Leo Howard Busts Through Walls; Kickin' It Premiere TONIGHT!

Leo Howard Busts Through Walls; Kickin' It Premiere TONIGHT!

Leo Howard shows off his skills in these new stills from the series premiere of Kickin’ It!

In the premiere tonight “Wasabi Warriors,” A cafeteria food fight leads a ragtag crew of loveable misfits from the underperforming Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy to meet Jack (Howard), a hotshot skater who saves their lunch with his martial arts skills.

The gang quickly realizes that they have found the one person who can restore glory to Bobby Wasabi and save their dojo from shutting down. Their worrywart Sensei Rudy (Earles) disregards Jack’s skills until he literally flies through the wall of the dojo in a perfect martial arts stance.

“Wasabi Warriors” premieres TONIGHT, Monday, June 13th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

Check inside for more pics plus the Kickin’ It kick-off week schedule…

Tuesday, June 14 @ 8:30PM ET/PT
“Fat Chance” — Milton (Dylan Riley Snyder) falls off a ladder while trying to place his spelling bee trophy in the award case and is caught by the school janitor, Nakamura, a former sumo wrestler. When Nakamura demonstrates a signature move for the gang at school, he gets fired. Feeling responsible, the gang arranges for a comeback sumo match so Nakamura can prove he’s still got what it takes.

Wednesday, June 15 @ 8:30PM ET/PT
“Dummy Dancing” — Truman, a bratty kid whose dad controls the mall’s security, captures a video of Eddie (Alex Christian Jones) practicing for the school dance with a punching dummy. In order to protect Eddie from online embarrassment, the gang bands together and uses Jack’s martial arts skills to sneak into Turner’s dad’s office and obtain the evidence.

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Credit: Dean Hendler, Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney XD
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  • Iloveleohoward

    Leo Howard is such a hottie and a cutie too. He is SOOOOOooooo!!! perfect for me. He takes my breath away every time I see him or think about him. He rocks!! He’s awesome but he looks better now that he got a haircut because he used to have it reach his shoulders but I think he looks way HOTter with it shorter like he had it now. He’s only a year older than me and I would totally go out with him (if he ever asks me (which is my dream (literatly))) ah I dream and think about him day and night. I used to LOVE Justin Bieber and dream about him but now I can only think about Leo Howard. We’re so perfect for each other: my name even sounds great with his last name: Andrea Howard. Mr. And Mrs. Howard. Leo and Andrea Howard. Perfect!!! Just so perfect. RANDOME: (I wonder if he has abbs) abbs are hot! He probably does. Anyway I’d still love him if he doesn’t but I’m pretty sure he does; he knows extreme Marcial Arts you know. I know karate. I got to a blue belt but had to stop because I moved. Then I did gymnastics. Well I just wanted to say thet I LLLOOOVVVEEE LOVE LLLOOOVVVEEE Leo Howard!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and also I love animals and volunteered with them and tried to help them as much as I can; and Leo oleo likes animals. Another reason we should at least go out. I would love that. Peace!

  • MMayrem Estrada

    I’ve seen it

  • Leofan

    I love Leo Howard, I live his show, and we have actually a lot in common, I volunteer at animal hospitals too just like him, and I also love to cook, not only that but I’ve been thinking about taking karate lessons just by watching his shows and interviews. As soon as i first saw him on kickin it, I forgot about Justin Bieber and couldn’t stop thinking about him. I am only one year older than him and I find it kinda strange and awesome that he’s so mature for his age, and hot ;) I think it would be so cool to talk to him on one of those live video chats you can have with celebrities or talk to him on the phone, I feel like we would have so much to talk about! :) but anyways I may sound obssessed but i just really like him, I’m really interested in him and getting to know who he is!

  • lauren jackson

    i love leo howard.. well not in like a creepy way ;P he is 26 days older than me.. oh yah right. i love him and his show.. and his martial arts is awesome i mean i love justin bieber too but like i think leo howard tops him… eh.. yah. im pretty sure.. anyways leo howard is amazing, talented,hot yet adorably cute at the same time, and he seems sweet too :) at least there are still some decent celebrities (ie justin bieber leo howard selena gomez booboo stewart) love ya leo :)

  • Love Leo 143

    Omg!! Leo howard is so hot.. I wish he lived in my town so that i could meet him… one day i will meet him and it will be awsome

  • Izzy

    OMG!!!!!! Love you Leo and btw, people say I’m the girl your looking for…. I’m out going, always happy and funny! So what do you say???

  • http://webside Keren

    I love LEO HOWARD
    I’m his #1 fan
    I dream with him every night,i can’t stop thinking on him.We have a lot in common i love animals and i love 2 cook.I wish i could meet himsomeday.he’s sooo hot.
    He’s older than me but LOVE doesn’t have ages.
    Every time i see him acting or something my heart can’t stop beating so hard.
    LOVE u LEO

  • cutie

    these comments are stalkerish..anyway i do agree he is really cute but i just wanted to see if olivia holt really likes leo howard and it took me hear. so ya. and if she doesnt I CALL DIBS!!!!!!!! oh and btw im in love with how leo does marcial arts totally cool. i would do anything to meet him. oh my gosh that sounded creepy. haha. okay urrgh now i sound obsessed. um sorry i just wanted to say that leo is super talented. ok well bye. ; )

  • Kat

    Omg people are crazy on this site… Oh and btw big fan of leo!!!!

  • Voice

    Ok here’s wat I say for me leo is cuter than mr.biebs and I would love to date him! But I might not everyone’s always falling over celebrities and people say that they won’t be with that certain celeb ! But you never know it’s a mystery maybe you will be with Leo and maybe you won’t so don’t believe wat other people say think in ur heart do u really feel for him is he the one?

  • http://Eunicerodriguezwebsite.com Eunice rodriguez

    I love him i wish i could have his phone number BYE i am going to be his GF

  • kbp

    Oh my goodness Leo is sooooooooo hot and I would do like anything to talk to him!!!! I am your biggest fan Leo!!!! I love you ( sorry if I sound creepy)