Harry Potter vs. Twilight: Who Will Take Home The Most MTV Movie Awards?

Harry Potter vs. Twilight: Who Will Take Home The Most MTV Movie Awards?

Forget picking between Edward and Jacob for Bella…we’ve got another battle on our hands — Harry Potter vs. Twilight!

Both franchises are up for a slew of honors at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday and even the stars can’t decide!

Twilight actually leads the board with eight (8) noms, while Harry Potter racked up six (6) but yes…they are competing for the golden popcorn award in several categories.

TELL JJJ: Where does your loyalty lie — HP or Twilight? Vote in our poll below!

Harry Potter vs. Twilight: Who Will Win?

Who do you think will rack up more MTV Movie Awards?
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  • bee

    HP 4 LIFE

  • Afra

    HARRY POTTER 4 LIFE like @Bee SAID… !!!!!! ALWAYS A HARRY POTTER AND ALWAYS WILL BE A HARRY POTTER FAN. NOTHING can change that :-D a true HP fan will always be there to support HARRY POTTER no matter what.
    <3 :-D

  • Reve bassil

    twilight all da way
    team jacob 4 evaaaaaaa
    luv tay tay

  • magick_girl786


    Harry Potter has actual real character development (something which I think remains a mystery to Stephanie Meyer) plus the female characters don’t make me want to bash a head into a wall and pity my gender lol. Better storyline, better writing, more original. HP4LIFE!

  • hpotter12


  • kerri

    I want Harry Potter to win but i think that Twilight is going to win. People seem to be obsessed with Robert Pattinson especially because he played Edward in Twilight and most females love the story between Bella and Edward.

  • duuuudeeeee.


  • Alex

    I WANT Harry Potter to win them all but I THINK Twilight will probably win them all because they have crazy super fans who will vote 24/7 to get them to win. HP Fans know that these awards don’t really mean anything and that there are more important things in the world ;)

  • sabrina

    Seriously, the choice should not exist ! Of course, HARRY POTTER ! But, unfortunately, I think Twilight will win, just because of those crazy girls literally obsessed with Rob Pattinson. It sucks. It really sucks !

  • blaine1

    twilight Obsessed fans don’t know what real acting is!!!!

    HP 4 Life

  • good-one

    Prominent researchers are reporting that Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga are the most popular objects of “fan fiction”, (which is the novices’ and general-public-Internet-contributors’ equivalent to the Romance novel.)

    We’ve been looking forward to Sunday night, and we’ve discussed it here with much relish. It will happen in real rime, and then we’ll spend days or maybe even weeks discussing the show, the winners, their clothes, etc.

    MTV Movie Awards is almost here!

  • kate

    oh come on , how is it possible to choose beetwen HP and Twilight ? it’s completely different level !!!! I <3 Harry Potter

  • Reve bassil

    @kerri: i’m actually obsessed with T.L but not for playing jacob he’s just adorable

  • Jack

    Harry Potter will get more votes, but Twilight will win more awards because the MTV Movie Awards are entirely corrupted by corporate influences. They get more money if they can get Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to give award speeches, so those are the people who will win. However it’s clear that Harry Potter has more fans and has both better movies and books.

  • Katy Boden: can’t wait!!!

    i’m just gonna say Harry Potter because its the last movies, Harry Potter is a legend!!!!
    PLUS if Rob and Kristen win best kiss again and try and do that bloody awkward thing AGAIN i’m going to scream!!!! i hope taylor and Kristen win, add least we’ll get a different emotion out of her ( sorry) its the same old same old at every award show they all act really weird on stage. BUT I DO LOVE TWILIGHT JUST NOT AT AWARD SHOWS i just want Harry to win they deserve it!!!

  • Angie

    Why is it even a question? HARRY POTTER HANDS DOWN END OF STORY! 8 and 6? Damn it! oh well Dan, Emma, Tom, and the Movie have to win. HP REMAINS FOREVER it will actually be remembered not forgotten.

  • Miia

    Harry Potter must win. I’ve read both Twilight and Harry Potter. I’ve been crazy about Twilight, but it was just a phase.

    Harry Potter books are much better written, have better sense of humor and you can feel the way each character develops.

    Twilight books show the romance all girls dream about, with a guy who’s not only handsome but also a gentleman.

    Harry Potter deserves to win this award because the films are about to end. Twilight can win next year, when Breaking Dawn Part 2 is released.

  • http://twitter.com/mina_23 mina

    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/lipkin20 lauren

    we all know twilight is going to win, so whats the point anymore

  • amy

    What i want to win is Harry Potter, but i have a feeling twilight will as usual.

  • Akini

    Harry Potter all the way! The books put Twilight to shame and the movies are way better too!

  • melissa

    i dont care watch one wins.i really like both

  • Chanon

    HARRY POTTER FUCKING OBVIOUSLY. Twilight isn’t even competition.

