Oliver: Demi Lovato's New Puppy!

Oliver: Demi Lovato's New Puppy!

Meet Oliver, Demi Lovato‘s new puppy!

The 18-year-old singer tweeted the exciting news earlier today (June 11). “I JUST GOT A PUPPY!!!!!! :D,” Demi wrote along with a new pic on her official WhoSay page.

Oliver isn’t the only addition to the family!

Demi’s younger sister, Madison De La Garza, also got her own puppy, which happens to be Oliver‘s brother.

“Meet my pup Bentley! @ddlovato and I have matching brothers!:),” Madison tweeted.

Earlier this week, Demi traveled to New York City to attend some meetings.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi and Madison’s new puppies?

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  • Emma

    he is very handsome, decided I want a mother! Loved..

  • kiki056

    So cute…makes me want a puppy!

  • Lara

    I think it is incredible he are perfect!

  • Angelina

    incredible! are beautiful puppies!

  • Fernanda

    are very beautiful and perfect, seem of lie

  • Samantha

    very cute, I loved the name

  • Kristen

    it seems fake very cute

  • Vanessa

    I loved, it looks really fun!

  • Helena

    so cute, loved!

  • Rebecca

    I’ve loved this puppy!!

  • Marissa

    Awwww he is so cute:)

  • Tamera Mack

    Those puppies of Demi and Madison are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  • zahra

    has to be the cutest dog ive ever seen!! reminds me of pokemon lol!

  • brin

    this reminds me of a story of another Oliver


    oh my gosh, demi is so annoying. Its like get over yourself. sHE HAS TO BE ONE OF THE MOST SELF ABSORBED TEENS IN THE WORLD. The whole way that she acts like ‘oh i was bullied so i had to go to rehab, i was being a really bad girl, i need to go to rehab’, its like get over yourself. of course a cashed up disney star has the money to go to rehab because she punched a backup dancer. NEWSFLASH – You think you are the only one who goes through such things, YOU ARENT, SO GET OVER YOURSELF, TRYING TO SENSATIONALISE EVERYTHING TO MAKE IT OUT LIKE YOU ARE SUCH A VICTIM. YOU ARE A VICTIM – A VICTIM OF YOUR OWN DOING, YOU BROUGHT IT UPON YOURSELF AND IN RESPONSE TO BODY IMAGE ISSUES, YOU HAVE ISSUES GIRLFRIEND, YOU ARE SO OBVIOUSLY CONTROLLED BY PEER PRESSURE, WHY ELSE WOULD YOU CALL YOUR DOG BENTLEY ? BECAUSE YOU THINK ITS SUCH AN ASPIRATIONAL BRAND AND YOU WANT TO BE RICH. YOU ARE RICH IN CELLULITE GIRLFRIEND, AND YOU NEED TO LAY OFF THE EYE BRIGHTENER

  • Olivia

    I loved it looks really fun!

  • Dominick

    I loved that puppy is very cute, seems lie of so perfect

  • Sophie

    I also want a so cute, i loved

  • Victoria

    I found great because they are two puppies very cute, Madison and Demi will have fun with them

  • Brenda

    great puppies are always a happiness

  • Louise

    puppies are very cute and it’s always good

  • Nicole

    incredible I want have a puppy they are so cute

  • Penélope

    is wonderful to have a puppy

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    He looks super adorable! ^^

  • Vivienne

    I think it’s great puppies are so cute

  • Jocasta

    this is great puppies are the cutest thing

  • http://@lovaticjam jackeam

    God… It’s so cute!! wow… Lovato family have five dogs!! awesome

  • Katie

    that cute puppy, I loved

  • Katie

    that cute puppy, I loved!!

  • Rachel

    mother want a puppy, please?

  • MileyCyrus twitter

    such a cutie <3 just like demi

  • Gisele

    is the cutest puppy I have ever come

  • Taylor

    I loved! so cute!

  • Jennifer

    I was willing to have an equal so cute like that

  • Ruth

    Oliver already love you

  • Sarah

    I think it’s incredible to have a puppy

  • Lise

    Oliver is very cute…

  • Lise

    Oliver is very cute!

  • Lise

    Oliver is very cute!!

  • Lise

    Oliver is very cute

  • Sarah

    I loved the Oliver

  • Julie

    it gave me a desire to have a puppy

  • Erica

    Now Bella has a friend

  • samy

    she is coping miley cyrus

  • Gabriela

    I loved, it is very beautiful I also want a

  • Ariane

    I loved..

  • Mariana

    very cute and beautiful

  • Ellen

    very cute and beautiful!

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    @samy: because she got a new puppy she is copying miley ? ya i dont think so
    btw did you guys know that demi’s new single is in spanish ?

  • Penélope

    I loved you Oliver!

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