if not I would be lost). I can’t wait to see her next movie. Keep up the good work Chloe!

  • Warren

    Chloe is always so hot and sexy!

  • JR


    She smiles quite often. Maybe not as much as she used to, but she definitely does so. And no offense, but she acts like a kid all the time. A still shot while posing for photos doesn’t mean anything.

  • Chris hansen

    @luck: Have a seat over here. You realize that she is 14 and it is a crime to marry her. Thanks and I’ve reported you to the FBI.

  • Msa

    Should her Bro have his hand on her butt?


    she isnt “trying to hard” thats just how her face is….she was born with pouty lips and pretty eyes so stop judging her just cuz she was born naturally beautiful

  • Misty

    alexz and all the other haters, get a life and stop trying to put Chloe down. She’s Hollywood’s hottest young actress. She looks ultra hot. You rule Chloe!!

  • ClearPerspective

    She’s quite the little work-a-holic. Hope you don’t get burned out, if that’s even possible in this business(?)

    Guess you have to make hay while the sun is shining.

  • candice

    OMG… is she human ??? i don’t think so !! she’s goddess or angel..duh..she’s just adorable..Chloe Angel Moretz !!!

  • skalsj

    she really tries hard to look sexy haahah.

  • Nian

    Chloe smiles a lot and acts just like a kid. and she originally looks sexy because of her lips & eyes. i’ve never seen that beautiuful lips in my life. and she’s very fashionable for her age. and she’s the most favorite young actress of Hollywood right now cuz of her extraordinarily attractive acting ability. she’s very talented and beautiful and down-to-earth..

  • Michaelt

    A talented girl. A beautiful girl.

  • thea

    @Msa: lol yeh, i thought that too!

  • Msa

    @thea: …and… aren’t they too old to be sharing the same bed? – check (3:36)

  • Msa

    OK. I’m only jealous..

  • todd

    Is the brother out of the closet?

  • Alli

    She’s adorable but seriously, she’s 13.. She should really try acting her age :) But I still love her acting <3

  • Miia

    I wish she could smile and pose like a 14-year-old and not like a 24-year-old.

    She’s so beautiful and talented, but she should try not to look like a grown-up.

  • xxo

  • hell boy

    yeeaahhh….. keep rock’in \m/

  • littletough

    This kid needs to stop posing like victoria beckham. What’s with the saultry look? You look better when smiling. Hey kid, you’re only fourteen.

  • poppy


    Not nice to say that’s why I’m glad it was you. Yet, we are all thinking the same.

    She seems to push being older too much. She’s way too young. Honey, you’ll grow up in due time.

  • poppy

    These two remind me with the hand on the butt and all of Angelina’s relationship with her brother.

  • june

    I like her but she is only 14 she need to look her age,

  • robmer

    I love how most of the ones upset with Chloe are girls. Can you say: meow?!!!!

    She’s stunning. Deal with it girls, deal with it.

  • habshead

    @Msa: This pic and others make me think her brother is doing her. Stranger things have happened

  • urban

    A pretty girl in a black dress. Timeless. She looks fantastic.

  • JR

    I like how my post containing links to photos isn’t allowed but ones suggesting an incestuous relationship between a 14-year-old and her brother are. You people do realize that Chloe reads these articles, don’t you?

  • Warren

    Wish I could smell between Chloe’s hot legs!

  • JR

    You need help, Warren. Perhaps a good kick in the head as well.

  • http://@alLenX_ alLen

    . she’s cute . i loved her since The Amytiville , but you’re only 13 . u still need to act like a kid ! but nice dress though