Victoria Justice: Basketball Tournament with Ryan Rottman!

Victoria Justice: Basketball Tournament with Ryan Rottman!

Victoria Justice shows off her dance moves alongside boyfriend Ryan Rottman at the Muscle Milk Celebrity Charity Basketball Tournament on Friday (June 3) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old Victorious star was there to cheer on Ryan, who participated in the 3-on-3 celebrity charity basketball tournament.

Ryan, 26, warmed up with Kellan Lutz and played with Scott Porter, Doug Reinhardt, and The Secret Life of an American Teenager stars Austin Stowell and Allen Evangelista.

Scott Porter‘s team won and they chose to donate to their favorite charity – Gridiron Heroes!

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Credit: Angela Weiss; Photos: Wire Image
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  • diane

    so theyre really together?

  • whodat

    holy crap, hes way to old for her

  • lucy

    soooo cute! love this couple!

  • emily h

    and people complain about the age difference of jelena…. smh

  • Inna

    what is up with all these weird age differences, now?

    i cant bring myself to like anyone who’s together right now.

    Zanessa, forever, man. <3

  • peace

    this is fucking unnatural
    little girl and grandpa?

  • peace

    this is unnatural
    grandpa and little girl

  • josie

    personally think they are really cute, since when is age a huge deal when it comes to dating? shes 18 she can dates whoever she wants i wouldnt want people telling me who i can’t date because of age, yeah I have my limits but still it’s something personal.

  • pAT

    Please a 18 year old and a 26 year old is too much of an age difference. Yeah guys usually like the young girls because they can be THE man with them easier.
    But seriosly what is up with that?
    That’s like a freshman in college or even a 12th grade person dating someone who has graduated college a long time ago.
    I don’t care if the younger person “seem or act” mature for their age. Once they are 20-21 they can date someone 8-10 yrs older and it will not be such a big gap or knowledge/experience.

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    Gus stop arrguing when your in love u dont look for a age diffrence u just are in love with that person and u dont see anything but love so let them date i think they make a very cute couple even though him and brittanny did to so just let them be victoria is a very nice smart girl she knows what shes doing and ryans a great guy so let just see what happens

  • Ella

    Just like Nick & Delta. (:

  • Abby

    WTF is up with all these age differences now?

    Nick & Delta
    Selena & Justin
    Vanessa & Josh
    Victoria & Ryan

    IMO I do think he’s too old for her. It isn’t like its only 3-4 years age difference its 8 years and on top of that she JUST turned 18

    Dear Zanessa,
    Get the heck back together so young hollywood can have a couple to look up to and we can be proud of. :’(

  • Mandy

    There isn’t actually that much of an age difference. 8 Years isn’t that bad. Although, Victoria Justice may be cute but this couple together certainly isn’t. Besides, Nina Dobrev’s (maybe) dating Ian Somerhalder and they have a 10 year age difference but no-one cares because they have intense chemistry and people adore them.

    But that aside, I completely agree with everyone else. Zanessa have to get back together. She and Josh may be sweet but definitely not long term. However, if he’s sticking to the no marriage til 40, I’m sticking by her breaking up with him. Who would wait 20 years for a guy you’re not even sure is ‘the one’ yet?

  • Abby

    @Mandy: I know this isn’t a Zac/Vanessa/Zanessa post so I’m not going to go on and on about it but I REALLy, REALLY don’t think the whole “no marriage until I’m 40 thing” had anything to do with their breakup. If it did that most likely would have happen after he said it (which was years ago) instead of late last year.

    As for Nina Dobrev and Ian I don’t think people care about them because isn’t she like 22 or something? She’s a grown adult and therefore can do what she wants.

  • Alli

    You don’t even know if they’re dating. There’s a lot of couples who have a HUGE age difference. So leave them alone.

  • Abby

    @Mandy: But I do see what you mean. I don’t think I’d wait 20 years either for a guy to deside if he wanted to marry me or not. But IMO I don’t believe Vanessa is/was ready to get married right now either (or even in the next few years tbh).

  • crazygirl

    they are soo cute together <3

  • http://bigtimerush nicamae


  • Nicky

    @Abby: How often does he (Zac) have to say again, that he doesn’t want to marry for a while. He doesn’t want that pressure. This interview is from summer last year, there he said it again . Vanessa is grown up in a very religious family where such things count a lot. Zac has never been religious and he will never be, this is a topic that is not interesting for him. Vanessa’s mother wanted they are at least engaged and what did Zac? He never asked Vanessa bc he doesn’t want to be married for at least the next 10 – 20 years. He has other plans and a lot of other things that are much more important for him, like his career for example. Vanessa should look for guy who wants to marry within the next very few years. In this case Zac and Vanessa have completely different interests and therefore is here no compromise. Vanessa said in an interview that she wants a husband and a kid. And according to the video: Zac doesn’t want to think about it.
    It wouldn’t work. They both have different ideas about their lives, so it was the best for them to go separate ways.

