'Lemonade Mouth 2' in Development!

'Lemonade Mouth 2' in Development!


Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael hit The View stage on Friday morning, not only to perform on the show, but to announce some breaking news!

The foursome, sans Naomi Scott who couldn’t be there, made the announcement that a Lemonade Mouth 2 is currently in development! That means more lemonade!

Blake tweeted, “JUST ANNOUNCED: A SEQUEL to #LemonadeMouth is OFFICIALLY IN DEVELOPMENT!! Retweet.. Spread the big news!!!”

ARE YOU EXCITED for a Lemonade Mouth 2? What do you want to see happen?

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Credit: Jeff Neira; Photos: ABC
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  • donni

    sound familar……….
    oh cam rock 2 and we saw how that went

  • http://bridgit-mendler.org Bridgit Mendler Online

    Oh yeah! So Excited for Bridgit and the Cast!

  • summer

    Why do we need this? #1 was not that good.

  • Scott

    Lemonade Mouth was a ratings failure; why waste money and time in a sequel that will fail like the first one. The music and records didn’t sell well either.

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle Abby

    All their trying to do is make this the next HSM or Camp Rock and its a failure. The ratings for this movie wear the worst.

  • naomi

    It’s Disney, what do you expect? If any popular Disney movie that involves music gets positive reviews, it’s a likely chance that it’s going to get a sequel. Use your brain people. I thought that this movie was ok and a little cheesy.

  • katie

    loved, loved lm! lm was a huge success and i can’t wait for #2! thank you disney for listening to us kids!

  • Ness

    Unlike all of the above I quite enjoyed it. Unlike HSM and camp rock its not a “we start singing whenever feelings we don’t like appear” theyre actual performances following a plotline I think for disney is actually halfway decent. So i’m pretty stoked.

  • http://Quinn94 94CHill

    Adam Hicks & Bridgit Mendler sweet, romantic and kiss scenes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!! <3 <3 <3
    please please please please! :’3

  • http://@Sonnywacfanangi ANgi

    the first movie was awesome! Can’t wait for the second!

  • Lisa

    Naomi Scott is so A W E S O M E. she is going to be one great actress

  • kayehana


  • callie

    Scott i dont know who you thank you are but leamonade mouth was a big hit s shut up your fat mouth!

  • megan

    love the movie cant wait for number 2



    are you series? check your facts!
    lemonade mouth was the # 1 most viewed cable show this year over 20 million viewers and please check billboard.com and see that Lemonade Mouth cd is in the top 20 best selling albums in the country and has sold over 200,000 albums.

    i loved the movie and soundtrack , cant wait for Lemonade Mouth because unlike camp rock it will be a hit because Adam , Blake , Bridget , Haley ,and Niomi will be bigger stars than they are now based on all of them working and singing more .


  • Naomi99

    I 4ever love is lemonade mouth :}

  • http://@MsLemonademouth jodie

    @94CHill: haha! i so agree! they’re just so cute! =)

  • Rodney Wood

    Yes more lemonade you want some lol

  • Jhur

    I used to love HSM when I was a kid… I tried to watch it again recently, and I was like: “Heck, what?! Why did I like this?” I still like the third part though. But in my age, I think Lemonade Mouth is actually pretty good. Better music than HSM’s, if not the best of the past DCOM’s.
    I want to read the book but it isn’t out in my country. :(

  • Joffrey

    Vraiment impatien de voir “Lemonade Mouth 2″ deja que le premier es superbe alors j’image le second :D je vous aime :)

  • kittycat87

    @Scott: seriously?? 51 million viewers and excellent ratings? call that a failure?

  • Kasey

    I don’t know why people want to compare the two HSM and LM. What I love about HSM is it is what it said, a Musical where you do break into song. (LM does breakout into song in detention) As for LM the story line was very good. I just didn’t like the fact that they were selling you as a band, when they weren’t even playing their own instruments, which is why they have back up musicians on GMA and The View, so I feel a little mislead.

    Another is HSM peak at #1 on Billboard charts, I’m not sure LM did, it may have. HSM is 13X Platinum worldwide.

    I do like LM and feel it’s refreshing. Please! just don’t tell us your musicians if your not. Looking forward to the 2nd one. Adam and Haley are AWESOME!!!!

  • Matthew marro

    This is awesome if u awesome in the first u will be in the 2nd

  • Suzan

    I don’t really like the new disney movies; they’re really cheesy and have thin plots. I never liked HSM or Camp Rock even though I live and breath music, but I actually really enjoyed Lemonade mouth, it was real music with good musicians :) I’m happy they’re making a sequel.

