Selena Gomez: I'm Growing Up Through My Music

Selena Gomez: I'm Growing Up Through My Music

Selena Gomez brightens up the cover of next week’s Billboard in a yellow two piece.

Check out what the 18-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On being both a singer and an actress: “It’s obviously an important phase in my career, and personally. The good news is I have been juggling acting and signing for two-and-a-half to three years. But I have to start over in some areas. It’s interesting to start taking risks, to grow up through my music.”

On working professionally with her mom, Mandy Teefey: “My mom has been my manager since day one. She helps me make choices correctly. She protects me.”

On whose career she would want to emulate: “[Shia LaBeouf]. He did it really well. He’s talented and doing wonderful things. Everybody has their own vision of how they want things to play out … Eventually I hope to make a record in Spanish. I don’t do anything that’s not organic.”

On technology: “I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. I don’t like it in general – it’s vicious. But it’s also incredibly that I can connect with fans, because I love to hear their feedback and let them know about my life.”

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Photos: Kate Turning/Billboard
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  • zahra

    I love Selena but I must say this whole industry is so hypocritical I mean if Miley or some other star was to do a shoot like this, they would get some serious backlash for it, when Selena does it “oh she’s growing up”. The same rule should apply to all!

  • mmbop

    OMG! :D

  • andy

    Her legs <3 She looks amazing… I love her. I can’t wait to see all her new projects.

  • andy

    @zahra: WTH does Miley have to do with any of this? This is a SELENA GOMEZ Post.

  • sam


    Just watch CANT BE TAMED ;)


  • laurent

    @andy i totally agree with you!

  • laurent

    oh and as always she looks totally stunning!!! woww her legs are to die for <3

  • luss

    hypocritical.. yes..i dont care miley..but look her much PHotoshop wowwwwww sel

    That’s the price of beauty
    Who says you’re not pretty
    Who says you’re not beautiful


  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    WTF is she wearing? I love her, but that outfit ? No Thanks! She’s pretty Gorgeous in that second pic though, And I do agree w/ the first comment a bit. If this were Miley, the media and parents would be ready to tear her buns UP for wearing something like this. But as I said before, it America, things are only Slutty if Miley does it. If another Disney star does it, everyone’s totally fine with it.

  • diane

    Beautiful. So happy she’s on the cover of billboard.

  • Arnold

    WOW! She’s so gorgeous!!! LOVE HER!

  • smiley

    @zahra: yea i get what you mean but this picture is very tasteful she not trying to be sexy its just fun but miley dresses like a sl*t shes trying to be sexy all the time so that’s why people do that and stop bringing miley into every Selena post

  • Po


    Go andy!

  • Po

    @Bridgit Mendler Online: Wow, what a crybaby… does Bridgit know you’re like this? Oh wait… you’re Bridgit?


  • Lisa

    Can people stop talking about Miley Cyrus? I’m here for Selena. I do not care about Miley Cyrus. And Selena looks beautiful and amazing btw. Can’t wait to see the next stage of her career.

  • diane

    It’s because Selena is an adult. She’s nearly 19 and took her time growing up. Miley tried to go up too fast and parents didnt like that. She was wearing stuff like this when she was only 16. I love Miley but y’all need to stop bringing her up in everything Selena does. Miley is Miley, she dresses the way she dresses and doesn’t care what people think, why do you?

  • carebear

    Did you hear Selena is sick and was rushed to hospital. People on jj think she could be pregnant.

  • kym

    i think the difference between miley and selena growing up and being more mature is that selena does it gracefully. she is not trying to be sexy and over provocative, she does it in a classy way. if miley were to do a magazine like this, she would be pouting her lips and trying to look sexy. there is something so much sexier about a smile! but at the same time it is just beautiful and CLASSY. im not a fan of either of them but this is just my honest opinion from what i have seen each of them do. btw i like the old style pic of selena, its very pretty but highly photoshopped as well.

  • fan10l

    would you losers stop talking about miley. This is about selena on billboard magazine!!!

  • blahblahblah

    THANK YOU !!!!!

  • samy

    selena will be one of the best actress in Hollywood one day

  • blahblahblah

    Miley wears shorts WOW she’s a slut put on some cloths , Selena wears shorts : she’s cute , Miley braless : wear a bra B*tch , selena braless : I like what she’s wearing . when Miley sings live : she sounds like crap , Selena sings live : she’s amazing . Miley kissing liam on the beach : get a room sluty cyrus , Selena on the beach with justin holding her butt : awwww I like them together . want me to complete or you got the message RETARDED haters if you hate Miley don’t read her articles don’t watch her videos and keep your mean comments to yourself and for the love of the god stop comparing Miley with selena !!! I don’t like selena and thats not because of her it’s because of her fans well some of them are nice but still SO PLEASE GROW UP AND GET A LIFE AND STOP HATING ON CELEBS THEY WERE JUST NORMAL PEOPLE WHO HAD A DREAM AND THEY’RE LIVING IT SO STOP BEING MEAN PLEASE .