  • Emily j

    Victoria and Ryan are NOT together…who got that idea?
    Ryan is married, even look his name up online, he has a wife!
    Ryan was a love interest on Victorious and thats probably about it.
    Zac and Vanessa should be together again, they had amazing chemistry together and there’s no doubt they still love each other.
    I don’t like Josh, marriage at 40? Come on man!
    It’s not Vanessa’s fault even for the graphic pics…it was two EX best friends.
    Not much of an age difference for Justin and Selena, she’s a year older.

    where’s the young hollywood love at?
    we need more couples like Jelena and Zanessa.

  • allie

    All I’m saying is, she doesn’t always seem that mature but then again she’s young and she’s usually just having fun. That obviously says a lot for him though since he is 26 BUT ..I do think they’re cute and I don’t see the big deal. Plenty of people date like this and if she wasn’t in the public eye, no one would really mention this. I’d just like to also mention that if she can date someone 8 years older, people should really back off nick. It’s not a big deal.

  • allie

    This is also what happens when you put people of different age groups together because of ‘chemistry’. You usually get chemistry.

  • thornie

    love this girl.

  • amanda

    This is f*cked up!!! he is 26 years old and she is only 18!!! She should date someone her own age like between 18-21 and not older than that. Is he so insecure with himself that he has to get with a 18? Victoria is still a young girl she doesn’t know any better but he should know better i mean he could be her brother. This is disgusting i am sure if his parents found out that he is with a 18 year old they would sh*t him out big time and tell him to grow up!!!!!

  • sarah

    WOW….THATS A HUGE AGE DIFFERENCE… seriously i could never date someone that old…my brother is that age and oh my gosh if dated one of his friends…i could never wow.

  • ezzers

    dont think they are dating,female celebs in hollywood apparently can’t be friends with guys without a rumour proping up that they are dating.until either ryan or victoria confirm it,its just a rumour

  • OMGxStar

    I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about an age difference. In case you don’t know love has NO age limit! If your in love with someone or deeply care for it shouldn’t matter how old they are and if your worried about an age difference you’ll probably never find true love because you can’t focus on little things like that. A relationship is based on how you feel about someone not how old they are.

  • gracemarie

    @Emily j:

    Zac was the one who said no marriage till 40 not Josh.

    Guys age is nothing there are people the same age making each other’s lives hell. If these persons are happy in their relationships then who are we to have anything to say.

    If people spent a little more time on people’s characters, beliefs and education or more important compatibility there wouldn’t be such a high divorce rate.

    And maturity can’t be measured by age – some men are mature at a very young – some are 40 still acting and thinking like they are 14.

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @Abby,Mandy,EmilyJ,Nicky, guys josh and vanessa are not dateing yes they have been hanging out quite a bit but htey are not dating you could totally tell if they were and yes josh has a crush on vanessa u can totally tell she dosnt look at him the same i think that the resson she is close to josh is because he was their when zanessa broke up and her nsughty pics and just a shouldder to cry on but josh thinks they have chemistry but vanessa dosnt feel the same way when they went bowling he tried to hug her froim behind and hold her hand and she just pulled away and didint let her touch her like that again she has only felt connection with zac so if her and josh were dating why wouldnt she like hug him be close to him snuggle up to him put her head on his shoulder ane ext like she didi with zac.<idk about you guys but i still have zanessa hope and faith it will work out and if not now in the near future or in the end they will come back tgoether their soulmates and i know this is going to be hard if they dont get back together sonn in near future but we have ti stick together those who are zanessa fans and not let the talibods or media bring us down until eitheir one of tehm confirm it comeing out of their nmouths wich will either be josh or vanessa i wont believe it but i doubt they would ever date they just have a brother sisiter type realationship plus vanessa is 4 yrs older than him she thijks fo him like a little brother she never had all we need to have for zanessa is patience <ZANESA4EFAV <and victoria and ryan i can see the chemistry between them and if thery are dating then good for them ryan is always on twitter supporting her by telling the fans to go watch her epioseds or seomthing cool shes doing so we wlill just have to see and waith awhat happens .

