JJJ Shakes It Up with Good Luck Charlie

JJJ Shakes It Up with Good Luck Charlie

The casts of Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up have fun with the JJJ coasters in this behind-the-scenes pic from the big crossover event happening THIS SUNDAY!

We were lucky enough to catch the two casts on set the day of shooting and found out about the episode, how Bridgit Mendler‘s dancing skills were and the baseball rivalry going on. Check it:

JJJ: How did the crossover come about?
Bradley Steven Perry: We knew we were going to do a crossover with them eventually
Adam Irigoyen: We’ re right next door to each other, so it was bound to happen.
Bridgit Mendler: Leigh [Allyn Baker] and I found out we were dancing, like, a week before, that was fun.

JJJ: Since Gabe and PJ are back in Denver, could you see them dancing as well as Teddy and Amy?
BSP: Nope. Nope.
Jason Dolley: Not even close. [I can do some] Irish step dancing, but I would not fit in at all.

JJJ: Bridgit, was it difficult for you to pick up the dance routine?
BM: I think my main hurdle was like, the dance confidence. I’ m not exactly the most
confident dancer. The first day, I, you know, roughly got the choreography down.
The second day we kind of more figured it out. And I think by the end we were more
comfortable with the material, so, we’ re happy with it.
JD: It looked fantastic.

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JJJ: Did any of you have an idea in your head before about a crossover?
JD: We had a thought where we would cross paths on the planes.
BSP: But they obviously couldn’t be coming to us because…the Duncans are just like a very normal family that lives in a track home, so how do they get to our house? It would just be really weird. So I just had a feeling that we would be going to Chicago, but…not me!

JJJ: If you were to add another Disney Channel show for the crossover which would it be?
BSP: We could do the Suite Life? We could go on a boat.
JD: They could have like, the Shake It Up show, like a showcase, on the cruise ship and then The Duncans could win a trip or something like that. Yeah, that could happen! I’ d be cool with that.

JJJ: Bella and Zendaya, how did you like crossing over with Good Luck Charlie?
Bella Thorne: Their set is so welcoming, and everybody there is really nice, and I’ve never…I haven’ t met Bridgit before, before the show, which is really exciting to meet her, because she’ s really sweet. And I’ ve met Jason before, and I definitely, definitely met Bradley before.
BSP: She’ s a Yankees fan [JJJ Note: He's not]
Zendaya: It’s a new experience, and it’s two totally different shows that are colliding together, and it’s creating this hilarious episode, and every one of these people here right now is like, super talented, and I’ m just lucky that I get to work with them.

JJJ: What did you think of Bridgit and Leigh’s dancing?
Zendaya: They surprised us!
BT: They’re really good! I was really, really impressed because Leigh, I don’ t think has really danced before, and Bridgit danced when she was younger…
BM: A LOT younger
BT: She hasn’t done it recently, you know, her character is not so much into the dancing, but they’re really, really good. I’ m excited to see how it all turns out, so it was fun shooting.
BM: I’ m kinda nervous. Thanks guys.

JJJ: Adam, we heard that you’ve found a new friend in Mia.
AI: I did! I found out that Mia likes a lot of goldfish. She really does. She loves goldfish. And the color purple. That’ s been my learning experience.
BM: I also learned that Mia has a huge crush on Davis. And he was definitely using some pick up lines on her.
(everyone laughs)
AI: He definitely went up to Mia and just said, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” It was pretty awesome.

JJJ: Bridgit, did Teddy’s wardrobe change at all?
BM: No, not really. This week Teddy is definitely going for I think the Denver vibe with her apparel. She wears her big jacket, and this nice flannel…which I’m wearing it right now. It was a good Teddy Duncan wardrobe, but nothing out of the ordinary. But for the performance outfit, I go totally glitz and glam. All sorts of glitter all over the place, a fedora…. an iron-on tie! That was cool. I haven’t seen my outfit for the last scene.”

Charlie Shakes It Up premieres THIS SUNDAY, June 5th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

“Charlie Shakes It Up” Sneak Peek

“Charlie Shakes It Up” Behind The Scenes
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