  • Anonym

    haha people saying this movie wasa fail??! I’m sorry.. but it had 7.1 viewers that’s good for a disney channel original movie.. only WOWP, ppp & highschool musical had more viwers..the soundtrack was on #4 billboard…& #1 top soundtracks … and why do u compare it to high school musical or camp rock ? it’s totally different.. unlike in the other movies they perform on stages.. and use INSTRUMENTS… and for a disney movie the songs are actually really really good…

  • öööbm

    bence muhteÅŸem ötesi bayıldım harikulade süper diyecek bu filme layık bir söz bulamıyorum ben 9 kere izledim ve daha izlemeyi umuyorum lüt fen 2 3 4 5 6 … çıksın noluuuurr

  • 90210

    I’m dying ohemmm gee this movie is actually not bad at all. all about raw talent & the underdog. hell to the yea!

  • 90210

    Obviously Disney can’t back out on this BOOMING Lemonade Mouth franchise. It’s awesome & with Selena Gomez done filming with Wizards (which Disney will show already finished episodes of), Demi Lovato gone from Sonny with a chance, Bridgit Mendler took adavntage of the Disney princess TweenQueen crown and is seizing the moment with “Good Luck Charlie” & “Lemonade Mouth”.

  • Allyson

    OMG! This is gonna be so cool!! =D I hope the songs are just as good (or maybe even better) And I really hope Wen and Olivia get closer!

  • Lemonademouthfanpersonyeaaaaah

    They HAVE to make this!!!!!!!!!!! it would be just so EEEEEEPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIICCC <333333 i haven’t even finished the first movie but i’ve fallen deeeeeeeeeeeeep in love with it @.@ lemonade mouth FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@Truedemetria Caroline

    i think the sequal is going to be alright, its not gonna be as good as camp rock 2

  • chris

    If you want to know why Naomi Scott was not in ‘the view’ lineup….. it’s because she is in Australia till October filming for the new Spielberg/Fox blockbuster epic called TERRA NOVA – check it out – it hits US screens on Sept 26 2011 – she plays Maddy Shannon the teenage daughter of the central family in the show – it is special FX sci-fi big budget show and will spearhead Fox TV for the autumn – no doubt it will be a huge hit!!!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/MissRockNRoll66 Mimi

    I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

    I want Wen & Olivia to be together in LM 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • july

    You guys are stupid!! Disney didn’t create Lemonade Mouth!! IT WAS A BOOK. COME ON PEOPLE learn to read the wiki ._.

  • isbella

    Good for lemonade mouth 2 cuz alot of people liked it there are not that mant haterz



    The movie wasnt a failure it was really good u just like puttin pu bad comments

  • maddie

    best of luck hope everybody likes the 2 movie!!! :0)

  • anomynous

    Oh yeah it wasn’t that good as it was amazing. Lemonade mouth does need a sequel as it is a reaaly great movie

  • laila

    it was a great movie but seriously who didnt see this sequel coming? they didnt really have a choice with all the good ratings

  • laila

    it was a good first movie but seriously who didnt see this coming the first one got great reviews they really didnt have a choice

  • kim

    @94CHill: I agree i would love some romantic scenes between Wen and Olivia. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • kim

    I loved the first Lemonade Mouth and can’t wait for the sequel to premeire. I would really love to see some romantic senses for Wen and Olivia

  • Cristina aguilar

    Omg I hope that oliva and wen kiss in lemoade mouth 2

  • iLuvmiisomuch

    @Scott: Thats a lie Lemonade Mouth Was A HIT so shut your mouth fill it with lemonde spit it in a cup urine in it then drink. Cheers

  • Lalla

    I love Lemonade Mouth and it`s great that they are making a 2nd one \m/ .. :X:X

  • http://shaikins shaia abarahams

    i think it would be so awesome! i loved the 1st and cant wait to see the 2nd. they were gr8 and i love their music!!! :)

  • Rue Aresa

    Awesome! I so loved the first movie! Hope they make a 3rd after the 2nd

  • http://twitter.com/#!/summertimegirly Emily

    I loved lemonade mouth, and i would like to see wen and olivia kiss at least once and mo and charlie kiss at least once! And people lemonade mouth wasnt a faliure!

  • http://nothing jack

    omg i luv lemonade mouth cant wait 4# 2!!!!

  • 8912

    Wen and Olivia must be together!