  • Nicky

    @Xojosselynxozanessaxo: Vanessa can be together with whoever she wants, for me is it not important who it will be. What I know is, that everything between her and Zac is over. She wants a family of her own, Zac doesn’t think about this theme, he has other plans for his future at least for the nest 10 – 20 years.
    Watch the video I put in my earlier comment, he said it again and that was in summer last year. He said again that he doesn’t want that pressure. He is way too young for a family and not ready for it.

    Tabloids are also not interesting for me. I have someone in my circle of friends who is a friend of Zac and knows him very well.

  • aly

    @Emily j:
    Who is Ryan`s wife? =))))))))))))))

  • Merlin’s mum

    @aly: Perhaps it’s me! Oh no! I’m Zac Efron aren’t I? Get confused. Couldn’t marry V cos she’s Catholic and I’m not.Eight years difference is not a lot. My parents were 6 years apart, men are mature later so you need an older guy. Except if you are an older woman, then you need one about 21-25.

  • cece

    Victoria has been working foreva so she’s probably way more mature than the typical 18 yr old. Let’s see where this goes they are probably just friends……either way I can’t wait for the iparty episode this weekend !!!!!! luv u Victoria

  • Allie

    Age is just a number, however the problem can be is the younger one (in Victoria, Nick and Joshs case) – can’t get into clubs/drink when the partners can. I don’t really think age is a issue with Selena and Justin – theres only a year between them , its just that they look strange physically together. The problem with Selena and Justin is that Justin is obviously a late developer – there are 16/17 year olds who look older than him (i.e Scotty from American Idol). Everyone matures differently.

    My parents have an age difference of 15 years. Blake Lively and Leo have a large age difference, Nicole Scherzinger and her boyfriend have a 8 year difference – they started dating when he was 22 and she 30 – as you get older it doesn’t really matter.

  • nickj

    hahaha this is kinda eeehhhhh. imagine when she was just 12 years old he was already 20 !! hahahahah ewww

  • Christine

    The age difference is definitely weird. At 18 she’s at a completely different place in her life than a 26 year old. It’s like someone who just graduated from high school hooking up with a guy who’s been through college AND graduate school. Once you get older it doesn’t matter as much, but at their age those 8 years make a huge difference. Not only that, but she looks like she’s still 14 years old. It’s like he’s hanging out with his little sister or something.

    As for Zanessa fans, you guys need to give it a rest already. It’s been 6 months since they broke up and the last time they were at the same place at the same time was for Ashley’s Sharpay thing. But more to the point, in five years a lot can change. What is important to you when you were 16 or 17 will be different by the time you’re 21 or 22. You can’t expect Zac and Vanessa, as adults, to still feel the same way about their lives, their careers and each other as they did when they were teenagers. Life doesn’t work that way. People can fall out of love just as easily as they fall into it and they can change their minds about the people they are with.

    Soulmates don’t exist. More often than not people end up together because it’s the perfect time, not neccessarily because they’re with the perfect person. Maybe what they had was great while it lasted, but who cares? That was in the past, and right now they’ve decided they don’t want to be together anymore. Move on with your lives already and quit hijacking posts that have nothing to do with them.

  • Abby

    @Nicky: Haha sorry but WHY would you believe anything either of them pretty much say in interviews? They say what they know the interviewer wants to hear. For example Vanessa said she is single right now. She sure as hell isn’t single right now. You don’t fly all the way from LA to NC to just visit a “friend” on his movie set after he had only left like 2 weeks before. You just don’t.

  • Abby

    Also you REALLY think Josh would want to get married within the next few years? He’s only 18 years old. He for SURE isn’t looking at getting married. Plus he’s got the Hunger Games movies for the next few years therefore won’t be around a lot.

    I just think its stupid to think they broke up over something like married. NEITHER of them IMO are ready to get married right now. Vanessa said she wants a family & kids when she’s 30 years old. Thats almost 10 years from now. Thats a LONG time.

  • Haters Suck!

