Chloe Moretz: MTV Movie Awards Acceptance Speech!

Chloe Moretz: MTV Movie Awards Acceptance Speech!

Chloe Moretz throws her hands up in the air in this exclusive new video.

Last night, the 14-year-old Kick-Ass actress won the awards for Biggest Badass Star and Best Breakout Star at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

Check out the video below of Chloe in London – she’s overseas filming a new movie called Dark Shadows!

“Thank you soo much to everyone who voted for me at the @MTV #MovieAwards <3," Chloe tweeted. “i love my fans sooo much and can’t thank you all enough! xoxoxox.”

YAY @ChloeGMoretz!!!

Chloe Moretz to Fans: Thank You for Voting!
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  • http://Erin_milks erin

    Why your welcome :) congrats you were spectacular as hit-girl and also as abby. Honastly your my inspiration! Im trying to get into acting and i was to do acting like the movies that you do. You have a wonderful personality and a godly girl! wich is amazing and very refreshing! Dont stray from god please. Be the good girl that your are :)

  • ClearPerspective

    Common Chlo-bear, give us an action punch at the camera! *tisk tisk*

    Tell Trev to step into my office.

  • Sebastian

    yw, i vote for you in every category cause you deserved it. keep up sweety ;P

  • Alli

    Awww <3 I voted! :D

  • http://dnck_hoon Ray

    she’s lovely!

  • Jonathan

    Very talented young actress and adorable on top of it.

    I love her interviews, and the YouTube VLogs she tapes with her brother, since she comes so real, normal and sweet.. Hard not to root for someone like that.