  • Patworx

    I hope Selena is alright.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @blahblahblah: Someone who gets it. I really love both Selena and Miley, but I am sick of the double standardness between the fans and the parents. If Miley’s dating an older guy and making out with them, she’s growing up too fast, but when Selena’s getting grouped on by in minor IN PUBLIC , No One Says shit. I feel as though both stars should get the same treatment since they both work for the same network and therefore both work for the same kind of audience. But it always Miley who will get the short end of the stick just because she’s bigger than Selena and because of the fact that Hollywood already has a rep for making her look lik the bad girl and making Selena look like Mother Theresa . it’s not fair, but whatever. That’s America for you.

  • amy


    Those symptoms could be appendix, severe migrane, food poisoning to name a few. get your mind out of the gutter.

  • blahblahblah

    I’m not a hater I don’t know selena so I don’t want to judge her , but the way her fans attack miley and post mean comments on every single article is just so frustrating , ok so Miley smoked she did alot of mistakes but she’s just living a normal life she’s a teenager thats what teenagers do they make mistakes and learn from them beacuse the minute you stop making mistakes is the minute you stop learning !! I think most of the haters are young I don’t imagine an adult hating like That Hahahaha !!!!

  • dreamgirl

    The black and white picture looks NOTHING like her.
    I would never have guessed it was her.
    They clearly over airbrushed trying to thin out her face.
    UGH!!I actually hate photoshop.
    Natural beauty PLEASE!!
    How come us ordinary people can have our pics taken and still look good?hmm??

  • cam

    so much jealousy here. now wonder most guys thin girls are so catty- they are! Selena is gorgeous. Fot that matter, I think Miley is gorgeous too. I can’t help but think iit s the fans of both Selena and Miley that create all the hate for these girls by always comparing them and fighting on these sites. I think that some of the fans of both these girls are like a poison.

  • cam

    guys think (not thin)

  • adam

    This actress went to the hospital because of her illness. She is pregnant! She made the bad choice.

  • sarah

    woah her outfit is pretty racy. if miley wore that people would flip.

  • mike

    its nice to see her start growing up. but in all honesty she is a great actor not a singer she can’t sing! shes not entertaining on stage or performances. but is great at acting and thats were she shines. the difference between miley and selena is that miley can sing and entertain and selena can act and entertain. besides selena getting alot of hate from beliebers lol! leave the music to others your not going to have a hit !

  • headstrong

    i think she looks pretty but too much photoshop. She doesnt need it.

  • meiner

    Please compare the picture with Selena. Miley Cyrus has therefore lost its reputation and Selena Gomez exudes the warmth!

  • OverHim

    heh, you can totally tell Selena and VHudgens have the same PR team (and they do btw) b/c her statements about the internet, fans and growing up and taking risks are eerily almost verbatim to comments that VHudgens has made in the past. Hope things turn out better for Selena and she doesn’t end up the huge hypocrite that Vanessa’s become (IMO).

    That said, I do think there’s a double standard when it comes to Selena and every other Disney female but she’s not the first and she won’t be the last. It seems like there’s one in every generation that is held up on a pedestal while all other females are judged fairly harshly. Before Selena it was Ashley Tisdale. I suspect the Disney marketing department has a lot to do with it. lol They like to control everything and pick certain stars that become essentially untouchable no matter what they say or do and that Teflon status tends to follow them even into their post-Disney careers.

  • headstrong

    @meiner: your comment is pointless. Two diferents pictures situations. If you’re gonna compare them at least do it right.

  • Thesecretlifefan1

    I had to look twice at this pic to see if it was really her

  • Grace

    WOW they made her nose so much smaller LOL way too photoshopped
    looks nothing like her
    look at the difference:

  • selenapck

    First of all people need to wakeup this is a SELENA GOMEZ post! No s**ts are alowed to be mentioned… :P but honestly speaking, selena is an amazing rolemodel and a really nice, talented artist, miley cyrus is just…… ***speechless*** and moving on from Miley Cyrus, it’s not selena’s fault that the cover is photoshoped… but the cover does look amazing! It’s totally aweosme for the summer! Go SELENA!
    ps. get well soon!


  • http://@charlii172010 Charlii

    Well i love this pictures, Selena Gomez is my idol along with Vanessa Hudgens, Selena looks good in anything she wears, same as Vanessa. Love You Sel, Get Well Soon

  • headstrong

    @selenapck: bitches arent allowed to comment but you still commenting here..

  • Have It hollywood

    I love Selena but she should not be a blonde…

  • lulu

    honestly i think she’s the most annoying celebrity ever everytime i see her she just irritates me!

  • Gossip Girl

    @headstrong: GOOOOAAAAAALLLL!!!

  • taketwo

    What are you blind and dumb? In this cover shoot she doesn’t have the appearence of a provocative young girl. You don’t see the difference? Miley dresses and acts provocative during her shoots and concerts. There is a world of difference between them. She doesn’t pole dance, acts wild, and does not hang around with the crowd. Don’t even compare her to Miley. Miley chose the wrong road and now she’s paying for it.