Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Toronto Twosome

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Toronto Twosome

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber head out for a bite to eat at Swiss Chalet with family and friends in Toronto on Wednesday afternoon (June 1).

While out and about, the cute couple were also spotted shopping at Arden B at one local mall before grabbing a sweet ice cream treat.

The day before, Selena and Justin were seen out at the park with his dad Jeremy, half sister Jazmyn, and half-brother, Jaxon and step-mother.

Selena was even spotted carrying Jazmyn in her arms for a while as they played around the park.

10+ pics inside of Toronto twosome Selena and Justin

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Credit: John White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Robsten Fan

    Toronto? Wasn’t they in Hawaii?

  • Nina


  • bruno

    adorable couple!

  • emily

    justin has a tattoo of a star on his elbow???

  • andy

    They are so cute! Selena looks beautiful!

  • lauren

    just stop already,

  • GG

    What’s with Justins lame….really lame elbow tattoo?

    Now that I know that Selena eats at Swiss Chalet, I like her even more!

  • lalaland

    Are they like Touring? ( couple touring) there like everywhere , and selena is just toooo good for justin , plus they seem like a ( Kids popular couple) or something , i think selena and David henrie are meant for eachother. BELIEVE ME THIS JELENA is just another publicity act , it will be voer before you know it. -_- Before selena dating justin she has some identity..and know …..

  • a name

    This is what I like to see of them. This is adorable. But I wasn’t a fan of the pictures in Hawaii. I did NOT like those pictures at all. But these picures are adorable. If they stay like this, then I will definantly support their relationship.
    I Love You Justin Bieber <333
    ~Love, a true belieber.

  • Sabrina

    Awww they are so cute and I love justin bieber so much:)

  • Theresa

    They’re both annoying.

  • sami

    waaaw i like that they care family that is so cool i love them both go jelena

  • Sarah

    People keep complaining that “they’re spending too much time together”, but you have to realize that Selena will be busy ALL June. So they’re prob just spending as much time as they can together. Justin just got off tour too. I give these two props for making their relationship last through the distant and negativity.

  • Elly adriana falconi

    Selena está con justin p la plata k mal k me kae selena ……… ???

  • katie

    If anyone is in the Phoenix area June 13th, Selena Gomez will be appearing at Arizona Mills 6/13/2011 @ 6pm!

  • javi

    @Robsten Fan: they were everywhere last week they were in texas with her family in dallas and now canada and then da world. lol

  • meiner


    Each person can decide for himself whether he wants to see these images and their website has published these images, not Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber!

  • Shannon Nolan

    Justin bieber I love u so so much u jaw no idea how much I think I am ur biggest ever fan I’m not only saying that I really really truly love u rock u should see my room anything that belongs to me has u on it Justin I really love u I cry over u everyday I want to meet u I love u by Shannon Nolan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • kaylee

    i think justin bieber and slena gomez should not be together because its hurting all then girls that love justin bieber really even me because I love Justin Beiber.

  • saffron

    awww thye make such a cute couple
    go jelena

  • sellylover

    selena is soo pretty, she definitely have natural beauty ;) love her hair and he outfit!!

  • sellylover

    btw the photos in the park are extremly adorable, jelena is the most adorable couple, love them both

  • sellylover

    @Robsten Fan: they were in hawaii last week, over the weekend they were in extas with selenas family and since yesterday the are is ontario with justins family

  • sellylover

    @Robsten Fan they were in hawaii last week, over the weekend they were in texas with selenas family and since yesterday they are in ontario with justin´s family :D

  • jb

    lol they dont hold hands or kiss when justins dad is there :P hmmm….

  • daniella!!

    They look so depressed?….

  • anybody?anybody?

    Selena is so gorgeous and an incredibly good person. she’s always wanted a big family, so she’s probably happy to hang out with Justin’s kid siblings lol I still think she can do much better, but she seems genuinely happy with Justin so good for them, I hope they have a meaningful relationship. he’s very lucky to have her!

  • Booboo

    That’s not Toronto, it’s Stratford Justin’s home town.

  • Jess

    Omg ! they r very cute together :P they remind me of zac and vanessa…

  • Samantha

    i wish people would stop comparing them to Zac and Vanessa. Zac and Vanessa were the best couple in hollywood. These two can just fuck off.

  • Carly

    Omg I think there soo cute!!!! I love Justin and Selena they were mention for each other don’t be haterszz!!

  • javi

    @daniella!!: obviously they look depress in that pic they are in canada lol

  • headstrong

    she looks sleepy.
    i like her outfit.

  • EH!


  • Just Saying

    @Samantha: Amen!! lol!

  • tilly

    As far as I know this was in his hometown of Stratford NOT TORONTO!!!!!!

  • terry

    Couple of losers if I ever saw’em.

  • selenapck

    There really cute together…. i <3 Selena, but i think there taking it too fast. I just don’t want them to breakup!

  • sami

    they are everywhere that means selena is a wizard lol

  • sami

    no they are dating almost a year now that is not fast

  • Chloe

    Cute couple! love Selena, don’t care about Justin but I’m not sending death threats like the horrible beliebers do to my lovely Selena.

  • bieberfan4everrr

    i lo0veeeeeeeee Jelena so much!!! i think that they are awesome for eachother!!!! and justin have an EARRING?? thats awesome, it makes him even hotter <333

  • what is to you?

    I dont think shes pretty my opinion she looks old and those hair extensions do nothing for her.. i dotn support either justin or selena and @Kaylee : Shut the hell up you immature little rat.. you along with 100 milion other girls are jealous.. how old are you 8? still in kindergarten?
    hes going to date.. get over it!

  • mishybc

    @sami: lol!


  • B

    Just an FYI… Justin and Selena are not in Toronto, they are in Stratford in these pictures. Justin was raised in Stratford and they’ve been there for the past few days. It is always nice to have him home!

  • Callie

    Ok seriously people wake up i mean Selena deserves way better than Justin i mean she sould be going out with Taylor Lautner and as for Justin he need to go back Canada!!!!

  • padi

    I think they’re adorable :) <3
    and it’s so cool that they’re eating at a swiss chalet!!! ;)
    (I’m swiss so yeaah :D)
    I wish them the best…

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