Kristen Stewart & Lily Collins: 'Snow White' Women!

Kristen Stewart & Lily Collins: 'Snow White' Women!

Battle of the Snow Whites!

Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins share a friendly hug in this new shot from backstage at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards last weekend.

The two starlets have both signed on to play Snow White — in two different films based off of the classic fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm. So, what are the differences?

Kristen: Snow White and the Huntsman. Also starring Charlize Theron as the evil queen and will focus more heavily on action. Snow White is on the run and protected by the Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth. Opening: June 1, 2012

Lily: The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. Starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen and based more on the fairy tale from the original authors. Opening: March 16, 2012.

WHO DO YOU THINK will make the better Snow White?

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  • nina
  • Celia

    Neither of them are attractive enough to be Snow White, but I guess we’ll see what wonders makeup can do.

  • http://@rotorg Roberto

    I like Lily Collins more than Kristen Stewart but both are really beautiful & good actresses, Snow White and the Huntsman is a different version and is not the real original story.
    The Brothers Grimm: Snow White this one sounds like the Disney version but guess it will be much darker but funny watching Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen!
    I’ll watch both movies, Kristen have the look as a gothic princess & Lily can be a Disney princess though this movie isnt from Disney.

  • cara

    oh please, celia, they are both beautiful young girls.

  • Kay

    I’m looking forward to SWATH. Based on the script analysis by the Daily Beast last week Relativity’s sounds like a live-action version of Shrek, with campy singing included. No thanks.Check out this Xbox commerical/short SWATH director Rupert Sanders directed in 2009, it’s INSANE:
    Hope he brings those dark elements to SWATH, can totally see Chris Hemsworth with sweat and dirt on his face as he’s teaching Snow White to fight. Yum. Oh and Celia, both women are beautiful in their own unique ways. Kristen will be amazing.

  • christopher

    god SWATH is the one for me rupert sanders did xbox game commericals they were f ing awesome i love kristen stewart and sam and chris and charlie much better than the other one. the story sounds so much better in SWATH and i want to see kristen kick butt

  • claire

    kristens snow white and the huntsman sounds so much better i will see this film as soon as it is it is played near me rupert sanders did a awesome job on the xbox games his cast is better kristen is one beautiful woman remember when kristen had black hair she rocked it so i know she will look great as snow white his skin is perfect charlie was so good in monster so we no she can do evil sam how can you not love a man with the sexy dimples he has and chris what a body leave it at that lol i want to see snow white kick ass one up for the ladies

  • Troy

    At this point I wou8ld havet to go with “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”. After watching both Kristen and Robert Pattinson sleep walk through the first two “Twlight” movies (not that I really blame them. I was bored as well) I find it hard to work up interest in anything the two of them are in.

    However to be fair I am open to the possiblity that both films may be entertaining and worthwhile viewing in different ways. So I will wait until I see both traitlers before making any judgements.

  • Patre

    I think I will go with the Chris Hemsworth one. He was fabulous as Thor!

  • alice

    Lily’s gonna be better, but isn’t there gonna be another Snow White with Hailee Steinfeld (indie version) ?

  • Artdog

    I’m sure they’ll both give GREAT performances, although Lil will always get my vote! She’s such a cool chick and sooo kind, another aspect of Snow White. I don’t know Kristen so I can’t comment. As for Celia’s comment, Are you blind or just out to be a ‘B with an itch’ Ya! Ya!

  • em

    I think Lily is a better actress so I look forward to seeing her more

  • Wendy

    It’s easy guys.
    The brothers’ Grimm: SNow Hite——> children
    SNow WHite and the huntsman——–> adults

  • tyler

    kristens snow white sounds so much better more darker i want to see that plus i have the hots for kristen i laughed so loud when rob ran back to the stage and kristen pushed him in fun man he flew shes a strong bugger for her being so tiny go watch the best kiss again on youtube and look when he runs back on stage to her he flys kristen is awesome and tough cant wait to see her kick butt

  • tyler

    kristens snow white all the way when rob ran back on stage she pushed him in fun man he flew she a strong bugger and tiny the film sounds better the cast is better so swath for me go watch best kiss 2011 on youtube watch rob fly i laughed so hard she will do good kicking butt o and that playful puching with taylor backstage awesome

  • ummm

    ive never seen any of that lilly’s movies the first time i heard of her was when i heard she’s dating taylor launter, and i think kristen sounds more interesting because it will be darker and edgier and more grown up, where as lilly’s will be more disneyish.

  • italia gorman

    i think you are wroung

  • italia gorman

    thats right

  • http://facebook italia gorman

    i love every movie kristen stewart was in. she is awesome.

  • Alexis

    I think Kris with make a better Snow White. Not to mention she looks more like snow white out of the two of them. Im going with Kristen on this one.

  • Celia


    No there’s now. The 3rd Snow White is a Live Action Disney Version set in China and no ones been cast yet, although I’ve heard talk of Selena Gomez.

    Hailee Steinfeld is in talks to play a live action Sleeping Beauty.

  • pup

    That Lily girl ALL the way. I can’t stand the way that other chick acts!!! IF you can even call her stammering & eye twitching every two seconds “acting”. ~_~

  • Lisa

    Lily is so A W E S O M E

  • Stan

    L O V E love L O V E love L O V E love L O V E LILY

  • Wes

    Kristen is the better looking but Lily has more talent. In my opinion.

  • Ryan Murphy

    If anyone thinks Twilight Bella is fairer than Charlize Theron, then your mirror is a liar. Charlize Theron is a goddess!

  • monica

    kristen all the way kris look more like snow white THAN lily and lily has those ugly eyebrows that bother me



  • Kya

    @Wes: Totally agree

  • Marianne

    Both girls are talented. I wish them well on their movies. Seems like Lily has gotten to know Kristen quite well from her visits to the BD set.

  • ana cabana

    kristen better for the snow white i watch her movie cutti with her and prince huntsman

  • http://singapore ana cabana

    kristen is the best ever