Charice: 'Louder' Music Video Coming Soon!

Charice: 'Louder' Music Video Coming Soon!

While Charice is still thinking about what month to drop her new album in, the 18-year-old singer caught up with our pals at that her new single, “Louder,” is getting a music video!

“We’re gonna do the music video for ‘Louder’ because I really love to dance and the song is really an inspirational song,” Charice dishes, “I can totally dedicate that to all the haters out there. You know, like, I don’t need you. I don’t need no shoulder, you know? I’m gonna be a soldier. No one can bring me down. I’m just gonna do this and be brave. That’s why it’s called ‘Louder’ because you being brave is so much louder than you being weak. It’s such an amazing song, such an inspirational song.”

Check out the rest of Charice‘s Q&A!


“Louder” Lyric Video”
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  • Extreme

    Definitely inspiring… just like “One Day”

  • marklovecharice(twitter)

    yup sure does

  • Fly n Dance

    i can smell a hit. great song!

  • YVesarellano

    I really love Charice. I’m also a Filipino like her and I’m proud that our fellow Filipino is doing great in the International Music Scene :) She’s really awesome!

  • chris58

    This is going to be huge inspirational song esp. With music video. Congrats Charice, you are really a nice person

  • tiger2

    Really nice song, hope becomes a hit.

  • WebScribes

    I like ALL of the new Charice songs:
    “Louder” -
    “Lost the Best Thing” –
    “One Day” (written & produced by Nick Jonas) –
    “Before it Explodes” (Written & produced by Bruno Mars) –
    even the Glee original “As Long as You’re There” (which is many times more beautiful than the edited version shown on Glee)
    Check them out on iTunes or Amazon

  • yo

    Here’s to all the haters out there….yesss sir…go charice.

  • JD

    This is such an awesome song !

  • Chelsea

    I’m so excited about a video for this song! Charice is so amazing and this is another great song by her! Can’t wait for the new album, hope it comes soon!! And I hope all these new songs she’s been releasing are on it!

  • lee

    @YVesarellano: @YVesarellano: who cares if you’re a filipino? so much of the “im proud to be filipino” stuff! we dont say we’re proud of being americans bec of lady gaga, beyonce, michael jackson so stop that BS!

  • mia

    Idk I fee like they almost ruined her voice i started watching her videos waaay before she got discovered and if you could of heard just the raw talent it was breath taking it gave me goose bumps but when she got discovered they gave her a voice coach and took that away. Now to me she just sounds like any other pop star. I know she still has that rawness in her cause when she was on glee they had her singing songs like the kind she got discovered for, I just wish she could bring that back to her original songs. But i still love her.

  • susie

    Awsome!!! Just awsome. I can’t wait for the second album.

  • jD



    I know annoying as s***. I just tell these Filipinos one thing. She may be Filipino but she is freaking American made! XD

  • james bersano

    HATERS. Now RACIST. Shame on you. You are in America the land of IMMIGRANTS.

  • neddyrap

    anyone that appreciates real and pure music will love an excellent singer like charice, keep it up! we are all excited for your second album! =_