  • Cyn

    Twilight will definetly be the big winners!! Can’t wait!!

  • jt

    Harry Potter FTW

    twilight WTF!

  • gwen

    I don’t know why articles even ask this question. It’s so obvious and predictable that Twilight is going to win the most awards. Harry Potter isn’t going to win any. What these articles should be saying is “Tune in Sunday to see Twilight sweep the MTV movie awards.”

    I apologize to those people who I may have spoiled by revealing MTV’s top secret winners…… you know for those small few who for some reason didn’t know.

  • Emem

    This is a no-brainer.. Harry Potter, of course!

  • janiece

    @Miia: Me too, I was such an obsessed fan of Twilight but now its complete over kill. I’m so sick of hearing about the franchise and I’m not even really excited about the release of “breaking dawn”. Harry Potter > Twilight all the way but this award show is such crap that Twilight will most likely win in most of its categories. I just hope rob and kristen dont win best kiss, i cant bare to see that for a third time

  • http://thetaylornation.com Chelsea

    There is a deficiency of real intelligent people in the younger generation so Twilight will win. Despite the fact that Harry Potter is an overall better series, and that last movie was glorious.

  • meow


  • laurenm

    twilight is sooooo undeserving

  • http://arisha10 Ariadne

    Harry Potter hands down!!! Best storyline, best special effects, best veteran actors, best author!!! They have a theme park and video-games and they’re planning to do it on e-book: What more can you ask for?

  • http://arisha10 Ariadne

    Harry Potter hands down!!! Best storyline, best special effects, best veteran actors, best author!!! They have a theme park and video-games and they’re planning to do it on e-book: What more can you ask for?

  • Lily


  • hera

    Harry Potter is just all around awesome!!! My absolute favorite…I have been following it for the past 10 years!!!

    Can’t believe its almost over!!!

    HP4LIFE!!! <3

  • liz

    i don’t know if people even read the question, it says who do you think will win not which franchise do you like the most or which franchise do you think is the best, has the best plot and characters! Really people after the past couple of years who do yo REALLY think will win??

  • millie5776

    i LOVE harry potter!!! its the best books, movies, theme parks whatever it is…. its AMAZING!!! harry potter is a classic- it has a true story thats about a brave hero, while twilight is about a girl choosing between loving a vampire and a werewolf. the characters in harry potter are unique and relatable with character developement through the series- something twilight lacks. harry potter is the best franchise of the century!! but…. the teenagers who will be voting for these awards are obsessed with twilight :( it doesnt deserve these awards- harry potter all the waaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  • ezzers

    Twilight all the way,i love harry pottter but think twilight will win just because it more grown up than harry potter and is more interesting. twilight is more recent and people probably relate more to twilight in the sense that they will do anything to protect thier loved ones from harm while you can’t really relate to harry potter. to all the people who are saying that twilight will only win beacuse teenagers are obsessed with robert pattinson are wrong because in general people just seem more intrested in shows about vampires etc like vampire diaries,true blood,teen wolf

  • LoveDaniel

    Love Harry Potter so much but I’m afraid of Twilight’s winning ( Twilight won so much awards a few years). I wish HP win! Hope so.

  • http://@cjennifer628 genevar

    Harry Potter, duh !!!

  • http://twitter.com/dnck_hoon ray

    Harry Potter deserves it.
    TW? I like it but I don’t think it’s worthy enough…to be awarded….

  • http://twitter.com/paula_macax Paula macarena

    Comparing Harry Potter to Twilight is like comparing Michael Jackson to Rebecca Black….. it’s wrong.

  • little

    @ezzers: it is more grown up? oh my! you call that grown up?

  • little

    @ezzers: yeah because being suicidal is considered grown up

  • miki

    Harry Potter —>Hermione Granger

  • ma

    I don’t get how come so many people think twilight is better than harry potter… please…

  • Jasmine

    I’m a Harry Potter fan, so of course I would like for them to win. But I can see where most people are coming from, and I have that same feeling that Twilight will win :( . . . I’m voting HP! :)

  • Jasmine

    @ezzers: And I really don’t see what you mean when you said “people probably relate more to twilight in the sense that they will do anything to protect thier loved ones from harm while you can’t really relate to harry potter” …Um, Harry’s protecting his loved ones (and a bunch of others, too); didn’t you notice? And what does Twilight being more “grown up” have to do with anything?

  • http://@BruCampi Brunela

    POTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER should win, I mean, it’s soooooo much better, c’moooooon! I’ve read both and can’t even compare, I grew up with Potter, learning loads of great stuff and then suddently this woman come up with this story about how good it is to have a boyfriend and be a crazy bitch so dependent of him and stuff, and I was like… huh?
    But the twilighters are freaks, they always vote like crazy to make this danm thing win! :/

  • HP fan for life

    HP definately ;)
    Love harry potter!!!!!!