    Not sure how this turned into a zac and Vanessa thing but what ever. All I’m gonna say is Victoria be careful trusting “ninjas”

  • su

    i agree, i want zanessa back :(
    they will be back man, someday, they will, you’ll see <3

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @Nicky really you know zac? the thing is though that true love always finds eachother in the end liek they still love eachother theirs no doubt yes vanessa can date whoever she wants but she isnt dating josh thats the thing their just good friends <i dont mean to be mean but how did you know that zac and vanessa broke up for that resson? you know it dosnt matter what he told his friends i think the only people that know the whole truth is zac and vanessa considering that thy were the ones in a relationshipo they could have told frineds and family somthing diffrent about the split so you never know and also no one knows what the futre holds for love couples do evertything possiable to be with that person and if it is the case that they broke up because one of them wanted to get married maybe zac will give in and finally marry her and have a family so you shouldnt say that their completely over and then again when zac was at corbins house party a couple of weeks age he was wearing the kuipo ring i dont think he was wearing that just for fashion there has to be a resson y dont u think he wars it out in like public and same with vanessa she was wearing the bracellet when she went to france they were stuff from when they were dating but htey always wear it in privarte places like maybe theri still talking a figuring things out so you never know but i can tell you i have so much hopr and bevlive in zanessa so much and always will they are soulmates so i think they will find eachother again
    i dotn want to start a fight or anything i am just saying what i feel no mattter who knows them zac and vanessa only know they whole truth and no one will ever know the whole truth but them ,can i ask u a question how old r u? how do u know zac? did he tell u why the resson for the split was? i want to be friends and not start a fight so hope we are cool and you can respond if you want

  • Abby

    @Xojosselynxozanessaxo: Girl she does NOT know Zac. Don’t believe everything you read online. Thats how kids get in trouble.

    It doesn’t really matter because this is NOT a zanessa post therefore I think we should drop it.

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @Abby hi yes its true she just wants top start drama i was just clearing things up or atleast wanting to i will say that no one knows what happedn between zanessa i just get pissed off when ppl start saying stuff they dont know it just pisses me off its like how do u know and i aploigize this sint a zanessa thread just ppl starting talking about it and stuff thats what got me talking so what do u think about zanessa?

  • kASSIE


  • Nicky

    To talk to people here is wasted time and senseless. I don’t remember that I said I know him. I said someone in the circle of my friends knows him. I’m no one who wastes time with such stupid things like love or feelings like that. People who know me would describe me as cold as ice, heartless and reckless … and they are right, it’s necessary for my work. I have absolutely no time for senseless and unnecessary stuff like love, compassion, charity, affection and so on. In my business life is neither time nor place for it. All these things show nothing else than weakness and effeminacy. People who do business with me, don’t like me.

  • Tessa

    …I still think they look cute. :)

  • Leyla

    I dont see whats the big deal with the age diference. Im 18 years old and i really like a 26 year old too. It just happens. When you really like someone you ignore the age

  • frank

    it sounds like the majority of guys are jealous of the fact that their dream girl went for an older guy. Get over it..this has happened since the dawn of time and it always will. If you are so disgusted that she went for a much older guy then would you still be interested in her anyway?

  • sunshine

    I love victoria justice shes the best.!!!!!! I think she should be seen in the news more often!!I love her voice …really!!!!!!I think they don’t make a good couple.I think tori should be with Avan her suposoly best friend.OMG i love you tori as a friend, I wish I can be famous like you.Well if i was kind of famous i’m 13 years old and i always watch your show ” Victorious”.

  • OverHim

    I don’t know if Ryan and Victoria are together or not but the age difference at 18 and 26 is pretty big, even if girls mature faster than guys do at Victoria’s age. There’s a world of life experience and perspective between an 18 year old and a 26 year old that I would imagine might be a deal breaker eventually. But people are willing to overlook just about anything in the name of romance and satisfy that need to at least try.

    As for Zanessa getting back together, I used to be a fan but I hope they don’t for both their sakes. IMO it’s becoming increasingly clear that there was way more to their break-up than just long distance or different life & career timetables. After seeing a video from Victoria’s 18th Birthday party, eh, definitely seems like Josh/V were together even back then, so there was likely some overlap b/w ZV ending and JV starting.

    Zanessa had a really good reason for ending. Whatever that real reason was it was big enough for them to both cut each other off and walk away from a 5 plus year relationship, and an even longer friendship, without looking back. It had to have been pretty insurmountable to just cut each other off and out since, on top of a romance, they both said as recently as last summer and fall that they were each other’s best friend. IMO what happened b/w them doesn’t happen when it’s something like long distance or even wanting to try being single that was the issue.

    In the end, they both deserve to be happy. Zac deserves someone who wants only him and doesn’t just insert another guy in his place and walk away without looking back. And Vanessa deserves to be with who she feels is a better match for her and she seems to have found it and seems happier than ever with Josh. Why hold on when they’ve both let go and moved on? And are seemingly happy about it.