Victoria Justice: Farmer's Market with Ryan Rottman!

Victoria Justice: Farmer's Market with Ryan Rottman!

Victoria Justice is pretty in plaid as she stops by the Farmer’s Market in Studio City, Calif., with Ryan Rottman on Sunday morning (May 29).

The 18-year-old actress and 26-year-old actor were seen browsing around the Green Garmento booth and stopped by an apple stand for a delicious snack.

Ryan and Victoria met on the set of Victorious, where he starred as Ryder in a recent episode.

Psst, did you check out Vic‘s new music video?

10+ pics inside of Victoria and Ryan

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  • lucy


  • josie

    such a cute couple. :)

  • diane

    so are they together?
    they would be a cute couple if they were.

  • josie

    the thing that’s really cute is that ryan (ryan_rottman) on twitter he supports victoria soo much & it’s so adorable.

  • jonathon

    Bets he calls the papps to get attention. I used to think she was a smart girl.

  • jj17

    @jonathon: 18 and 26!? Disgusting! I have been losing a ton of respect for her lately!

  • amy

    Lol & i thought Josh and Vanessa were bad with 18 and 22. Smh.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    wow! he is 26!. she is 18. alrighty than. i cannot wait to watch i party with victorious with icarly gang on june 11!.

  • june

    the age difference is only 8 years, not a big deal.
    Anyways, I get a wierd feeling from her. I dont like it. She seems pretentious and just….. stuck up. She has a look like she is entitled to everything.

  • mishybc

    hmm these pics aren’t awkward at all. Way to get attention! Good for you I guess.
    @jj17: I think I am losing some respect for her too. What a shame. Her life and I guess she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

  • pat

    At least they were checking out green garmento bags. I wonder if it was the GTL ones?

  • http://website xojosselynxozanessaxo

    hey guys i think her and ryan do make a good couple but it dose hurt seeing ryan with someone else cuz he did split with britanny snow in early november last year but britanny has moved on she now has a bf so i guess he can have a gf and y do u think victoria is stupied she is NOT stupied i mean ryan is a nice guy he is always supporting her on twitter he will say like go watch victories show on nick at this time or theirs this really good show today go watch and all this stuff i think if he is taking time to do that he cares about her and if they do date then great and y r u guys bringing josh plus vanessa up they arnt even dating come on guys they are just friends and i think its grosser when the girl is older than the guy cuz think about it guys it takes more time mature and all that and stuff and i still dont think that vanessa and josh are anythign more htatn just frineds thats it and if victoria and ryan do date then good for them but their will be times like they will maybe break up cuz he is 8 yrs older htan her and she just turned 18 shes still trying to firgure stuff out when hes already 26 and he has already lived for a while as an adualt so ya guys come on as a real fan u should support them

  • lauren

    are they serious?
    he just wants ass, and she’s easy

  • amanda

    Wtf he is too old for her what is wrong with this douche? Can’t he seem to find someone his own age? Wouldn’t it be funny if Victoria dumped him on his ass lol she should he seems like a real loser.

  • amanda

    jj17: She isn’t the stupid one he is he should know better. She is just a young woman he is a guy in his f*cking late tweenties it is disgusting just a couple of months ago she was only 17. This relationship is very wrong i wonder what her parents would think about this?

  • Maria

    Who even said they were dating? Two people can’t hang out on a Sunday morning without being accused of dating? Seriously have you people have no lives?
    And so what if they’re dating, its not our business. it’s between Ryan & Victoria… Victoria is a SMART girl to trust her judgement and if she likes the guy so what! Is anyone judging you of who you’re dating…Ok then!

  • Erin

    Love them together! Hope they make it last! :)

  • hedgehogzrkool

    omigosh people! THEY ARE JUST 2 COSTARS GOIN TO THE FARMERS MAKRKET! it doesn’t mean the yare a couple and just ayin’ who are you to judge?

  • Lawrence

    Ryan’s a total babe!.

  • alli

    I think they’d be a cute couple… :)
    Vic deff looks ah-mazing without any make-up on :o

  • Jack

    overrated ‘actress’ and ‘singer’. best friends brother song is laughably bad. this photo op is clearly staged

  • Patworx

    This relationship may not exist and even if it did it isn’t that unusual.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Sheesh! While you guys are bitching and complaining about the idea that she’s going out with a guy who’s eight years older, I just want to find out when the next Victorious episode is supposed to air.

  • whatever

    Caught 5 PAINFUL minutes of their show, and it was god-awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tessa

    They look really cute together age difference or not!!

  • adureh


    Where does it say that they’re dating? Give me one source; I beg you!

  • A

    What’s there to do at a farmer’s market??? lol

  • what?

    omfg i didn’t know he was 26……..and where’s Avan he’s her shopping buddy

  • Inna

    what is up with all these weird, large age differences? lol i know very well that may not be dating, but for reallzzz. get along better with your peers! haha

  • sammy

    oh these two are for sure dating, and banging lol
    come on ppl

    lets be real now

    good for them though! they’re cute together

  • Becky

    Who said she’s dating him? So what? You support her for her personal life or her career. She is absolutely NOT stuck-up! Follow her on Twitter and you’ll see. And stfu you judgmental idiots.:)

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I think he’s going out with Ariana Grande.

    People are complaining about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, but nobody is complaining about Leon Thomas III and Daniella Monet. I’m not complaining about either of them.